Inspirations Inspirations XIV

Here is the 14th installment of my Inspiration posts. I haven’t posted one of these in a long time because I have had some other posts to do of my own, but I have been saving a tonne of outfit photos from people on for a while. They end up cluttering up my desktop! These are some of my favourites over the past few months. I absolutely love the use of colour and I enjoy looking at other peoples outfits so much! It’s interesting seeing everyone’s personal style! You can also follow me on by clicking here.…

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Celebrity Hairstyles I Love

As you know from my second Q&A I did, I have been quite adventurous with my hair in the past, it’s been a lot of different colours, short, long, mid length, I have had a fringe/bangs and more, but the past few years I haven’t been brave enough to try something new. I did a post back in August 2010 of celeb hairstyles I love and I thought I would do another, updated version. I like keeping my hair it’s natural blonde colour but I really want to try something new. I think I am too scared to go for…

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Inspirations Inspirations XIII

Here is the thirteenth installment of my Inspiration posts. This one is filled with a lot of girly looks which consist of pinks and florals as well as cute prints. I think that car bag below is so cute! I love it! There are so many pieces in this post that I would love to own actually, everyone has such amazing style! Which look is your favourite? I find it too hard to choose! (Follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin and Facebook)

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Inspirations Inspirations XII

Here is the twelfth installment of my Inspiration posts. I find that people’s style is just breaking the mould all the time now, everyone has their own style and look, it’s unique and it’s fun to see. I remember there always being specific trends like the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s but now it seems to be that being yourself is the trend. I love it! Here are some of my favourite looks from the website. (Follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin and Facebook)

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Breathtaking Celebrity Closets

I am always in amazement when I look at peoples closets, especially celebrities, the amount of organization, home staging thought and clothes in them is just so surreal to me! I could only ever dream of having a closet as amazing as some of these! My bedroom pretty much is my closet, it consists of a double bed, a bedside table, a fish tank, 2 big wardrobes, a shoe shelf and a drawer unit, all of which are for clothes, shoes and accessories. It would be amazing to have a separate room for clothes though! My favourites in this post…

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