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  • Snake Print Leather Skirt With Thigh High Boots Happy Weekend everyone! The story behind this …
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  • Allsaints Suede Balfern With Cropped Flared Jeans Happy Monday everyone! I hope your week goes …
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    Snake Print Leather Skirt With Thigh High Boots

    Snake Print Leather Skirt With Thigh High Boots Happy Weekend everyone! The story behind this outfit is an interesting one, ha ha! I put this look together a few months ago (maybe 4-5) and I took it with me on a previous shoot, so that I could take pics of it, but unfortunately never got around to it as other looks took precedence. I then took it with me a second time, and the same thing happened! So third time lucky, my mum and I actually got to shoot this outfit a few weeks ago, finally! So here it is! And as it turns out, I love it! I think it might be one of my favourite looks that I’ve put together in recent years! For this look, I had on my Allsaints Lena Oba Leather Snakeprint Skirt, which I tucked my 525 Beige Roll Neck Top into. I layered my Zara Oatmeal Coat over the top of my shoulders, pulled my DUO Empress Over The Knee Boots on, and finished it off with my Louis Vuitton Mini Palm Springs Backpack. This skirt is actually one of my favourites as I love the snakeprint on it! Sometimes this kind of print can come across as trashy, but Allsaints did a fantastic job of keeping it classy! I also think that mixing it with neutrals, different fabrics, and proportions, is a key way to keeping it styled and chic. It’s in the sale currently, and does run a little bit big in terms of sizing. I would love your opinion on this outfit too! What do you think? Lorna xx. *This…


    Leather Leggings With A Corset Belt

    Leather Leggings With A White Shirt And Corset Belt Happy Saturday! These photos were shot a few weeks ago when the first sign of Spring was starting to hit! It was pretty chilly, but there was some beautiful sunshine hitting, which made a change! I honestly can’t believe how fast the time is going though! Can you? It’s already past mid March, the clocks go forward next weekend, and it will soon be Summer! Can you believe it? Everything has been a blur for the last year, it’s madness. Anyway, for this outfit, I wanted to mix it up a bit and do something different. I actually put this together on a whim and wasn’t expecting it to look this cool, so I really like how it turned out! I was wearing my Commando Faux Leather Leggings (they’re so flattering and comfortable, they’re my favourite leggings) with my Oversized Zara White Shirt. Since this shirt is really loose, I used my Pretty Little Thing Corset Belt to pull the waist together and create the hourglass shape. I then finished it off with my Christian Louboutin Pigalle 100 Heels, and my Chanel Wallet On Chain Bag in Black. Black and white always makes a statement when it comes to outfits, and I think this look here proves that. It mixes fashionable and classy together, in a fun, but sophisticated way. I’m keeping this post short and sweet, focused mostly on the outfit, so what’s your opinion on this outfit? I’d love to know! Lorna xx. P.S. – Check out my slow motion video of this outfit by clicking here. *This post…


    My Invisalign Journey Review For Straight Teeth

    My Invisalign Review at Aquae Sulis Dental with Dr. Rachael Hampton I have finally started my teeth straightening journey! I have spoken about it a few times over the last few months, and have wanted straight teeth since I was a teenager. I actually went to an orthodontist when I was about 13, but they wanted to remove two teeth, and I’d have been wearing the train track metal braces for at least two years. I decided not to go ahead with that as I didn’t want two healthy teeth pulled out. As I’ve gotten older though, I found my teeth were getting more crowded and I found out that’s because they continue to move over time, so it was time to finally get them straightened! I did a lot of research on Invisalign, I watched a tonne of YouTube videos, I googled everything I could. I made sure that I found the best place that I could, and that happened to be Dr. Rachael Hampton, at Aquae Sulis Dental, who in my opinion, is the best Invisalign orthodontist in Bath! I looked up her before and after photos on Instagram (click here to see those) and was beyond impressed with her work. I wanted a dentist that took their job as a passion, and creates art, and that’s what Rachael does, in order to get the most perfect teeth! Rachael was perfectly suited to me as she believes in promoting dentistry that adds to the teeth, and doesn’t take healthy tooth away, like veneers and crowns do. After researching her work and seeing how good she is with aligning,…


    It’s 11 Years Today, Since I…

    …Started Raindrops of Sapphire! I founded this fashion blog on the 10th March 2010 and I cannot believe that 11 years has gone by already. I shot these photos yesterday with my mum, and in all honesty, I had forgotten that it was my blog’s birthday today, but as it turns out, these photos actually ended up being perfect for this personal post. There’s something about them that embodies a more confident, powerful vibe that I’ve been feeling lately. I don’t know if it’s the trousers and heels combination, but I really love how it turned out. I will briefly tell you about the outfit at the bottom of this post, but first, I’ll share my thoughts at the moment with you! Where I’m at right now is definitely a good place, for the most part, but I also have my ups and downs. Like everyone around the whole world has felt this year, it’s been absolutely insane and crazy. None of us could have predicted that we would be in the midst of a global pandemic, and hardly any of us have been able to handle it with grace and positivity. It’s been extremely worrying, depressing, and quite frankly, life changing, especially for myself. I never thought that I’d be celebrating my blog’s 11th birthday this way, especially as the lockdowns have been on and off for a year now, but here we are. One thing that this has taught me is that I shouldn’t take everything for granted. Just the simple act of going out to eat lunch, see my family, and just simply going for a picnic…


    Allsaints Tan Suede Balfern With Flared Jeans

    Allsaints Suede Balfern With Cropped Flared Jeans Happy Monday everyone! I hope your week goes well! The weather finally warmed up somewhat recently and my mum and I were able to go out and shoot some photos for a little while, making sure to avoid anyone else out walking since we’re still in lockdown. How are you all anyway? For this outfit, I put together something a little bit different, but also classic for me. I wore my new Allsaints Tan Suede Balfern Jacket that I got in a size up so that I could wear it over my 525 Roll Neck Jumper in Cream. I then styled it with my new PAIGE Claudine Cropped Flares in Seaspray Distressed, which I wrapped my Gucci Mini Belt in Tan around the waist, and then finished it off with my Topshop Snake Print Boots. Now you know me, I’m always a skinny jeans girl and I rarely ever wear anything but skinny jeans, but when I saw these PAIGE Jeans, I fell in love with them. The cropped flared fit is the perfect length for my shorter height, as it means I can wear them almost full length. Plus, they’re super comfortable and the wash is beautiful, so I’m thinking of reviewing these jeans soon on The Jeans Blog. I will let you know when I do! Now getting to the suede jacket, isn’t it incredible? You’ve probably read my Allsaints Balfern Leather Jacket review before, but if you haven’t, you will know that the Balfern is my favourite design of theirs. I own numerous jackets in that cut, and this one…


    The Importance Of Beauty Routines At Home

    It’s no secret that since Covid-19 hit us all, around the entire world, things have not been the same. They have been increasingly difficult, especially for those of us who are in countries where the pandemic is rife and we’re in lockdown’s. For us here in the UK, we are in our third lockdown, and it means that no beauty salons, hairdressers, shops, restaurants etc. are open, and I don’t know about you, but it’s been very frustrating and difficult on my mental health. Not being able to just pop out for lunch and to browse the shops is an upsetting thing, but not being able to get your hair cut or anything else to make you feel better is even more upsetting to some of us. This is why it’s so important right now, for our mental health and well being, to focus on our own at home beauty routines, if that’s something you always enjoyed at salons. I know first hand that if I’m taking care of my body and making myself look as good as I can, then I feel a boost of positivity and happiness. There’s something to be said about looking in the mirror and liking your freshly washed hair and seeing how well you did your make-up. It really gives you good vibes and doesn’t make you feel so lethargic and down. It’s funny because people think that wellness and health comes from just eating healthy and exercising, and of course you do get a large amount from that, but taking care of your beauty routine does wonders for your health too (your mental…


    A Beige Shacket With Blue Jeans

    A Beige Zara Plaid Shirt Jacket Outfit Happy Tuesday! You probably remember this shacket outfit that I wore a little while ago, featuring the black and white shirt jacket from Zara, but I also wanted to share this Beige Shacket that I got from the brand too. I bought them at the same time and fell in love with the trend as they’re so comfortable! I paired this one with a Zara Knitted Crop Top, much like the grey version I had before, and a pair of my Citizens of Humanity Olivia Jeans. I finished it off with my Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Backpack and my Dr. Martens Serena Fur Lined Boots to pull it all together. It’s a comfortable and casual look that’s easy for wearing when it’s chilly out, but not too cold. I’m keeping this blog post shorter for you today as I’m focusing on the outfit specifically, so let me know what you think of it in the comments below! Lorna xx.


    Currently Craving Wish List: February 2021

    Since the weather here in England, and across the United States, has been absolutely freezing and dismal, with either rain or snow, I wanted to try and warm things up a little bit with my Currently Craving Wish List. I’ve chosen a lot of pieces which are suitable for Spring here, and there’s some swimwear! Isn’t this bikini gorgeous? It’s by La Peche and it’s their Kiribati set in size medium. Click here for the bikini top and click here for the bikini bottoms. It’s such a nice quality and the print is really fun, perfect for those days at the beach or by the pool! Pomegranates and flowers aren’t something you often see together! The rope ties on the side are really sturdy, and the little metal logo just adds a little something extra to it! For sizing reference, I’m a 34D in Victoria Secret, and a size 28 in jeans. I took size medium and it does fit, but it’s more on the skimpier side, so it’s definitely not a full coverage bikini. I think this is flattering though and I really like it! I can’t wait for Summer! What do you think of it? I love it!     And now for the look book that I always include! I’ve actually ordered the Sundress rainbow dress and I can’t wait for that to arrive! I’ll be sharing it with you soon! Then there’s the blue Jacquemes bag! I have always had a little crush on their bags, but never got around to buying one. I included some Traveller Joggers from Abercrombie & Fitch too, as I need…


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