The Suedette Skinny Jeans And Biker Jacket


7 For All Mankind Suedette Jeans & River Island Suedette Jacket

Happy Friday everyone! I’m really excited as tomorrow I am off pottery painting for my birthday! It’s something I have always wanted to do and I can’t wait! I know it’s a bit of a strange way to spend your birthday, but I’m not really one for doing things normally as I don’t like parties.

As you probably know, suede is one of my favourite fabrics. I have always preferred the look of suede over leather, but I generally don’t like the idea of wearing real suede as clothing. When I saw that 7 For All Mankind had brought out a suedette version of their skinny jeans (meaning faux suede) I was instantly drawn to them! The same goes for this jacket that I have too! I’ve gone for an Autumnal colour palette with the various shades of brown here and the luxurious look of the fabrics, but added in a pop of colour with my bag.

In order to make my posts more detailed and better for you though, I’ve decided to lay them out a little differently now. I’m going to be posting detailed photos of each item and then writing about each product underneath, so you can really get an understanding of them, in a mini review sense. You can buy each piece that way too and of course, if you scroll to the very bottom before you comment, all of my items are listed in one group with links there too for purchasing. I hope you like it! Please do comment and let me know your thoughts on my outfit!


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Cherry Picking In The Summer


Cherry picking in the summertime

I thought this would be a different post to include on my fashion blog, more of a lifestyle type of post for a change. When Adam and I were shooting some photos a couple of weekends ago in the fields, we came across a cherry tree that we never knew was even there. I think the cherries only appear on it for a few weeks of the year, so it’s no wonder we hadn’t spotted them before when we were there.

Cherries are one of my favourite fruits, I can literally eat them by the bucket load if I wanted to, so picking them naturally and actually eating cherries directly from the tree is as organic as it comes and much less expensive! We washed them before eating them and made sure to only pick the ripe ones which didn’t look damaged in any way too. We ended up with loads of cherries to eat and shared them around with family.

I love trying to eat as healthy as I possibly can and picking fruit is as good as it gets. With that in mind though I have always wanted my own vegetable patch so I could grow and eat my own carrots, potatoes and other vegetables etc and enjoy them completely organic and fresh. Do any of you grow your own fruits or vegetables?

It actually takes me back to being a child when I picked an apple from a tree on a country walk with my dad. That apple was literally the most delicious apple I had ever eaten and still is to date. It had a sweetness to it that was mixed with elements of sour, it was perfect! If I only had a fruit tree in the garden! I hope you like my cherry picking photos and if you see a cherry tree yourself, it’s definitely worth it as long as they are healthy cherries, so pick wisely!


For those of you who are also interested in my outfit that I have on here, I was wearing a green plaid boyfriend shirt from GAP and my Levi’s vintage denim shorts. You can shop similar shirts here and here and pick up my shorts here.

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An Easy Going Look On The Beach


A comfortable and casual look for exploring the beach

I have this last set of photos from my holiday to St. Ives in June that I wanted to finally share with you. It basically sums up a lot of what Adam and I spent doing on the beach… exploring. We loved looking around the cliffs and rocks, finding rock pools and interesting creatures, just generally looking around and finding out new things! I never personally see the point of going on holiday and only staying within the resort when you have so much to see!

Since we were off on our adventures, a comfortable outfit was definitely in need and this is what I wore for those days. My vintage Levi’s denim shorts with a grey ASOS tee, finished with my New Balance 410 sneakers/trainers in Sonic Navy. Of course my Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAB Backpack in White was in need to carry all of my things around and my Ray-Ban Aviators in Mirror Pink to keep the sun out of my eyes.

The views and scenery in St. Ives were the most beautiful I have seen in some time. I’m so used to countryside fields and forests, so seeing a beach and ocean so blue with cliffs was definitely amazing. I really can’t wait to go back there! I’ve included some more scenery photos that we took as well, so you can truly see the beauty of it. I definitely recommend St. Ives if you like the idea of quiet little old fashioned towns as it’s not a party place. I hope you enjoy these photos!


(Shorts – Exact, Tee – Exact, Shoes – Exact & Similar, Sunglasses – Exact, Bag – Exact)

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The Classic Yellow Rain Coat – Get The Look


The Classic Yellow Rain Coat

I wanted to do a different post for you all today! Inspired by the torrential downpour that we have been having since last night (*looks out window* yep, it’s still pouring), I thought it would be nice to do a classic get the look post for a yellow rain coat! I’ve actually noticed recently that the yellow rain jacket is becoming a lot more popular! I’ve spotted some in Topshop, Urban Outfitters and of course many places online, so why not share them with you?

You might remember my outfit that I posted a little while ago, featuring my Petit Bateau yellow rain coat and Hunter wellies (which is what I am wearing today too!), so I’ve found some similar options for you to buy as well. I can’t be without this jacket now. Living in England means I need a rain coat more often than you can imagine and this one is my go to. It helps that it gets tonnes of compliments whenever I wear it too! Well, from those who like fashion, otherwise I get accused of looking like a sea fisherman… But what do they know! Ha ha.

Why not get your own yellow rain coat ahead of the Autumn/Winter season and make sure you are on trend for the coming months! I can guarantee that we will be seeing this on numerous people in the street as I’ve already spotted a few recently. No doubt places like H&M, New Look etc will all release their take on one as well in time, but it’s always best to be ahead of the game! So, check out the 4 options below and of course no yellow rain coat look would be complete without some trusty Hunter wellies though! You can shop Hunter boots online at their website by clicking here. Also, guys, I’m not leaving you out either, this one and this one are great options! They can work for you too!


Topshop Yellow Rain Mac

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