Best 5 Websites To Buy Designer Bags In The UK

Where To Buy Authentic Designer Bags Online

As you know, I love my designer bags and have amassed a collection that I am proud of over the years. Every new piece means a lot to me because I save up for them, so there’s a special place in my heart for each bag. My favourite thing is going to London and purchasing my designer bags in the boutiques, however since I live in Bath and it’s expensive as well as time consuming to travel to London, I also buy them online. I get a lot of questions from you asking what my favourite shops are to buy designer bags online, in the UK, so I thought I would give you a list of the top 5 authentic retailers that stock all the brand new pieces, as well as have amazing sales and discount codes for those seasonal bags you might be eyeing up! Obviously I haven’t listed every store here and there’s quite a few I have left out, but these are my top 5 that I regularly browse and shop on. Shopping online for such an expensive item can always be daunting as you might be worried about authenticy and fakes – definitely don’t get scammed by fake websites, so if you’re unsure on a site you have found, let me know in the comments below and I can tell you if it’s authentic or not. Here’s my list below.


My Theresa – My Theresa is a German retailer and it’s absolutely fantastic! They stock all the designer brands from Gucci, Valentino, Burberry, Chloe to the more obscure, and lesser known fashion houses too. The best thing about this store (and what makes it my favourite) is the fact that they often source the more unique pieces for their website and you will regularly find bags you didn’t know existed or didn’t know came in that colour/fabric. It’s definitely my go to when I’m looking for something not as mainstream, or a little different, but they still stock the classics too so it’s a win, win situation! They often have My Theresa exclusives too so you wont find them elsewhere. They have speedy shipping with a courier service to the UK (often DHL or UPS), and the gift boxes are plain white and come with a lovely ribbon, so you can’t go wrong if you’re looking to purchase something for someone else. Honestly, it’s one of the best, they’re fantastic and have such a huge selection! I’ve been shopping with them since 2009 which is 10 years now, so you can see why I am a fan!

LuisaViaRoma – I’m definitely fond of LuisaViaRoma too as they offer you such a unique service. You might remember that I attended their Firenze4Ever event in Florence, Italy (they’re a Florence based company) and going to their shop was the best experience. They have 1000’s of items online in their store, from every designer you can think of, even the more unknown and up and coming brands as well, so you can always find unique and cool items. They even stock Chiara Ferragni’s clothing/shoe line so they love to support local designers too. One of the best bits is their loyalty scheme, it was introduced last year and you can get points for every purchase, as well as points for sharing items to social media or logging in etc. and these transfer into gift vouchers or experiences! It’s very cool and rewarding! So not only do they appreciate your custom and want to give back, they often have amazing sales, and such cool items that it’s a one stop shop really! They often don’t have all the classics though, but the shipping is fairly quick to the UK.


Matches Fashion – Matches is a UK based online retailer for designer items and it’s one that I use quite often due to codes and discounts. Compared to others here, they don’t have the largest selection of pieces to choose from and often only have the most classic, but if that’s what you’re looking for, it’s fantastic! They have super speedy shipping, their iconic marble gift boxes are a feature every one recognsies and you can use as storage (I always do) and their customer service is good too. I’ve purchased two Chloe bags, two Chloe boots, and a Gucci bag from them, as well as Christian Louboutin shoes, so they are fantastic for all things designer, especially if you want shoes to match your designer bags, and I’m always up for supporting UK companies!


FarFetch – Now FarFetch, if you haven’t heard of it, is a fantastic company! The concept was just what we were looking for for years! I’ve purchased from them numerous times and I’ve also mentioned them regularly too in my blog posts over the years. How it works is it’s a one stop online shop that partners with thousands of boutiques around the world to give you the largest selection of products available in one store! They partner with online stores as well as unique, stand alone boutiques that don’t have websites, to allow you to shop their pieces. You will often find the most rarest and coolest items there is, and the boutique will ship it to you. Often there’s no increase in price, but depending what boutique it’s coming from and international costs etc., there can be added fees, but it depends how much you want the item if you can’t get it elsewhere, but they always tell you at the checkout. They regularly have discount codes and sales too, so it’s a dangerous website if you’re a shopaholic, ha ha.


NET-A-PORTER – Everyone knows Net-A-Porter! It’s one of the best websites for the UK (and the US) to shop designer bags on because they have such a good selection, and of course are the most well known. Personally I have only shopped at Net-A-Porter twice as they often don’t have all the items I am looking for (like I said, I prefer the more unique pieces), but as far as customer service goes, speed of shipping, and gift boxes, they are good. You can’t really go wrong with them and because of how popular they are, they often do exclusive collaborations with designers for a capsule collection too, so that’s how well known and respected they are in the industry. You might spot their logo around during Fashion Week too since they’re usually a sponsor.

Now of course there’s lots more UK stores you can purchase designer bags from that are authentic, and as I said, these are my top 5 due to packaging, choice of products, shipping, exclusivity, customer service, and deals etc., but I have listed some more for you below in case you wanted a more extensive list of UK available websites. Keep in mind, they don’t always have the best selection or shipping, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like them or don’t use them. The list is here:

  • BROWNS – UK independent store
  • Cruise Fashion – Selection of designer brands
  • Flannels – UK independent store
  • Harrods – UK’s largest department store also stocks online
  • Selfridges – UK’s other largest department store which stocks online
  • SSENSE – Canadian based, but they have no import/customs fees at all
  • The Real Real – Authentic second hand designer bags
  • Vestiaire Collective – Authentic second hand designer bags

If there’s any websites in the UK that you use and I haven’t listed, please let me know! I know you might say that not all of these are based out of the UK, and that’s true, but I’ve listed them due to the speed of shipping to the UK and ease of use for us here, without import fees. Also, if you want to check out my designer bag reviews, please do! By using these links here, you’re helping to keep Raindrops of Sapphire running as they’re affiliated. This is in no way sponsored, all the opinions are my own in order to create a guide for you. Lorna xx.


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