Eek, I’m Turning 26!

lorna burford blogger 26 birthday Eek, Im Turning 26!

Turning 26. It’s a pretty big milestone for me, one that I had reservations and was somewhat apprehensive about for quite some time, almost to the point of dread actually. I felt like 25 was mid range and once you go past it, you are very close to 30, so having that 26th birthday (on the 3rd of August) just tips you past that point of being near 20.

But, then I realised that age is literally just a number, I’m physically and mentally absolutely no different to what I was the day before when I was 25. It is nothing but a number and it really doesn’t make much of a difference on your life, in fact, as it stands, I seem to be getting better with age. I feel like 2014 has been a huge year for me in terms of growing as a person, being more at ease with myself, accepting who I am and making positive changes to my life. I feel like I have matured immensely. I’ve definitely become more my own person, actually enjoying life and I think this can only get better as I get older, so rather than fearing that imaginary mental block that people put on birthdays, I’m embracing them and am actually excited to get older and see what life brings.

So far it’s been nothing but surprises, a lot were bad and quite a few were good, but what is important to me as I get older is how I learn to deal with things instead. I used to stress out about the littlest things, have anxiety about everything and plan everything right down to the last minute little detail, but now I’ve been a lot more lax about planning and worrying, going with the flow a little bit more and actually taking some steps back to enjoy what I’m doing rather than worry specifically about getting from A to B without a hiccup. I feel like this is something that only comes with age and the more I grow, the more I learn to take things in my stride. Yes bad things happen, but the way you think about them and handle them is the most important thing. You are the only person who can make you feel bad.

I didn’t understand this at first and used to think the world was out to get me, but I realised that the saying about holding the key to your own life is completely true. How you feel and the emotions you project are the direct result of the way you chose to handle that situation. Things can be a whole lot easier and since I’ve learned that just in this year alone, I now can’t wait to see how my 26′s, 27′s and 28′s turn out, I’m actually looking forward to turning 30, I think! Ha ha.

I just wanted to make this blog post as a bit of a reflection since Raindrops of Sapphire is a lot like my own online diary (even though it’s a fashion blog), it’s amazing to see just how much I have grown in the 4 years it’s been live, I can only say that every change has been positive and every future change will continue to be positive too, better photos, more structure, happy and cheerful posts, more of a classic style, it’s all part of me getting older and evolving as a person. I’ve included some really old photos of me at the bottom of this post too, as part of looking back and actually seeing the physical changes as well as the mental changes. Thank you for taking this journey with me every day and helping me grow. Lorna xx.

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What I Wore To The Paige Denim x Selfridges Launch

paige denim black sierra shortalls What I Wore To The Paige Denim x Selfridges Launch

(Overalls – Exact, Shoes – Exact, Top – Exact, Sunglasses – Exact, Watch – Exact)

This is the outfit that I wore on Thursday to the Paige Denim x Selfridges launch event in London, hosted by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Paige now has a boutique inside Selfridges in the denim department and it’s beautiful. The launch event saw her and Rosie doing interviews and talking about Rosie being the new face of the brand. I was there with a few other celebs, fashion bloggers and people who got invited and it was lovely to see Paige again. It’s been a while since I have seen her and I’m glad we got to catch up, that goes for her husband Michael too.

I was wearing my Paige Denim Rikki Shortalls in Black for the evening, paired with a cropped white top and also my Heavenly black sandals from Topshop. For my accessories, I chose my Ray-Ban Erika sunglasses in purple and my Olivia Burton humming bird watch paired with a couple of bracelets. It’s a pretty simple and easy going outfit, one that was actually perfect for the travelling and kept me quite cool too since it was boiling. I did also have my Balenciaga Mini City for the event, but not for the actual outfit photos as it was quite dark against the shortalls. You can see lots of photos from the night and my outfit below, including photos of Rosie and Paige. What do you think of the outfit? I always love to read your comments.

lorna burford paige denim selfridges event What I Wore To The Paige Denim x Selfridges Launch

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Vintage Denim Shorts With Plaid Tied Around My Waist

lorna burford raindrops of sapphire blogger tight top Vintage Denim Shorts With Plaid Tied Around My Waist

(Shorts – Exact, Shirt – Exact, Top – Exact, Boots – Exact, Sunglasses – Exact)

The weather has been so hot lately, which for England is unheard of. We usually get about a week of warm weather in May and then no Summer at all, however it’s consistently been about 28-31 degrees for 4 weeks or more now. It’s just too hot for jeans and my jackets so I have been living in shorts, skirts and dresses. Most of us Brits don’t have air con in our houses either, so it’s pretty unbearable right now. Considering I always love to wear jewellery too, I’ve barely been wearing any as it’s just too hot for it.

I wore this outfit a couple of weekends ago to run some errands which is why I don’t have a bag with me, but I wore my Levi’s Vintage Denim Shorts with my Jimmy Choo Melba Boots in Sandalwood again. I adore this combination of denim shorts and boots, although it was a little cooler when I wore this as boots are a no go at the moment. I then paired them with my River Island Purple Top and tied my Paige Kadie Plaid Shirt around my waist, just to add a bit more colour and dimension to the look, I then finished it off with my Ray-Ban Mirrored Aviators in Green. I did wear this plaid shirt and top together before, but in a way that was more suitable for cooler weather. How are you all coping with this crazy heat right now and do you like the outfit?

levis vintage denim shorts Vintage Denim Shorts With Plaid Tied Around My Waist

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Some Quick Instagram Snaps From London

lorna burford london shopping Some Quick Instagram Snaps From London

Doing some shopping on New Bond Street!

As I explained in my previous post that I made on Monday, I took a holiday break in London with my boyfriend. We stayed in The Cumberland Hotel which is literally just off of Oxford Street and right next to all of the shops. Selfridges was within a 5 minute walking distance and the majority of the other shops were close too, which was amazing. It’s also located right next to Hyde Park, so I definitely would recommend this hotel to anyone looking to see London! It’s worth the money as it’s gorgeous inside too!

We did lots and lots of shopping, going in Selfridges, Zara, French Connection, Victoria Secret, Cambridge Satchel, Butler & Wilson, Chanel, Jimmy Choo and loads more! I’ve got quite a few things that I ended up buying, including 6 new bras from Victoria Secret which I have been living in, a new Cambridge Satchel in yellow which is an early birthday present to myself and a grey glitter one from my boyfriend, but I can’t have it yet. Both were in the sale too!

I got a top from French Connection which had been reduced £11.50, some new Butler & Wilson jewellery, some chocolates from Liberty, some new Pixi lip balms which I adore, a linen dungaree piece and spotted tee from Zara and I think that’s it! I will be making a purchases post for you soon though so you can see everything. But anyway, here are the snaps that I took from London for Instagram (@LornaRaindrops) from my iPhone as I never took the real camera. Enjoy!

lorna raindrops london shopping Some Quick Instagram Snaps From London

All of my shopping bags! Some of these are my birthday presents though which I can’t have just yet!

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