The Oversized Green Plaid Shirt


(Jeans – Exact, Shirt – Exact, Bag – Exact, Boots – Similar, Sunglasses – Exact, Watch – Exact)

I wore this outfit yesterday when I went to the cinema with my boyfriend. We watched Captain America 2 at a half 11 showing in the morning and then went for a walk around town afterwards. I absolutely love Captain America as you may have already noticed before, so I wasn’t disappointed by the film at all! After the movie, we headed up the top of town and found this beautiful art museum in an old house. It was really picturesque and just as you would imagine old England to be. The grounds were lovely and that’s where we decided to shoot our photos for the day. I’m so glad the weather has made a turn around, it’s been warm and sunny for a while now! It’s exciting to us Brits!

I wore my Urban Renewal Oversized Green Plaid Shirt over a simple white tee from H&M. I actually got this shirt off the mannequin in Urban Outfitters as it was the only one in this colour combination. It’s such a bright and intense green, I didn’t even worry that it’s much too big for me. I think it looks fine when it’s worn slouchy anyway. I paired it with my classic¬†Black Levi’s Skinny Jeans and KG by Kurt Geiger Winona Boots as I love these boots with these jeans, they really lengthen my legs as they are the same colour. I definitely don’t recommend walking around for ages in these shoes though, my feet were killing me after a while! For my accessories, I chose my Balenciaga Mini City in Black Suede, my Michael Kors Slim Runway Watch in Silver, some green and blue bracelets, a Forever 21 Owl Necklace and my Ray-Ban Aviators with Mirrored Blue Lenses. I quite like how this outfit turned out and hopefully you all do too! Let me know!


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New Autumn Purchases – Part 1


Over the past few months I have been buying a lot of new things for Autumn and Winter. I have picked up quite a few things in sale at places, as well as on eBay and with discount codes, so that always makes me feel better about getting new clothes and accessories. I do have quite a few pieces, which is why I am splitting this post in two.

Above is my beloved Topshop red heart polka dot style shirt. I had been in love with this shirt for ages, but it had sold out completely online and I couldn’t find it anywhere else. It was pure luck that I found it in the Selfridges Topshop department on Wednesday when I was in London, so I snapped it up before I could even think about it. I was so excited to finally find it! It’s so pretty, it reminds me a lot of the deeper burgundy shirt with bigger hearts from the Burberry collection, but I find this one is a little more girly. It’s since come back in stock online and you can purchase it here if you love it too. It’s a very popular shirt!


These gorgeous Paige Crown Jewels jeans are what I picked up on eBay for only ¬£30! They are brand new with tags and my size, so I couldn’t believe what a bargain I had found. I originally saw these jeans at the press day earlier this year and thought the print was really interesting and cool. I think they will definitely make a statement!

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Another Burgundy Sensation


(Coat – Similar, Jeans – Exact, Jumper – Similar, Boots – Exact, Bag – Exact)

I wore this outfit on Saturday when my boyfriend and I went to the theatre to watch a musical. We watched Save The Last Dance For Me, which was a war time musical set in the 40’s with all of the older songs. It was really good and I loved it! We went to eat in Pizza Express afterwards, which was only a couple of doors away, so it was definitely a really nice evening. Something different, which I think is always a good thing. I’ve had my hair cut, but I didn’t go for anything too much. I just had my fringe put back in and a bit of length and weight taken off. I was too scared to do anything else! For those of you wondering who my hairdresser is, her names Laura Wilkins and she works at North Hairdressers. I’ve been going to her since I was about 15 and I just don’t feel like anyone else can cut my hair as good as she can. If you are in the Bath area, I recommend you check her out!

Anyway, now onto the outfit. I wore my Zara Burgundy Jacket which I purchased from Zara a couple of months ago. It’s no longer available since Zara products sell out like hot cakes, but this is the first time I have worn it. It just wasn’t cold enough before to put it on. I paired it with my new Urban Outfitters Jumper with crystal embellishment on the front. I got this in the Urban Outfitters store in Bath a couple of weeks ago and I love it. I have been trying to find it online, but it’s not there, so I’m wondering if it’s possibly an in-store exclusive item? It’s amazing anyway! I adore the crystals all over the front. I also wore my James Jeans Couture Jeans, but these ones are different. They have ankle zippers and a higher rise. They have quickly become my favourite as well since I have worn them about 4 times already! The high rise holds everything in a lot better! I wore my Carvela Kurt Geiger Tara Boots again too, but I left the zippers open on my jeans a little to cover the tops of the boots. I think they look better this way as the jeans weren’t sitting right when I tried to tuck them in, because of the zippers. Finally, to finish things off, I wore my Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAB in Port. This has become my staple bag lately, I absolutely love using it! So, what do you think of the outfit? Do you like it?


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A Burgundy Dress & Sunsets At The Beach


(Dress – Similar, Sandals – Similar, Bag – Exact, Watch – Exact, Sunglasses – Exact, Bottle – Exact)

At the weekend I went to the beach for the evening with my boyfriend as it was really warm. We went to Burnham On Sea, which is a place I haven’t ever been before. The beaches I used to go to as a child were mainly Weston Super Mare and Weymouth, but even though Burnham is small, it’s really quiet and such a nice place to sit and relax. I’ve never really been on the beach while the sun was setting before either, but it was amazing. The colours that reflect off the ocean are so intense, it’s beautiful! We managed to get some really pretty photos while we were there, which you can see in this post.

I wore my Urban Outfitters Burgundy Dress, ASOS Sandals, my Daniel Wellington Watch, my Ray-Ban Aviators and various bracelets. I also wore my Hawthorn & Co. Neutral Cotton Satchel which I got given by the lovely founder of the brand, Amy, from Devon here in the UK. This was the bag that I took with me for my long trip through Paris and Italy last month and it was a life saver! I struggle so much with bags that are heavy before anything is put into them, but this doesn’t have any weight to it since it’s a canvas cotton material, plus it’s not too structured, so you can fit as much stuff into it that you want. It’s definitely a great bag for travelling with and since it’s neutral, it goes with anything!

I also wanted to talk about the glass bottle that I have here, it was sent to me by Equa Bottles to test out about 3 weeks ago and I have been using it everyday since. As you know, from my Q&A’s, I pretty much only drink water or fresh fruit smoothies due to having a sensitive bladder, so this reusable glass bottle has been perfect for me to put my water in. It’s got silicone around the bottom, so it doesn’t scratch surfaces or slip around easy, and it’s slimmer in the middle for better grip. The lid is metal and the glass is also free of any harmful chemicals, so your water just tastes like water, there’s no tainted chemical flavour. I am clumsy, so I am trying my hardest not to drop it and smash it, but so far so good! If you carry water around with you a lot, you might want to check out their collection as they have other designs too!

I have also included a couple of photos of my boyfriend on the beach because he’s wearing his Ray-Ban Aviators from Sunglasses Shop. He got sent these before we both went away to Italy, like I got my mirrored green ones I spoke about on Tuesday. The brown is a really versatile colour, which is what he wanted and they are unisex frames so the medium size fits both the women and men, so we both tend to share our aviators sometimes. Isn’t he adorable?! Anyway, I have included a video in this post from the beach, which you can watch below, but what do you think of my outfit and the photos? I would also love for you to let me know your thoughts on the Equa bottle if you have tried them before! Comment and let me know!


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