Pretty Flowers Wrapped Around My Body


(Dress – Similar, Blazer – Similar, Shoes – Exact, Brooch – Similar, Ring – Exact, Bracelets – Similar, Necklace – Similar)

I wore this outfit on Sunday and it’s one that I had been planning to wear for a while, but I was waiting for the right temperature. It’s either been too hot or too cold to wear this, but Sunday seemed to be just right. I will say though that it’s the first time I’ve actually started feeling Autumn in the air. There’s a brisk chill that has been making my nose turn that shade of pink which always lets me know the season has changed.

I got this dress from Topshop quite a few months ago when it was in the sale. It’s not something that I would usually choose to wear as I’m not always that comfortable in bodycon dresses, but when I saw the floral print and how vibrant it was, I just completely fell in love with it. It’s unfortunately sold out, but you can definitely buy similar floral dresses online at Shopbop. I quite like the way it’s gradient and transitions from a lighter set of colours down to darker tones. I decided to throw my white Zara blazer over my shoulders just to add some structure to the look and then opted for my Kelya nude heels that you recently saw in another outfit post. I was going to go with my black Pigalle, but the contrast was just too harsh.

Now for my accessories, I wore various gold bracelets, a gold cross necklace and a blue topaz ring, all from Topshop. I also chose my beetle brooch from the brand as I hadn’t worn this yet either, despite having it for months. I love the iridescent body that it has and I thought it went well with the floral print on the dress. For those interested in my make-up too, I’m wearing my usual Barbara Panagos foundation, my Benefit They’re Real mascara with 3D fiber lashes on top and my lipstick is a combination of Pixi brilliance balm in red and a deep red/purple gloss. You can see more on make-up routine here, but I wouldn’t say I’m as into make-up as a lot of other fashion bloggers are.

And on a final note, I’m getting my hair cut on Thursday (it’s definitely been ages and has become unmanageable) and I’m going shorter. I’m thinking of getting about 4 inches or so cut off and my fringe put back in on the side, but quite a lot shorter. I also want some blonde highlights, but I hate sitting for ages while I have those so I wont have them done yet. Don’t forget to enter my Somerset Toiletry Company giveaway though! You can win so many luxury beauty products from them! Enter by clicking here. As always though, I would love to know what you think of my outfit! Please do comment and let me know!


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Hey, I Put Some New Shoes On…


And suddenly everything’s right…

I just had to sing that since I’ve always loved that song! I haven’t done a new shoes post in a long while, I think since I got my Jimmy Choo’s back in April/May, so I thought it was about time that I did. Last weekend when I was in town doing some window shopping and having lunch with Adam, I came across these gorgeous slippers in Topshop. These are the Sandylion slippers in burgundy and they are amazing!

Usually cheaper flats really hurt my feet (which is a downfall for us fashion bloggers as there’s some gorgeous ones out there), but I tried these on anyway since I fell in love with them and was pleasantly surprised when they didn’t hurt my heels! They are made of a really soft suede like velvet fabric and are incredible comfortable! The gold lion head medallion on the front is also really eye catching. I’ve worn these three times already with black and indigo jeans and a pair of leather look leggings. They really do go with everything and I can guarantee these will be making more appearances on my blog soon! Buy them in the UK by clicking here and in the US by clicking here. They are only £24 which is an amazing price!


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The Black Silk & Lace Playsuit


(Playsuit – Exact, Blazer – Similar, Shoes – Exact, Necklace – Exact, Bracelets – Exact)

This is something different to what I usually wear. I don’t have many playsuits, I think I might own 2 actually, but I rarely wear them, but as soon as I saw this amazing silk black lace playsuit on Topshop last month, I knew I wanted to have it! It’s absolutely stunning! I know it could possibly be confused with lingerie, but that’s why I dressed it up with my Zara black blazer, Christian Louboutin Pigalle, my Baccarat necklace and some jewellery, to keep it classy.

I don’t often go for an all black look, I used to avoid it with a passion, however as I get older, I find myself drifting towards black more and more as it’s really sophisticated. But this playsuit is one of my favourites right now! Not only is it really silky and soft, it’s lightweight and comfortable too so it’s perfect for the warmer weather! Let me know what you think of this outfit! I’d love to know your thoughts and the thoughts of other fashion bloggers too! Happy Friday everyone!


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What I Wore To The Paige Denim x Selfridges Launch


(Overalls – Exact, Shoes – Exact, Top – Exact, Sunglasses – Exact, Watch – Exact)

This is the outfit that I wore on Thursday to the Paige Denim x Selfridges launch event in London, hosted by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Paige now has a boutique inside Selfridges in the denim department and it’s beautiful. The launch event saw her and Rosie doing interviews and talking about Rosie being the new face of the brand. I was there with a few other celebs, fashion bloggers and people who got invited and it was lovely to see Paige again. It’s been a while since I have seen her and I’m glad we got to catch up, that goes for her husband Michael too.

I was wearing my Paige Denim Rikki Shortalls in Black for the evening, paired with a cropped white top and also my Heavenly black sandals from Topshop. For my accessories, I chose my Ray-Ban Erika sunglasses in purple and my Olivia Burton humming bird watch paired with a couple of bracelets. It’s a pretty simple and easy going outfit, one that was actually perfect for the travelling and kept me quite cool too since it was boiling. I did also have my Balenciaga Mini City for the event, but not for the actual outfit photos as it was quite dark against the shortalls. You can see lots of photos from the night and my outfit below, including photos of Rosie and Paige. What do you think of the outfit? I always love to read your comments.


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