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    I thought that I would start doing a few posts filled with photos that I find really inspirational. I love Dita’s dress above, it’s absolutely amazing and Kristin’s jacket below is gorgeous! I have no idea who makes it but if anyone knows I would love to find out! The rest of the outfits are from magazines and I think the photography is really well done. I love how fashion shoots are a way to express yourself with clothes in an extreme way. I’m going to have fun doing these inspiration posts! I also wanted to say a huge thank you to Richard from The Sacred Path for helping me change my fashion blog layout. You may have noticed I now have a blue background, my content column is wider and I have a new footer. I love the new layout and I am incredibly grateful for all the help he gave me!


    Shorts, Wedges & Topshop Embellished

    I’m so glad the sun has been shining again this weekend! I went to see Letters To Juliet on Saturday and I loved it! It was so romantic and such a sweet movie, I’m really happy I got to see it! If you love romance movies as much as I do then I definitely recommend you go see it, it’s beautiful 😀 I wore my new All Saints shorts today with my new Topshop Shirley Wedges, a Topshop loose tank top with crystals and beads on the front which I bought yesterday after watching the movie, a Topshop necklace which I also got yesterday, a white tank top and Topshop beaded wooden bracelets. I really do love Topshop clothes! They have such a unique style and I really like that, they also have such pretty shoes and jewellery which I can never get enough of 😀 Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take any photos of my new Diesel jeans that I am besotted with. I wont be able to take them until Saturday as I wanted to get really good lighting and use a great camera to show the beautiful wash and details nicely. I’m sorry! I might give you a little teaser photo of them later on in the week though on Twitter so make sure you are following me by clicking here.


    Can You Be Rich & Skinny?

    I’m really loving this cargo pant trend now! It’s really taking over the denim world and with good reason, it’s hot! I think it’s a great take on adapting the skinny jean and making them work through other trends. These denim cargo leggings that I am wearing are definitely my favourite cargo jeans I have tried, they are so pretty and beautiful! I love everything about them. Being the denim lover that I am it makes it a lot easier to wear a new trend but still keeping my loyalty to the wonderful blue cotton fabric 🙂 I’m wearing a pair of Rich & Skinny denim cargo leggings that they were kind enough to gift to me, my Topshop T-Bar wedges, my Topshop army style jacket, my Warehouse loose white tank top and an ASOS gold heart watch pendant that I got ages ago and it still works! I do have new Topshop wedges and clogs now which I will be showcasing next week! I love them both. I was finally able to get the wedges that I had wanted for ages but they sold out of online, so I can’t wait to share them! I’m really looking forward to the weekend, this week seems like it has gone on forever! What are your weekend plans? You can read a review on these cargo denim leggings by clicking here. A few things to fill you in on as well; hopefully on Monday I will be making my layout wider, changing the background colour slightly and re designing my banner. Everything else is staying the same but I want my layout…


    Wonderfully Windy

    Wow it’s been really windy lately! Only England can have such crazy weather, haha! It makes it so hard to see having lots of hair when the wind is blowing hard, it gets everywhere, especially in your face! I got these Dylan George Joey Boyfriend jeans from a sample sale site for a great price! I love the Czar wash as it’s so comfy and soft, so having it in a pair of loose fitting jeans is perfect! I have worn them loads already, I can’t get enough of them! I’m wearing them with my River Island pink tank top, my Miss Selfridge stripey cardigan, my River Island necklace and a pair of gladiator sandals that I got from New Look. I also just got a new pair of Diesel jeans and they are amazing! They are very rare for this season and I am so excited to have them! I can’t wait to share them with you next week! I love Diesel jeans!


    Balloons – Part 2

    There were so many photos of the pretty balloons at the park so here is part two. Of course I am wearing the exact same outfit as part one so I don’t need to repeat it. I’m really looking forward to the weekend now, this week seems to be taking forever and I want Friday to be here already! I’m going to watch Letters To Juliet over the weekend and I can’t wait! I’m really excited to see it!


    Balloons – Part 1

    I am remember going to the park to watch the hot air balloons go up when I was really little. It always fascinated me how the air and the fire makes it fly in the air. I have never got in one though as they look really unsafe to me, haha. It looks like they could just crash or fall out of the sky at anytime. I took these photos a couple of weekends ago when I was at the park for a picnic. The weather was really hot and it was such a nice evening. I’m wearing my Rayban aviators, Steve Madden sandals, Miss Selfridge shorts, my Warehouse white tank top, my Adele Marie Swarovski bangle and a Miss Selfridge beaded necklace. Hope you enjoy the photos of the balloons!


    Follow Me On Bloglovin!

    Follow my blog with bloglovin I just registered on Bloglovin! Follow me on there to receive daily updates from my blog! Thank you for being a fan of Raindrops of Sapphire as well, I appreciate all of the comments and views I get from you 😀


    Items I Am Lusting After

    Lauren Moshi Love Bracelet Zoe Swing V Neck. I love fashion, clothes, shoes and accessories so much, there is always something I am lusting after! I thought I would make a little blog post on some of the items that I love. Some are of course affordable and I do plan on buying soon like the Lauren Moshi items, Diesel jeans and a few others. Some others are ridiculously expensive and I couldn’t afford them or they are too expensive for what they are, I’m looking at you Lanvin key fob! Haha. What are some things that you fashion bloggers are lusting after? Lauren Moshi Minnie Mouse Taylor Canvas Bag in White. Diesel Nevy skinny jeans with purple undertones and distressing. Diesel Matic-K skinny jeans in 8SV. Christian Louboutin Fifi 100 heels in silver. Miu Miu Forma Cut Out Sandals. Azendi Mimosa Coloured CZ Floral Drop Earrings. Tiffany’s Elsa Peretti Silver Band Ring With Pink Sapphire. Tiffany’s Paloma Sugar Stack 18kt Gold Ring With Rubellite. Lanvin Cotton Pom Pom Key Fob. Ray Ban Cockpit Aviator Sunglasses.


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