Health Update – Pneumonia


Unfortunately I don’t have much great news in terms of my health lately, which some of you may know already if you follow me closely on Snapchat (@LornaRaindrops). On Friday 20th, I started to not feel very well at all, my glands in my neck were really swollen and sore, my throat was sore and hurting, I had a headache and I generally felt unwell. This lasted until the Sunday and those symptoms went away and developed into a cough, body aches and feeling really horrible. My cough was getting really bad and it was constant, it wouldn’t stop at all, so every minute I was just barking all the time. I hardly got any sleep on Tuesday or Wednesday so trying to function with the M.E (which I need at least 7 hours sleep a night with) and cope with this was really draining.

On the Wednesday night I had got so bad with the coughing and the strain, I ended up having a nose bleed and my chest was burning and painful. I decided I needed to go to the doctors and she did all her checks and came to the conclusion that I have a type of chest infection based on the crackling in my lungs which are filled with mucus, a temperature and the rest of my symptoms. She wanted to sign me off of work but as I’m self employed and work for myself blogging, I’ve had to carry on as much as I can, in between resting loads. I’m on a mixture of antibiotics for 7 days, a cough medicine which helps bring up the mucus from my lungs and a tablet which helps take down pressure, swelling and inflammation.

Thursday was another bad night because as everything is loosening up in my lungs, the irritation in my throat to try and get it out was constant. I couldn’t stop coughing and I barely slept then either. Come Friday, I wasn’t very well at all. My chest has been burning even more, breathing is difficult, especially if I had to walk stairs or even walk a short distance, I become exhausted and it hurts. The chest infection has developed into a pneumonia (a milder one) and it’s awful. I tried to go out yesterday for a little while as I hadn’t left the house properly in 14 days and was getting so stressed out, but I overdid it way too much and last night and today has been so bad.

My cough has finally started to settle down, but I truly didn’t realise how much we take a normal lung function for granted. Since I have extremely healthy lungs normally, I didn’t know that having your lungs compromised like this would have such an effect on your whole entire body. I ended up sleeping until 1pm today and I’ve been really tired, exhausted and nauseous all day, coupled with still coughing a bit and chest pain all around my ribs. Pneumonia truly sucks. My fever has finally gone, I think, but I’m now getting chills.

I haven’t taken any outfit photos for you guys in 3 weeks (luckily I still have 2 in storage) and it’s getting me down not being able to stick to my normal routine. I’ve just been trying to take it really easy and that’s why I haven’t been able to update my blog much with new things of my own or my social media with new photos either since I look awful (photo above is from last month). I’m just finally happy that I am beginning to get better now. The cough isn’t as bad as it was and my chest, even though tight and burning, is loosening up and I’m finally able to dislodge and move the bad stuff around. I’m hoping the exhaustion, muscle pains and general feeling of unwell will go away soon, but the doctor did say it could be a week before it does. I just thought that I should update you all as you might wonder why my posts are lacking. Hopefully my next health update will be a lot more positive and happy. Lorna xx.

My Top 3 Coveted Designer Watches


BVLGARI LVCEA Diamond Stainless Steel Watch

I’m pretty sure that most of you know that I adore watches, given my vast collection that I have accumulated over time, however my watch collection has grown since I last wrote about it. Most of my watches tend to belong to the likes of Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Olivia Burton and other similar brands, but there has always been 3 designer watches that have been on my mind for quite some time and would love to own. One watch in particular has been on my wish list since I was 14 years old! So, what are these three designer watches that I covet so much? I’m about to tell you!

The first one is a BVLGARI LVCEA watch (pictured above) and this is one of my most recent loves actually. I first spotted it quite a few months ago when I walked past Mallory’s Jewelers here in Bath and the thing that attracted me to it the most was the pink and diamond crown against the stainless steel. It just stood out to me and looked gorgeous! The BVLGARI LVCEA collection comes in various shades and styles, including silver, gold and rose gold watches as well as different faces and dials. I tried one on finally a few weeks ago as you can see and I’ve fallen completely in love with it. It comes with a hefty price tag though, so I’m hoping I might slowly be able to save for this beauty! Isn’t it stunning?

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Currently Craving: November + Black Friday SALES


1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

It’s that time of the month again where it’s time for my Currently Craving Wish List and this one’s what I’m after for November. It’s a whole mix of items, including make-up, clothing, shoes and accessories as well as some gadgets! I own a couple of the Topshop ribbed roll necks that you can see above and they are amazing! I’m definitely thinking of getting the Balenciaga bag too as I love the colour. I recently got the Citizens of Humanity jeans there too and I can’t shout enough from the roof tops how perfect they are! You have to get them if you want a cropped skinny jean with a great rise! Has anyone tried that M.A.C sculpting powder though? I’d love to know if it’s worth the hype!

In the second collage below, my favourites are the sleeveless jacket, the FRAME skinny jeans, which I jut got and of course the Burberry poncho cape! I definitely want to get an iPad as well and a pair of the iridescent headphones as I think they are so pretty! But overall, these are items that I definitely would love to have if I could! Plus! I’m going to be including sale information for you here (underneath) as I know it’s sale week right now with Thanksgiving and Black Friday coming up! The first thing I plan on buying if the right discount code pops up is the Chloe Drew bag, pictured above! I’ve wanted one for so long! Which are your favourites from the collages? I would of course love to know!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10



Shopbop Thanksgiving Sale! You can get up to 25% off your order on both sale and regular priced items with the code GOBIG15 at the checkout! It’s valid until November 30th, but hurry in case everything sells! It’s a great time to get those gifts for your loved one for the holidays coming up! This is the sale we have all been waiting for as I know so many of you have some denim in mind! Don’t forget you can pay customs at the checkout too, so it makes international orders super simple! Click here to shop the sale and check here to see the discounts! 15% off orders over $250 | 20% off orders over $500 | 25% off orders over $1000.

All Saints have 30% off online and in store! Just use the code CYBER and it works on their coats and leather jackets too!

ASOS have up to 60% off for their early Black Friday sale! It’s for both men and women and it doesn’t last long so make sure you check it out!

Amazon have Black Friday Deals Week meaning they are including different items all the time in their discounts section, so you definitely need to keep a check on what they have!

Barney’s New York have 40% off selected items for both men, women and kids. You can check out the whole sale section, it’s filled with goodies!

Boutique To You have 30% off site wide as a VIP early customer, just enter the code GIVETHANKS at the checkout, but it ends in a couple of days!

Debenhams have 30% off all departments and 10% off beauty, so there’s some great savings to be had there on everything! How about some great stocking fillers?

eBay have a great selection of discounted deals, this includes most of the categories that they sell, so keep checking for daily Black Friday deals from them!

FarFetch have 10% off site wide right now! Use the code BF2015 at the checkout! It works on Valentino too!

Feelunique have various sales and promotions on their beauty store online. Might be a great time to stock up on your essentials!

Harrods have got 10% off right now for rewards members! If you aren’t one, it takes seconds to sign up and it works on everything! Hello Chloe!

House of Fraser have 30% off fashion and home, so now is the time to get some clothing and items for the home!

John Greed have an exclusive 15% off with my discount code for you! Use code LORNALOVES to receive an exclusive 15% Off John Greed Collections. Ts & Cs apply and can be found at

Kurt Geiger have 20% off everything online and in store until 30th November. How can you miss out on this one?!

Levi’s have 40% off your order when you spend over $100 online and in stores. Just use the code BEGIFTED at the checkout.

Lookfantastic have 15% off and various promotions across their site, so beauty treatments and essentials never looked so pleasing!

Neiman Marcus have up to 40% off too across men’s and women’s designer pieces and more! Don’t miss this one!

Nordstrom have a designer clearance with up to 40% off which is amazing! Loads of new markdowns on everything you could imagine.

Ted & Muffy have 40% off their shoes and boots with the code CYBER40 until Monday! Get amazing fitting boots for almost half the price.

Topman for the guys have 50% off and free earphones on orders over £60! There’s definitely some great pieces to be snapped up here, included knitwear, coats, boots and more! Love Topman!

Topshop have 50% off in their sale! Head over there to checkout the options!

REVOLVE Clothing have up to 80% off for their Black Friday sale this week! They are calling it the Pre-Black Friday sale, so make sure you take advantage before others know about it!

River Island have amazing offers this week, for both the men and the women, on selected categories each day, so definitely keep your eyes open for some great bargains!

Selfridges have got 20% off site wide! Use the code SELFCCE at the checkout and it works on lots of designer bags and shoes!

SINGER22 have 20% off site wide right now, including all their denim as well, so it’s a great time to get jeans you have been eyeing on a certain celebrity! Enter the code THANKU20 at the checkout.

That’s all I can find for now, but I will be updating as soon as I get new deals! Keep checking!

Camel, Cream, Taupe & Beige


Autumnal shades of brown and cream with denim

Unfortunately there wont be much text for this post as I have come down with a flu/chest infection at the moment and I’m really not very well, but it’s been three days since I made a post and I needed to update for you guys to keep up with my schedule. I just hope I feel better soon, but I will keep you updated on my social media with the progress as much as I can. Fingers crossed it’s gone soon.

This was a look that Adam and I shot a month ago again, the same weekend as the grey layers outfit from my previous post, so it was still warm enough to wear an outfit like this. I chose my Citizens of Humanity Rocket crop skinny jeans with a Zara cream sweater, a camel brown Topshop scarf and a pair of their Harp nude metal booties, finally finished off with a Maison and Scotch floppy hat. I hope you other fashion bloggers and lovely readers like my Autumn outfit.


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