My DIY Blonde Ombre Dip Dye Hair

Ok, as you know I have been wanting to ombre/dip dye my dark blonde hair for some time, but I was really scared to do it. I didn’t have the money to have it done at the salon as that costs a lot and I don’t have the patience to sit there for hours, so I bought the L’oreal Wild Ombre’s kit in shade number 3 for blonde hair.

I read a few reviews on this product and some were bad, some were good. Mostly they were about the dye drying out the hair and ruining it, however that didn’t happen with mine, my hair is still really soft as you can see. My biggest issue with the Loreal Wild Ombre is the colour though, it really hasn’t come out the way I wanted it too. I was hoping it would be like the colour on the box below, an actual blonde with white undertones, but I guess nothing ever does what it says on the box… Mine has turned out blonde with orange/yellow undertones and since I have dark mousy blonde on top, that tone doesn’t suit me, I really need the white undertone blonde at the ends of my hair.

As far as applying the hair dye goes, it’s very easy, you just mix up the dye, squeeze it onto the plastic brush and brush it through the lengths of your hair. I did mine the first time and left it on for about half an hour, however it barely did anything, all it did was slightly lighten the ends, but it made my brown at the back a dark orange colour instead and wasn’t very visible as ombre, which I wasn’t happen with.

So after about a week of letting my hair rest, I bought the Loreal Wild Ombre Blonde kit again and did it the second time. I’m much more happy with the colour at the front, that went really blonde as you can see above, I like that shade, however at the back, it’s just a more brighter orange now… Which I really don’t like. I would recommend that you don’t buy this product if you are looking for a white blonde shade, from what I have seen online and experienced myself, it only takes you to the yellow/orange blonde shades, but if that’s the colour you want then go for it. I know these shades match brown hair with rich undertones, they just don’t work for me.

My plan next is to actually buy a white blonde, maybe almost a platinum hair dye, a strong one, and then brush that over the orange and hope that it lifts it to being a whiter blonde. I’m going to do some research before attempting it, but I hope it works. As it turns out, I have only spent about £9 for the two boxes of lightening colour, so that’s not bad at all, and hopefully if the actual dye works, it wont be anymore than £15 in total. I just want to be able to get my hair to look like the top picture above, all over. I have included lots of photos and progress photos as well in this post. Have any of you used this kit before? How did it turn out? I would love to know your thoughts!

Please also read below for an update on the process!

This is the box I bought and the colour I was actually hoping for…

It’s fairly easy to put on, just make sure you have a towel around your neck and shoulders so you don’t dye your clothes. The smell of it is absolutely disgusting though, I would say definitely block your nose if you can, it helps so much, although it does end up burning your throat. It’s not a nice product smell wise.

This is the first time I used the product, it’s not the best photo for seeing the orange, but it barely did anything to my hair in terms of lightening it and giving it an ombre look. I didn’t leave the product on my hair long enough it seems.

I’m trying to show the shade in different lights, some it looks like a baby blonde…

While others it looks more orangey from the front…

And as you can see it’s really orange at the back. I don’t actually think it’s as orange as this photo though, that is bright ginger almost, it’s definitely not as dark or as intense as that, it’s more lighter and less strong, but it does still have orangey undertones to it, so I just hope I can get the other dye to work.

UPDATE: I’ve been using Joico purple tinted shampoo to tone down the yellow orange colour. I didn’t dye it again as I thought better of it, but the Joico shampoo has been working really well. Here is an updated photo below.


As of today’s date, which is the 16th June 2014, I thought it would be a good idea to include some updated photos for you all to see how my ombre hair has lasted and changed. It started out as blonde from my ears down, but since this post was from 2012, my hair has grown a lot! I now only have a couple of inches left. Over time it did fade quite a bit and turn a bit blonder, counteracting the orange, but I am thinking about doing it again as I’m starting to miss it! Here are some photos below from the past year with my ombre hair.



Written by Lorna Burford


    • Lorna says

      Thank you! I guess I am being over dramatic, so many people have said it’s not orange, but it feels like it is to me! Ha ha.

  1. says

    so you took the plunge? It’s so gorgeous now with the L’oreal wild Ombres and don’t mess up your hair too much with the white platinum as it is still soft right now, but it might get strawlike when you go even further

    • Lorna says

      I just purchased the Joico violet shampoo which is supposed to take down copper/yellow tones and make them whiter, so I am hoping the shampoo will do the job over the next few weeks. I don’t really want to dye it again and risk ruining it, so I am sticking with that for now! I appreciate everyone’s advice so much!

  2. siobhan says

    I think it looks fab – not orange at all! I’ve wanted to ombre my hair for AGES but as it is ginger and curly I am nervous that it will go horribly wrong!

  3. Mire says

    Why did u buy number 3, for blonde hair when ur hair is brown? Does it make it lighter? Cuz, im thinkin of doing it but im not sure for wich number i should take.. My hair is brown, more like darkbrown. Wich do you think?
    xx Mire

    • Lorna says

      Hi Mire, my hair is blonde, it’s not brown. It’s just dark blonde. I’m sure you can see in my many other photos it’s blonde. It probably just looks brown from the photos since the tips are really light now. You should always pick the shade for what colour your hair is, don’t pick another one. The blonde one is less strong, because blonde hair doesn’t need tinting as much. The one for darker hair will be stronger as it needs to lift more colour. That’s how it works. Hope that helps! Everyone’s I have seen with darker hair, it comes out the orange ish colour, like on the box. It doesn’t go bright blonde.

  4. Brooke says

    Tbh silver shampoo or a toner will props help it s lot I’d try them before another dye as you will props have more yellow pigments it may still go a little yellow. Hope my comment helps x

    • Lorna says

      Oh yeah I have been using a Joiko purple tint shampoo which helps loads, I’m happy with how it is now. I didn’t dye it again.

  5. Caitlin says

    hey just wondering how long you left the dye on for both times you did it? I’ve done my ombre and it hardly came out so thinking of doing it again, thanks! x

    • Lorna says

      Hi! You have to put loads of the dye on your hair so your hair looks white and the first time it didn’t come out really well as I left it about 25 minutes, the second time I left it about 45 minutes. I definitely recommend leaving it a longer length of time!

  6. Kimberley says

    Hi, I used the same dye and have the same colour hair as you almost and mine is very orangey , even more so than yours, I don’t want to put another dye on it as it had already dried my hair out, but I need to do something desperately!!

    • Lorna says

      Hi Kimberly! Do you have brown hair? Or a really dark blonde hair? It seems the darker the natural hair colour the more orange it seems to go when dyed. How orange is it? You can use something with a more purple base to it, just to tone down the yellow orange shade. I used the Joico purple shampoo, it’s a toning shampoo which adds purple pigments to the hair to tone the glow down, but it doesn’t actually change the colour of it. Someone recommended to me that I put an ash blonde on my hair as it has no yellow undertones at all, but like you, I didn’t want to dye it again. Maybe it might be best to visit the salon though if the purple shampoo doesn’t work?

  7. Jamie says

    I recently went Ombre too!

    As a kid, I spent summers in the pool with my white-blonde hair. The chlorine would turn it green and my Mom always used the purple shampoo on me too! We had horses though so unol I was an adult, I had no idea they made the same kind of shampoo for people LOL. I always had the kind for horses (which I thought worked better).

    Something else I thought you might want to try on the bits that get orange-y…every few weeks, I mix a paste of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda and put it on my tips for 10 minutes before I shower. Keeps things on the whiter side! :-)

    • Lorna says

      Lol, I didn’t even know you can get purple shampoo for horses. What is it used for on them as I can’t imagine them being orangey? Is the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda a bit like a bleach solution so you would be bleaching your hair all the time? I’m actually thinking about getting my hair cut at the moment, so I’m not sure how much longer I will have my ombre for :)

  8. Caitlin says

    Even though you said you didn’t like it and it didn’t really work for you. I think it really suits you and looks pretty perfect

  9. Róisín O'Shaughnessy says

    I had to the the wild sombre twice. I have brown curly hair. It looked good. Urs is lovely. I wish I had straight hair!


  1. […] I dyed my hair myself with a DIY ombre kit last year and it’s faded quite a lot over that time though. I don’t think I have had my hair cut for months, I believe the last time I had it cut was a couple of days before I went to Italy back in June! It’s been 5 months and in that time it’s grown so long and my fringe/bangs have pretty much grown out completely. Always around this time of year, in the Autumn, I get really fed up and bored of my hairstyle and fancy a change. Last time I opted to have a full fringe cut in, like Taylor Swift, but I ended up hating it and I wont be doing that again. At the moment, due to the length and age of my hair, it’s in pretty bad condition on the ends. It’s quite split and dry and looking a bit coarse. It’s not silky anymore! I have masses of it too since it hasn’t been thinned out in ages. […]

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