The Basketball Tee

lorna burford uk fashion blogger The Basketball Tee

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You may remember this Topshop Basketball Tee from my new purchases post that I made last week. Since it’s been plenty warm enough to actually go out in just a t-shirt, this is the first time that I actually got to wear it! I wore it to the Botanical Gardens on Sunday when I went to go and relax, feed the squirrels and birds and just enjoy the Spring time! It’s such a beautiful place and it’s one of my favourites when the weather is warmer. I take nuts and seeds and often sit in a quiet spot and feed the squirrels and birds from my hands as they can be quite tame if they trust you. I plan on posting more photos soon though! I’m really enjoying nature at the moment!

I paired my Basketball Tee with my trusty black Levi’s Skinny Jeans as these are one of my go to’s when it comes to black! They fit perfectly and are so comfortable, so they couldn’t be better if they tried! To keep with the black theme, I went with my Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100 in Black to add some height and femininity to the look and then lots of accessories! I chose my new Marc by Marc Jacobs Black Critter Watch which I got from Shade Station, then also my Ray-Ban Erika Sunglasses in Red Velvet, which you just saw yesterday! For bracelets, I went with my Bibi Bijoux Blue Crystal bracelet and a couple of others from ASOS. I’m really loving being able to wear lots of arm candy again! I never get much chance to wear it during the Winter as being a UK fashion blogger means I have to adapt to the seasons and long sleeves are always needed. It’s a nice change to be able to layer on my bracelets again! I hope you like the outfit and I have a cool post coming up on Sunday for Easter! I would love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

lorna burford make up beauty blogger The Basketball Tee

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My New Ray-Ban Erika Red Velvet Mirrored Sunglasses

ray ban red mirrored lenses sunglasses My New Ray Ban Erika Red Velvet Mirrored Sunglasses

You probably already know about my obsession with mirrored lens sunglasses, since I already own a few pairs of aviators in various colours, however I got these amazing Ray-Ban Sunglasses from Shade Station and have completely fallen for them! They are the new Erika frame which is sort of round, but straight on the top, with red/orange mirrored lenses. Do you want to know the best part about these though? They are made from velvet! The frames are a gorgeous and intense primary red colour and it’s actually a lot more helpful as they don’t slip off your face as much! So these are a lot more practical and cool at the same time. I’m incredibly happy to add these to my collection! They are a bit more statement making than my others, simply because the frames are a lot bolder. It’s more of a unique shape for me too as I don’t own any sunglasses in this Erika design from Ray-Ban. What do you think of them? Comment and let me know!

ray ban red mirrored lens sunglasses My New Ray Ban Erika Red Velvet Mirrored Sunglasses

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The Pastel Pink Zara Coat With Grey Skinny Jeans

lorna burford zara pink spring 2014 coat The Pastel Pink Zara Coat With Grey Skinny Jeans

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I wore this outfit over the weekend when I went out to lunch and did some light shopping with my boyfriend. I got this stunning pastel pink coat from Zara when I saw it online last week, I ordered it the same time I ordered a blue version of my yellow coat and I couldn’t love them more! This coat is so beautiful! The colour is perfect for my paler skin tone and it actually matches a lot of things, however I decided to go with a grey theme. I wore my 7 For All Mankind grey skinny jeans with my Topshop grey tee and Kurt Geiger Winona boots. I think grey and pink is a great combination and it wasn’t really something I thought about wearing until I wore my grey and pink outfit under the blossom tree a few weeks ago.

On to my accessories, I chose my Mulberry Lily in candy pink denim, a Topshop cross necklace and some various bracelets. The best thing of all though is this new arm candy! I got this gorgeous Caravelle Melissa watch from Shade Station last week and it’s beautiful! Rose gold is one of my favourites and I wasn’t very familiar with the brand before, but it’s so pretty! I love the face of it and how delicate it is, it’s not too big or too small, so it’s the perfect size! You will definitely be seeing a lot more of this watch in my outfits to come, that’s for sure! How have you all been? I hope you had a lovely weekend! Comment and let me know what you think of the outfit as always!

pink denim mulberry lily candy The Pastel Pink Zara Coat With Grey Skinny Jeans

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My Skin Care Routine: Jan Marini, Liz Earle & Origins

jan marini face system 5 steps My Skin Care Routine: Jan Marini, Liz Earle & Origins

I’ve had a lot of questions about my skincare routine, including what I use because I’m often mistaken for a 16 year old. As I’ve explained before, a lot of it is genetic because my mum and dad look really young, but it’s also because of my lifestyle. I don’t drink alcohol or fizzy drinks and I don’t smoke or go out in the sun without sun cream. I would say that I have a pretty healthy diet and rarely eat sugar either, but I do have a good skincare regime that I stick to every morning and night and it’s something that works really well for me and my problem skin. I am prone to acne and have a lot of scarring on my face too, but to keep my skin under control it’s related a lot to my hormones and diet unfortunately, which makes it even harder to keep spot free. But I will take you through my skincare regime and the products I use, when I use them and what they look like, this does also include vitamins!

So above is my Jan Marini 5 step system that I use morning and night. I originally found out about these products when I went for a consultation at a skin clinic here in Bath called The Orangery 2 years ago. I went there to talk to them about getting my skin under control and also a system of removing scars and pigmentation that I have on my skin. I was introduced to the skin care system that they swear by and it is Jan Marini. I will admit that it’s incredibly expensive, however the products last for such a long time because you don’t need that much of them, so instead of buying new products every couple of months, you are really looking at buying them twice a year, so it does work out almost the same cost wise, it’s just the initial expenditure. It’s an amazing system though and I honestly don’t know how I lived without it for all those years! I will talk you through how it works below!

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