Under The Autumn Shadows


A jewel tone Autumnal outfit

I’m checking in with you all! For those of you who follow me on Snapchat and Instagram (follow me @LornaRaindrops) you might already know that this week I have been on a small holiday and have been enjoying some time off. I’ve been to Burnham-on-Sea, Cardiff in Wales and recently today, I’ve been to Cheddar Gorge. I will say that it hasn’t been the easiest with my tiredness and I had to take a complete day of rest yesterday as I did much too much in Wales on Monday, but it was worth it. I got to see some amazing things, which I will share with you in another post soon.

I’ve noticed now that Autumn is actually here, in full force. It’s been really cold, windy and so many golden hues are cropping up when I’ve been out and about now, it’s beautiful. This was an Autumnal look that I put together a few weeks ago actually, during the end of Summer as I was really feeling in the mood to get the jewel tones going on and I had spotted that a few trees had started to shed their leaves early, so it made a great location for a few of the photos.

For my outfit, I chose to wear my Citizens of Humanity Rocket skinny jeans in Axel with a burgundy top from River Island. I tucked the jeans into my old Kurt Geiger Winona boots and then finished it off with my Mulberry Mini Taylor bag in Sycamore with some various bracelets and a deer necklace. I adore wearing black skinny jeans with black boots in the Autumn as it lengthens your legs so much, but wearing a bold coloured top always helps take the attention away from it a little bit so everything blends. I can’t wait to start wearing more layers and boots soon as the weather gets even cooler. What do you think of my outfit? I’d love to know you readers and fashion bloggers think!


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The Key To Happiness


An interview with me on the key to happiness and being present

Since coming out about my illness (M.E) and working with the M.E organisation, doing a couple of interviews and trying to answer all of your questions on it, I thought I would pile together some of the important and life changing questions from you and answer them in this post. I wanted this post to be about happiness, clarity and well-being, finding an internal strength and calmness even through the struggles and that’s something that I am on my way to achieving in full. I was sent these questions by most of you as readers, but the lovely Lindsey McKeon (who I interviewed before) asked me a few too and you can see those three first. I put them first as I think that’s fitting for the order and because she always asks such thoughtful and inspirational questions, which gets me started off well, but the rest of the questions are just as important and help give the interview depth.

So why am I doing this interview? That old saying about when life gives you lemons, I see it as you have three possible options.

1 – You accept the lemons, you eat them, you go about your business. Sometimes slicing them a little or sprinkling them on your food, but the general rule is that you eat them.

2 – You complain about the lemons, you wanted oranges instead. You sit there and watch them go mouldy, getting angry at having the wrong fruit.

3 – You make lemonade. I know this is the usual answer, but it’s the toughest one. Making the lemonade requires a lot of juicing, knowledge, other ingredients and patience. It’s the toughest one of the options, but it’s worth the most.

The general rule here is that you can get upset about life’s obstacles and situations, or you can accept them and not do anything to change them, or you can pluck up the courage and change your situation. It will require a lot of effort on your part, but it’s doable. Don’t let life’s lemons leave a bitter taste in your mouth, take control and be the juicer as you are the one in charge. I wanted to show you how I took charge of my illness and how I don’t let it get me down anymore. I hope it’s helpful!

What was your experience when you were first diagnosed (with M.E)? Your biggest fear? And how has that altered now?

It was a mixture of emotions actually. It was kind of a relief to finally know what was wrong with me after a year of back and forth with the doctors, but at the same time it was overwhelming to know it was something that couldn’t be fixed. It was quite daunting and I suppose my biggest fear was actually the fear of unknown with the illness. It effects people differently and you never know from one day to the next just how it’s going to be. M.E is really hard to explain to others, especially when they ask you your symptoms or what exactly is wrong with you because it’s everything. You can’t just narrow it down.

Another fear I had with the diagnosis was knowing that it’s a form of brain damage. A certain part of my brain that controls functions and movements and a lot of other parts got damaged from swelling. The swelling was caused when I was 14 by the virus that I had, so there’s damage to my brain now from that. This frightened me as I didn’t know what to expect or how serious it was. As everything we do is controlled by the brain, it’s not easy to do daily activities. My brain doesn’t compute things correctly and if I walk for about 10 minutes, my brain can think I have ran a marathon and confuse itself with that. Sometimes I can wake up after having slept and my brain thinks its ran that marathon again or has been run over by a truck, so I feel paralysed. It can decide to not recognise my legs are attached to me anymore and if I try to move them, I can’t because they are unresponsive. Some days I can’t remember anything, I can’t speak properly and I can’t understand anything that someone is saying to me because my brain doesn’t function right, but the damage from the swelling is very temperamental as varying pressure and changes happen, so some days it can be ok, I don’t notice much going on, then other days it’s horrendous. This was a huge factor in fear for me.

As I have got older and had to learn to cope with it over the years, it’s got a lot easier. I don’t feel like I have any fears regarding my M.E now as I have experienced everything I think there is to experience with it. I wouldn’t class it as a fear as such, but I guess not knowing my future and knowing how things are going to turn out for me or go in the coming years is daunting, but I’m not scared of it. It’s definitely changed me as a person and my outlook on life though.

What are the benefits of your passion towards fashion blogging, how does it help feed your soul/spirit on a daily basis?

I would say the benefits for me are endless. Being a fashion blogger led me to be able to have a social life online, a purpose, something to do and something that would inspire me. After years of not being able to work, not being able to go out and socialise or really enjoy life, it was a much needed escape for me. It allows me to be creative which is something that’s incredibly important for me as it helps feed that creative part of my brain, which in turn gives me happiness and satisfaction. It’s been a true life saver and to know that I have a whole little community out there now through my blog is amazing. I can’t say what I would be doing without it, but as I’m not able to hold down a full time job or a job that I go to due to the illness, it’s let me live as much of a normal life as I possibly can. I’m now self employed through blogging and writing so it’s a part of me now.

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In Bloom In Autumn


A floral Ted Baker Eana Dress with a Velvet Chanel Boy Bag

I can’t believe it’s the 1st of October already! Can you? Time really has flown by this year and it’s shocking to think where it’s gone. It feels like only a little while ago that it was Christmas and now it’s Christmas again in just over 2 months time! How crazy is that! I’m definitely noticing more of a chill in the air now though and the leaves are starting to change colour already, so Autumn is definitely on its way and I’m quite excited since it’s my favourite season! But, lets get to my outfit as that’s the focal point of this post.

I was wearing this absolutely gorgeous Ted Baker Eana Technicolour Bloom Skirt Dress, which I think has the perfect floral print for Autumn. Usually florals are worn in the Spring and Summer, but I think if they have deeper and darker undertones to them, much like this floral print, it works perfect for the cooler months too! I did originally think this Ted Baker dress was a skirt when I saw it on the model and I was most surprised to open the package and find a dress as I had already planned on a crop top to style it with, but I think the top of it works really well with the skirt and the zip up the back is pretty as well as functional. For sizing on this dress, I took it in size 1 if you are wondering and I’m about a UK 8. Ted Baker sizing can be quite complicated, so hopefully that helps!

To keep things feminine and elegant, I went with my Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100 in Black (similar here) to give my legs some height and keep them slender and then added some more jewel tone colours with my beloved Chanel Small Boy Bag in Bordeaux Velvet (similar one by Rebecca Minkoff). I think it’s the perfect rich tone to add enough vibrancy to the look to complete it, not to mention I’m absolutely in love with my new Chanel bag and want to wear it any chance I get! But I think the intense shade is just harmonious with the darker floral print. I finally finished it off with some various bracelets in gold and cream, just to bring a touch more femininity to the Ted Baker dress. What do you think of it? Do you like it? I’d love to know! Please comment and tell me!


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John Greed Jewellery x Raindrops of Sapphire


John Greed Jewellery x Raindrops of Sapphire

I’m really excited to share with you these little campaign images that Adam and I shot for John Greed. Being a fashion blogger, I used to have a thing for bold, statement jewellery to really give an edge to my outfits, however lately, I have been drifting towards more dainty and elegant pieces like petite pendants and subtle rings, so choosing these pieces from John Greed couldn’t have been simpler! Aren’t they gorgeous? To really focus on the jewellery and make them the standout objects in these photos though, I decided to go with a black and white theme and to only have colour where it was needed, making the jewellery the focal point of each shot.

This White Gold Plated Pink Pave Quick Step Ring features channel set powder pink cubic zurconia stones on a 18ct white gold plated band. It’s incredibly feminine and elegant, making it the perfect minimal and girly ring for easy wearing. It’s subtle and comfortable, just adding a touch of class to your outfit without overpowering anything. It’s actually quite a lot paler in person and just showcases a hint of pink, but it would look great doubled up with other rings too. You can see each of the 5 jewellery pieces that I’m modelling below.


Speaking of elegant rings though, this Dimapur Silver & Peridot Miranda Ring is also a great piece. This gorgeous ring is hand-crafted from polished silver in a classic style and set with a sparkly green peridot stone. August is of course my birth month, so peridot is my birthstone and I think it’s so cute. It’s a very dainty ring which can be worn anywhere and it shines quite brightly too. It’s nice to have a splash of green on my hands.

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