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  • A Camel Blazer With Black Jeans And Boots Happy Sunday everyone! I can’t believe …
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    The Feather Dress

    A Feather Print Dress With A Leather Jacket Happy Saturday everyone! I feel like we are officially out of Autumn and into Winter now, however the temperatures are still fairly warm for December. I’m sad to say goodbye to the beautiful orange hues of the leaves though, but I saved this post here for the last Autumn shoot as I think it embodies the season perfectly! The print on the dress complements the location magnificently, and I love it! I was wearing the Allsaints Darley Fusion Dress here, and I layered the Allsaints Balfern Leather Jacket over my shoulders to give it a little bit of a tougher vibe. I then finished it off with my Saint Laurent West Harness Boots in Black, and my Celine Nano Luggage Bag in Glazed Nut. The print on this dress is absolutely gorgeous! If you remember the previous outfit I wore which featured an Allsaints feathered dress with a jumper/sweater over the top (see it here), the dress on that had a very similar design, which I have fallen in love with. I have been eyeing it up in a blouse design too, that’s how much I adore it! I’m not sure if this print is entirely seasonal though and only works for the Autumn months, but we will see! The reason I styled this dress with my leather jacket and my black boots is because I wanted to bring a little bit more of a tougher vibe to a feminine dress. This dress itself isn’t overly girly, it has a more mature vibe to it, but pairing it with some rock and…


    Christmas In The City Of Bath

    Apparently it’s Christmas next week, and that seriously crept up on me really quickly. This year has been a crazy one for every single one of us, and even though I’ve had a tough time of it myself (two relationship break ups and some depression), I know that everyone has had their own struggles when it comes to Covid ruining everything during 2020. It’s been the cause of relationship break ups, families missing time with each other, travel bans, businesses having to close down, people losing their jobs, and unfortunately a lot of deaths. I don’t think this year will ever be forgotten and it will be one that is in the history books for centuries to come. With all of that in mind, I know that Christmas this year will be a struggle for a lot of people, not being able to spend it with loved ones, but I’m hoping now that the Vaccine is in place in some countries, things will start to pick up, but you never know. With all of this in mind, normal life has taken a backseat and I don’t really go out that much now as I hate wearing masks (I feel claustrophobic) and the restrictions and rules on everything just make things far less enjoyable. However, I did go out on Sunday with my brother and dad, to get some lunch and walk around the Bath town. It’s the first time I have seen the Christmas decorations this year, and they look magical! The lights in Southgate (where I’m standing with the umbrella) are absolutely gorgeous! I was happy that it was…


    Christmas Gift Guide & WIN A FREE Handbag!

    Happy December everyone! I can’t believe that it’s Christmas in just a couple of weeks, and then we will be going into a brand new year! But first of all, it’s the time for giving gifts to your friends, family, and loved ones, so I thought I would put together a little guide for you all, and give you the chance to win a free handbag! Just because it’s Christmas and I love giving back to you all as a thank you for supporting me! And if you love the jewellery above that I photographed, you can read more about that below! A great gift option at this time of year would be one of these JORD bags! I saw these a couple of months ago and I thought that they’re so festive and pretty! The little gold flecks in the black cork clutch/cross-body bag is super pretty! I can just imagine this bag being worn at New Year! These bags have a vegan leather lining, and the external is a cool cork leather, which I think is very unique! You can click here to shop the handbag collection, and here to shop the entire site as they sell amazing watches! As I’m sure you remember from a JORD watch review I did before! And now here’s the good part! You can WIN a FREE JORD handbag! I have teamed up with JORD to give one to one of my readers! This is a great festive giveaway though, because even if you aren’t the winner, you still receive a 20% off code just for entering! If you are chosen as…


    Allsaints Leowa Maxi Dress With Knitwear

    Knitwear Over A Maxi Dress Outfit Isn’t this two piece dress just incredible? I had to start this blog post off with that sentence, because it’s how I feel every single time I look at it. I noticed this Allsaints Leowa Fusion 2 in 1 Dress a month or more ago on their website and I completely fell in love with it. The retail price for such a statement dress was a bit much for me though, so I ended up purchasing it at 30% off during the Black Friday discounts! It’s now even cheaper though and has 40% off, so I recommend snapping it up if you think it’s gorgeous too! I took a size medium in this two piece as the size small dress underneath was a bit too tight in the chest area, so the medium ended up giving a much nicer, casual fit. I wasn’t too sure on the knitted jumper/sweater that comes with it as it’s a little itchy with the wool content, but after a few minutes I got used to it and it was ok. Another thing I wasn’t sure on was the length, I thought it would be too long for me, but as it turns out, it’s the most perfect height for my ankle boots! I wanted to keep this whole outfit simple, but statement, so I paired this Allsaints Leowa Dress with my Gianvito Rossi Gold Boots, and finished it off with my Celine Nano Luggage Bag in Glazed Nut. Just two simple accessories to complete the outfit, but they make a statement on their own and sit well with…


    Styling A Blue Vanilla Floral Dress

    A Floral Dress With Thigh High Boots And here it is! The third and final look that I shot in collaboration with Blue Vanilla. If you missed my first two dresses, you can check out the orange smock dress here, and the black and white floral dress here. I went with an Autumnal vibe for the previous two, but this one I wanted to give more of an unseasonable element as I think you can wear this dress at any time of the year. This specific Blue Vanilla dress is called the Aaminah, and it’s a V neck button detail with a double layer. I think it’s gorgeous and I love the different elements that it has to it. The double pleated skirt really makes it floaty and fancy, while the 3/4 length elasticated sleeves are quite feminine and flattering, then the deep neckline is enhancing of your figure, as it’s elongating. There’s an elasticated waist that sits at the narrowest part of your stomach, and I think that creates such a pretty hourglass shape. Now getting to the print, it’s a black, red, pink and green ditsy style floral design and it couldn’t be more fun! It’s a combination of fun, flirty, and stylish at the same time, and I can’t get enough of it! Not to mention the fact that it’s incredibly comfortable because it’s made of a lightweight fabric. Do you want to know the best part though? It only costs £25! How good is that? I styled this Blue Vanilla Aaminah Dress with my DUO Empress Over The Knee Boots, as I think that really dresses it…


    Balfern Leather Jacket & Saint Laurent Boots

    A Leather Biker Jacket With Wyatt Harness Boots Happy Wednesday everyone! The time has flown by! I can’t believe it’s Thanksgiving for my American readers tomorrow! And Black Friday has crept up so quickly! How many of you have taken full advantage of all of the sales already? The only store I spent my money in this time around has been Allsaints! I did a major shopping spree, ha ha! 30% off was too good to pass up! With Black Friday in mind though, I have included a list of my favourite sales below for you, so you can take full advantage of them too! But for now, lets get to this outfit! I was wearing my Allsaints Balfern Leather Jacket, and I layered it over my Allsaints Sparkle T-Shirt in Black. I paired both of these with my L’AGENCE Margot Skinny Jeans in Black, and then finished it off with my Saint Laurent West Harness Boots in Black. It’s a full black outfit, and I love it! I don’t usually wear so much of one colour all at once, but I was experimenting with this one as I adore the rocker vibe, as you all know, and this turned out just as I wanted! I think the different textures really help make it look three dimensional, instead of flat. The little metallic flecks in the t-shirt, the sheen on the black denim, and then the two different types of leather in the jacket and boots… It’s a great combination to me. I love the ease of it too. It’s just a simple and casual outfit, but because of the…


    What To Know Before You Buy An Allsaints Leather Jacket

    Ultimate Allsaints Leather Jacket Buying Guide for men and women! If you are a long time reader of my personal fashion blog, you will know that I have been a fan of Allsaints for as long as I can remember! We’re talking as far back as 2006 when they used to be quite different! Over the years, I have amassed quite a collection of leather jackets from Allsaints, and I think that number stands at around 12! I have about 5 Balfern’s, 4 Dalby’s, 2 Elva’s, and another older style! I’ve had more in the past, but I’ve sold them to make room for new, so I have quite an extensive knowledge on Allsaints leather jackets and am regularly asked questions about sizing and ordering online on my social media platforms, as well as here on my blog. I also have a lot of knowledge on the men’s jackets too. With that in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to put a buying guide together and teach you everything I have learned when it comes to buying an Allsaints leather jacket! These tips will help you end up with the right size! So, lets get to it! Choose which design you like, think versatility! When it comes to picking out your leather jacket, whether you’re male or female, if it’s your first one, go for something versatile. It’s going to be a jacket that you reach for regularly, one that you want to wear all the time, so make sure it’s a classic! Take a look at your wardrobe and figure out what kind of design would…


    Black & White Floral Frill Wrap Dress Outfit

    A Black & White Floral Frill Wrap Dress With Boots Here is the second post in my three part series, styling dresses with Blue Vanilla! If you missed the first one, you can find it here – How to style a smock tunic dress for Autumn – and let me know what you think! My mum and I shot these photos in the same location, but it really gives off a different vibe and feel because the dress is so different to the first orange one. Instead of going for a fun, casual look, I’ve opted for something a little more classy and chic, using this Blue Vanilla Gisela Frill Edge Wrap Dress. I also took this dress in a UK 10 and it fits perfectly. I find they tend to run a little smaller than other brands, and I definitely couldn’t have fitted into a UK 8 at all, so if you’re between sizes, go for your larger size! This dress is really lightweight and floaty, with a wrap style design as it has tie strings at the side. It’s made from a polyester fabric, which allows it to move freely with your body, and I think that’s important since it has frills on the sleeves and the bottom of the dress. You need that movement. The V neckline (because of the wrap style) is incredibly flattering too, I always love a low neckline like that as it slims the figure and can make you look a lot taller. I paired this Gisela dress with my DUO Over The Knee Empress Boots, and finished it off with my Valentino…


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