The Floral Dress

(Bag – Exact, Dress – Similar, Shoes – Similar)

This sort of feels like a really rare blog post for me since I’m not wearing any jeans, shorts or denim of any kind! This dress is actually quite old, I think I have had it for about 2 years now, but it’s still one of my favourites. The cut of it with the lower neckline and nipped in waist is really flattering for my shape and I think it’s so feminine with the pink floral print. I love to wear it when it’s hot outside! Luckily the past weekend was boiling hot because we had a heat wave!

I’m wearing a River Island floral dress, Topshop Shirley wedges, my Mulberry Lily in Oak, my Adele Marie pink swarovski bangle, some H&M gold bangles and since my earrings are visible, those are my Azendi purple Carousel earrings.

One thing I have also been experimenting with lately is my hair and having hair accessories. Here I’m wearing a pony tail tube which makes your pony tail stick out, a bit like in the 70’s. I do love it, but since I have such thick and long hair, the weight of it pulls it down a bit unfortunately. I was looking on Hershesons and they seem to have some really cool hair accessories like clip on ponytails, clip in colours, a bow hair clip and other interesting things that I think I might want to try out! I do have a Doughnut for a sock bun, but I just really can’t get that to work at all. Anyway, what do you think of my outfit? I think it might be perfect for a garden party if I was ever going to one!


  1. says

    you look like a spring goddess in that dress! love your shoes and bag too! as for hair, I’m trying to grow mine long now :))

    • Lorna says

      Thanks Kasia! That’s really sweet! It takes ages to grow out hair, I’ve been growing mine for so long lol! :))

  2. Sophie says

    Oh Lorna, that’s such a pretty dress, you look like a doll. And the bag and shoes go nicely with it.

  3. ALI says

    Lorna, you look stunning in this dress. I love the design and the style, and the shoes and bag. And such a nice little village to take the pictures, do you live near there? x

  4. David says

    Stunning! :) I’m so looking forward to follow your blog this summer! :P

    Shorts, skirts, dress, bikini!! ^^

    • Lorna says

      Lol David :) I wont be wearing bikinis that’s for sure! I do wear skirts, shorts and dresses though, but no bikinis! Ha ha, sorry to disappoint! :)

  5. David says

    Doh! :( How about a vacation? Sunny Beach? ;) It’s HOT! :P and got a beach, I hope! ;)

    And were is the Like-button on DJs post?! ;)

  6. David says

    Not long before they want you in the States! ;)

    Next blogpost please! Its cold today so tight jeans and a panda sweater ;)

    • Lorna says

      A panda sweater lol? I don’t own one of those with a panda on it, although I do love pandas. I’m not planning on posting a post today though, the next one will be on Sunday :) But I’m not sure if it’s an outfit one. I have a Siwy denim shorts outfit planned, but not sure when and a yellow skirt outfit planned for next week too! :)

  7. David says

    Because you “dont like” that kind of movies :) bad excuse :P

    How about a blogpost thats a follow up from your last, from the Lingerie Boutique? :)

    • Lorna says

      Lol yeah, I’m not a fan of those kind of movies because I find them scary sometimes and quite boring. I prefer romance movies or some detective movies and comedies, those are my style :)

    • Lorna says

      Thanks Anastasia :) I’m glad you like it! It’s 2 years old now though so it’s not available anymore, I did list one similar in my link though if that helps!

  8. says

    your hair piece is really cute! i used to wear something like that all the time when i was younger… and your dress is beautiful!!

  9. safdar shah says

    hi Lorna.
    nice to see you in a fresh mood with a beautiful dress. i like it very much.
    and you look fabulous you wore 2 years old dress but you give him a new life.
    keep it up….

  10. says

    Wow, I absolutely adore this gorgeous dress – you look amazing. If you ever decided to get rid of it, send it my way! Greetings from Atlanta. ;-)


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