Raindrops of Sapphire x Ann Summers Lingerie

lorna burford butt ass levis shorts denim Raindrops of Sapphire x Ann Summers Lingerie

You might remember a previous post I did last month on a collaboration with Ultimo, shooting some lingerie photos. I was quite happy with how those turned out and a lot of you gave me some great comments, despite me being nervous, so I was really thankful for that. I’ve since teamed up with Ann Summers as part of their latest lingerie campaign, to bring you something a little different to last time.

I got to choose one of the Sam Fairs new bras from the Ann Summers website, so I opted for this gorgeous pink and black sexy lace plunge bra, with the Brazilian knickers to match. I was so attracted to the bright fuchsia colour, I just knew that I wanted to style this set. I chose this bra as it has a deeper plunge in the middle, so it can be worn with lower cut tops if I want to, without showing off the middle of it, only a hint of cleavage instead, which is feminine to me, but at the same time, it’s easily worn with a pretty sheer blouse so you can see a hint of the pink coming through. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Please note though that if you are reading this at work, a few of the photos are probably not safe for the working environment. We have shot them in a classy and elegant way, showing femininity, in my opinion though. I really hope you feel that when you see them and don’t think otherwise. Again, I feel like this isn’t much different to modelling a bikini and underwear is something we wear every single day, I don’t think it should be shameful or frowned upon as it’s important for ladies to feel confident and make sure they end up with the right fitting bras, which you can find out more information on choosing the right one for you in their bra campaign. I would love to know your thoughts! Comment and let me know!

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The Black Silk & Lace Playsuit

silk black lace playsuit sexy The Black Silk & Lace Playsuit

(Playsuit – Exact, Blazer – Similar, Shoes – Exact, Necklace – Exact, Bracelets – Exact)

This is something different to what I usually wear. I don’t have many playsuits, I think I might own 2 actually, but I rarely wear them, but as soon as I saw this amazing silk black lace playsuit on Topshop last month, I knew I wanted to have it! It’s absolutely stunning! I know it could possibly be confused with lingerie, but that’s why I dressed it up with my Zara black blazer, Christian Louboutin Pigalle, my Baccarat necklace and some jewellery, to keep it classy.

I don’t often go for an all black look, I used to avoid it with a passion, however as I get older, I find myself drifting towards black more and more as it’s really sophisticated. But this playsuit is one of my favourites right now! Not only is it really silky and soft, it’s lightweight and comfortable too so it’s perfect for the warmer weather! Let me know what you think of this outfit! I’d love to know your thoughts and the thoughts of other fashion bloggers too! Happy Friday everyone!

holding heel of christian louboutin shoe The Black Silk & Lace Playsuit

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Creating My Autumn Inspired Outfits

get lorna burford fashion bloggers look Creating My Autumn Inspired Outfits

Jeans | Top | Bag | Shoes

As most of you know, Autumn is my favourite time of the year. I just adore being able to wear burgundy (which is of course my favourite) and mixing it with leopard print, black and navy! I also love the fact that I get to layer on blazers, leather jackets and coats, lots of scarves, wear amazing boots and of course, my ever faithful wellies! Not only do I love the Autumn fashion and buying a new wardrobe, I am obsessive over the scenery too! The beautiful and rich orange, yellow and red hues that appear on the trees, as well as the ground, it just makes the perfect setting for my photos as well as creates some stunning photography (which is a new series I will be adding to my blog soon, stay tuned).

I’ve teamed up with Great Plains, which is French Connection’s sister site, to bring you this post! I’m super excited about it as I adore both brands, they have some fantastic dresses for women, evening tops and of course, what would I be doing without mentioning the fact that they also have jeans for women, one of my every day essentials! For this collaboration, I have gone through the site and chosen some pieces which I love and would wear, as well as mixed it up with a few accessories from other brands, to create three different Autumn inspired outfits, which are of course in my own style. The three looks that I put together each replicate an outfit that I have posted here on Raindrops of Sapphire before, or they combine a few of my looks into one! Either way, each of these ensembles that I put together definitely represent me and my personality. Which one do you like the most?

get lorna burford fashion bloggers outfit Creating My Autumn Inspired Outfits

Jeans | Shirt | Coat | Boots | Necklace | Belt | Watch

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Jazzing Up A Country Walk With Leather & Wellies

lorna burford raindrops of sapphire under tree fashion blogger Jazzing Up A Country Walk With Leather & Wellies

(Jeans – Similar, Wellies – Exact, Top – Similar, Scarf – Similar, Hat – Similar)

Since I live in the countryside, being surrounded by the fields and trees is something that I am used to. Going for walks and generally enjoying the scenery is what I do quite often when the weather is nice, but I don’t always document it since I just wear wellies, jeans and a jumper, nothing fancy. However, on the weekend, I thought I would jazz my country walk attire up a little and make it different, make it worthy of it fashion blog.

The key element is always finding something comfortable and stretchy to wear, so instead of my usual jeans, I opted for my MET Black Faux Leather skinny jeans. You would be surprised that these are actually really stretchy and comfortable, all while keeping you warm, so they are a great option for walking! You wouldn’t think it though would you? I paired them with my older Zara burgundy top and then layered my Topshop leopard print scarf around my shoulders and neck. I didn’t want to wear this scarf the usual way, I wanted the print to show a lot more which is why I wore it this way instead. I tucked my leather jeans into my trusty Hunter Original Tall Wellies in Black as I can’t be without these! You never know when it might rain, get muddy or dirty!

For my accessories, I wore one of my Autumn hats in Aubergine, which I got a while back and had my hair in a side braid to go with it. I love the combination of hats like this and braids, it always ends up looking so polished in my opinion! I then wore my Butler & Wilson Eye ring and gunmetal bracelet to finish it off. You wouldn’t usually think a pair of wellies and leather pants would go together very well at all, but I love experimenting with new ideas (like other fashion bloggers) and I actually loved how this turned out! Speaking of wellies though, I do have a brand new pair in the mail! The Cocoa brown colour and I can’t wait to get them! What do you think of this outfit? Comment and let me know!

raindrops of sapphire english british fashion blogger Jazzing Up A Country Walk With Leather & Wellies

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