#DUOBOOTTRIBE Bath Boutique Blogger Event

duoboottribe duo boots event bloggers bath dita grey boots #DUOBOOTTRIBE Bath Boutique Blogger Event

So on Thursday last week, I was invited to the DUO Boutique in Bath (which I am very fond of) for a unique blogger experience event, entitled #DUOBOOTTRIBE, to celebrate their new Autumn Winter collection and find out more about their boot tribes. I was there with about 13 other fashion bloggers, some very familiar faces like Tara from The Style Rawr, Gina from Bristol and Megan from Briar Rose. All of which I know very well from other events, but I was lucky to make a new friend as well, the lovely and adorable Michelle from Eclectic Threads. It was a fantastic event and I actually really enjoyed it! A lot of the times I don’t like parties or crowded situations, but this one was very low key, relaxed and enjoyable!

It started out with a talk about the different Boot Tribes that DUO have: ankle boots, calf boots and over the knee boots. The aim of the evening was to find out about the differences and of course, search for your perfect boot around the store. The best thing about DUO for me is the calf sizes. I have bigger feet (UK 6 or 7) and very tiny calves, so finding boots to fit my calves and foot size is impossible, they are always too big, but with DUO, they come in various widths so there’s a perfect size for me. This is why I own two other pairs from them! I had looked online prior to the event to choose the boots I loved and the ones I ended up going for are these gorgeous Dita grey over the knee suede boots! Aren’t they stunning? I tried on various other styles which you can see below, but I fell hard for these! I literally cannot wait to style them and show them to you!

You can see lots of photos from the event and it was so much fun, I actually stayed until the end which isn’t something I usually do! I’ve also got my eye on another pair of shoes, which also come in widths, so I might have to save a little for those ones! My mum who works with me on The Fashion Supernova also got to attend the event, so you can expect to see her side of the story and boot choices on there very soon! As well as a post on some of the latest styles! A huge thank you to DUO for organising this and inviting me, it truly was a wonderful evening! I hope you enjoy the photos, and yes, my concentration face in some of the photos is that of a slightly angry one, even though I wasn’t, I might need to work on that! Ha ha!

duoboottribe duo boots event bloggers bath boot tribe #DUOBOOTTRIBE Bath Boutique Blogger Event

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Float Down Like Autumn Leaves

raindrops of sapphire autumn outfit duo boots Float Down Like Autumn Leaves

(Coat – Similar, Leggings – Exact, Top – Similar, Cardigan – Similar, Boots – Similar, Bag – Exact, Hat – Similar)

So Autumn is finally here in full force and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m sure most of you know by now that doing outfit shoots with the yellow, gold and red hues of the leaves is one of my favourite things as it just livens up the photos and makes them so intense. I can’t be without colour, so mixing jewel tones with the yellows just works perfectly! Luckily this is what it looks like very near where I live so I couldn’t be happier at the moment! We shot these photos on Sunday when it was fresh enough to need a few layers and a hat, but still slightly warm enough to be out and about for a while without getting too cold.

For my outfit, I opted to wear my Denimocracy Anarchy Knit leggings as I often reach for these to wear with boots in the Autumn time due to the comfort and ease of wearing. I tucked them into my DUO Laurel boots and then layered on my Zara cobalt blue jumper, an Urban Outfitters purple cardigan and then my Zara black structured coat. I adore layering as you can get some great effects with it and some really nice colour combinations too! To bring even more colour to the blue and purple, I chose my Cambridge Satchel Mini in yellow (similar here) and then finished off with a new cat ears hat that I picked up from Zara.

I really quite like how this turned out actually and I think this might be my new favourite Autumn shoot at the moment! Speaking of DUO though, I attended their bloggers #DuoBootTribe event in their Bath flagship store last week and had so much fun! I met some lovely new fashion bloggers as well as familiar faces and I can’ wait to share that night with you soon in a separate post! I’m such a fan of the brand since they do calf sizes, which means I always get boots to fit considering I have bigger feet and tiny calves! But anyway, I would love to know your thoughts on this look that I put together! Comment and let me know!

P.S – I hope you like the falling leaves feature I’ve added to my blog again! I love it!

cambridge satchel mini yellow Float Down Like Autumn Leaves

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Getting My Autumn Looks With George

raindrops of sapphire get my look george at asda Getting My Autumn Looks With George

I’m really excited to be bringing you something a little bit different this time around as usually when I collaborate with brands, it’s for a more expensive company, however I know that so many of us have different budgets and price ranges, so I’m happy to be bringing you a get the look post with George from Asda. George have some really pretty dresses available for under £20 on most of them and a lot were quite similar to ones that I would wear myself and style, so it seemed fitting to style a few outfits in my own personal way and imitate a couple of my looks that I loved. So, check them out below! Which one do you fashion bloggers and readers like the most?

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There’s A Cave Woman On The Loose

lorna burford long blonde thick hair Theres A Cave Woman On The Loose

(Jeans – Exact, Shirt – Similar & Similar, Top – Exact, Bag – Similar & Similar, Boots – Similar)

I’m still going through my archive of outfit photos from the past few weeks that I haven’t got around to posting yet. These were taken a couple of Friday’s ago when my boyfriend and I went out to eat lunch at Prezzo and then headed to the cinema to watch The Equiliser. We actually ended up having the entire cinema to ourselves which was great! Nobody to ruin the movie! Despite the film being really violent, I actually loved it and thought it was fantastic. One of my favourite movies of the year actually! Has anyone else seen it?

Getting to my outfit, the reason I titled this blog post as a cave woman was simply because of my hair, ha ha. It was just before I had it cut and I was feeling like a wild woman with it. I had no fringe left and it had gotten really thick and long so it was literally all over the place as you can see. It’s much better now though! I decided that I wanted something quite comfortable for the day since I would be sitting a lot, so I chose my Citizens of Humanity Rocket Jeans in Axel again (other options here), paired with a simple black tee from ASOS and my Zara red plaid shirt (similar options here) tied around my waist to inject a bit of colour. I also added in my Leghila neon yellow bag that I got in Florence last year from LuisaViaRoma and finished off with my Kurt Geiger Winona boots. I like the idea of all black with a few pops of colour here and there! I know a lot of fashion bloggers love bright colours, so it’s always nice to have a dark base. What do you think of my outfit?

lorna burford uk fashion blogger bath Theres A Cave Woman On The Loose

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