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      A Pink Maxi Skirt With A White Bardot Top
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    Currently Craving: November 2021 + Black Friday Deals

    Happy Thanksgiving for yesterday everyone! And I hope you’re enjoying the Black Friday sales at the moment! I’ve rounded up some of my favourite sales of the season, from my favourite brands, and I’ve listed them at the bottom of this blog post! But as always, I have included my roundup of the pieces that I am currently craving this month! Some of which I have already purchased! Check them out below! Let me know what you have purchased too! Lorna xx. I am obsessed with this gilet or padded vest from Abercrombie & Fitch! Coated burgundy jeans from L’AGENCE, it doesn’t get any better than this!     My look book is above! And instead of talking a lot about it, as there’s already a whole lot of text in here with the deals below, I’m just going to let you scroll through the look book above and see for yourself. There’s a few pieces that I do want to mention though and the Hollister puffer coat in the dusky rose shade is amazing! I recently purchased it and I am in love! Totally obsessed! I also love the sherpa fleece hoodies from Abercrombie & Fitch, and the padded vests. I can’t get enough of those! There’s some absolutely must have jeans in here too, as well as some platform Dr. Martens, and of course, Allsaints pieces! You can’t go wrong with their 30% off right now!   Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals of 2021: Abercrombie & Fitch – 25% off of everything! The best sale of the year! Allsaints – They have a huge 30% off of…


    Criss Cross Crossover Jeans Outfit

    Criss Cross Crossover Jeans Outfit Happy Tuesday! I hope you liked my Ohio photo diary that I shared with you! It’s been so long since I was in the USA and I’m longing to go back! Moving on from that topic of sadness though, these are some brand new photos that I shot with my mum in Bath town centre and I love the location and how they turned out. I think the backdrop is so pretty around by the Thermae Spa and The Gainsborough Hotel (the hotel is the background here). It creates a nice juxtaposition to my casual outfit. I was wearing my AGOLDE Crisscross Jeans in Suburbia, which I styled with my Abercrombie & Fitch Henley Tank Top in White, and their Sherpa Shirt Jacket in Grey Plaid. I then finished it off with my Dr. Martens Boots in Black, and my Saint Laurent 5 A 7 Bag. Now these jeans are a serious topic of discussion and I’ve come to understand that you either love them or hate them. There’s not really a phase in the middle, and most people I know in person, said they hate them, while other people online, and namely other bloggers and fashion orientated people, have said they love them. I think the crossover waistband is really cool and unique, I love that aspect of the jeans! Granted they are quite long as they have a 30″ inseam and I usually wear a 26″, but they have the 90’s baggy boyfriend vibe down to a tea and that works for them. So, in case you couldn’t tell, I went down a…


    How To Shop Black Friday & What Is It?

    What Is Black Friday? My Favourite Time Of The Year! It’s Black Friday in one week, and it’s the time of the year that I get super excited for! I tend to save up a lot of my money throughout the year and I wait for the amazing deals that come out around this time of the month! Some brands often have their Black Friday deals early, up to one or two weeks before the actual day, as they like to take advantage of people’s money ahead of the rush, so pretty much every day in November, I’m refreshing my favourite websites and hoping there’s some amazing discounts! Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister have just run some promotions, to get us in the mood, as an extra pre-Black Friday event – it’s literally the best time of the year for shopping! So, what is Black Friday? I thought I’d give you a little history on it as I actually didn’t know how the day originated. I only knew that it was always the Friday after Thanksgiving, but I never knew what it celebrated. There have been a few uses of the name throughout the decades, some including the heaviest traffic days after Thanksgiving, or people calling in sick so they could have a four day weekend, but it got given the name Black Friday in reference to shopping in the 1970’s as it was the busiest day of the year for people shopping and traffic on the roads. Then in the 1980’s, the term Black Friday also got coined for shopping because retailers generally operated at a loss for most…


    My Ohio, United States Photo Diary – Part 2

    Mike, myself, and Sheila, at the Mix 106.1 radio station. And here is part two of my Ohio, United States photo diary! I know it had been a little while since I shared the first one, but I have been super busy and getting all of the pictures ready to post took a long time! I must have taken thousands while I was in the USA for 5 weeks, so narrowing it down was pretty tough! There will be a part three coming too, and that will be the final one, but honestly, I had the best time of my life and looking back at the photos seems so surreal. It almost feels like I’m looking at someone else in the pictures, like it didn’t actually happen, even though I know it did! Does anyone else ever get that after amazing experiences? Anyway, I’ve been back home for about five weeks and I’m really sad to be back. I got to do almost everything that I wanted to do over there, and I fell in love with America. It’s home to me. I made some amazing friends, especially at games night with Sheila and Mike (below). Mike’s wife knitted me two hats with my blog name on them, gave me a Coach wristlet, and Sheila gave me a little Ohio State Brutus mascot Christmas tree decoration. I got to experience some amazing food (Chipotle is my absolute favourite) and just feel so much freedom over there. We got into a routine of getting slushees at the gas station anytime we passed it, ha ha. I really cannot explain the amazing…


    12 Must Have Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers

    Image courtesy of Fashionedchic.com 12 New Must Have Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers One of my obsessions is Golden Goose Deluxe Brand. They were founded in 2000 after merging the creative spirit of Francesca Rinaldo and Alessandro Gallo in Italy. Over the years, they have grown into a huge designer brand with flagship stores all over the world, and it’s one that many fashion lovers are drawn to. I’ve known about Golden Goose for years and I would often check out the collection on FarFetch as they always had an amazing selection, but I never ended up getting any because I always thought they were quite expensive and looked too similar to Converse, so they were always shoes that were just in the back of my mind. A couple of years ago, Adam was the one who originally loved the brand and he actually got his first pair of their Superstar sneakers last year, which was what inspired me to look into them more. Having seen his in person and seeing how each pair of their shoes is completely unique because they’re handmade in Italy – I was more intrigued. As the Golden Goose Superstar Sneakers are pre-distressed and made to look used and abused, they are all hand done so there’s no two pairs alike. Some have much more abrasions and dirt than others, so there’s a whole spectrum. If you’re choosing in person, it might be a good idea to ask to see a few of the same shoe and choose, but if you’re ordering online, you have to hope you get a good pair! The pair of sneakers…


    A Summertime Abercrombie Look In Ohio

    An Abercrombie & Fitch Denim Skirt And Lemon Top Happy November guys! It’s really odd to think that next month is the last month of the year, and then we’re heading into 2022! How did the time go so quickly? Anyway, these are some shots that Christen took of me while I was in Ohio with him, and it was pretty much the last of my Summertime looks before it got a little more chilly. We found the coolest spot downtown in Mansfield, so I had to have the huge American flag in the background, how could I not? Ha ha. I remember seeing my first flag when I entered Newark airport, and I was so excited and happy! I literally cannot wait to go back! So getting to my outfit, I was wearing my Abercrombie & Fitch Curve Love Denim Skirt in White, which I paired with my Cropped Lemon Top from the brand. These two pieces together are super cute and so perfect for the warmer weather! Since my footwear and accessories were limited as I was living out of a suitcase for 7 weeks, I paired this look with my Converse Low Tops that I got in Kohl’s, my American Eagle Sunglasses, a Shashi Rainbow Necklace, and my House of Want Pink Bag. I picked up the shoes, necklace, and sunglasses while I was in the USA. As it turned out though, I really liked the outfit a lot when I wore it out to get lunch and to the mall etc., because I felt so much more free over there. Everything is way more spaced out…


    Saint Laurent 5 A 7 Bag Review

    Saint Laurent 5 A 7 Bag Review I am super excited to be sharing this bag with you! The last designer bag that I purchased was my Louis Vuitton Mini Palm Springs Backpack, back in the Summer of 2020, so it’s been over a year and a half since I got a new bag. I was originally saving up for a Saint Laurent Kate, with the gold tassel, and I do still love that bag a lot, but after having spent 7 weeks away from home with only an affordable shoulder bag (by House of Want) and my Louis Vuitton, I found myself gravitating towards the shoulder bag as it was just so easy to carry and use! I kept seeing the Saint Laurent 5 A 7 Bag around on people, and I began to fall head over heels in love with it! So, I started putting my savings towards this bag instead. Then something amazing happened while I was in the United States, Matches Fashion had sent me a £300 off coupon (they do this a few times a year) to be spent on an order over £1000. The Saint Laurent 5 A 7 was actually sold out on their website though, so I got in touch with their customer service to see if it would be restocked, and low and behold, a return had been made and was going to be put back in stock in two days time! I got really excited by this as there was just one of these bags available, and I had to make sure I got it! I set my alarm for…


    Happy Halloween – A Fallen Angel Devil

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Happy Halloween everyone! As you know, I love to do a costume every single year, creating something new and different, but last year, due to Covid, I wasn’t able to do one. I don’t usually opt into the realm of scary or evil costumes, but this year, I wanted to embrace that and do something sexy and fun. I chose to do a fallen angel/Devil combination with two different latex playsuits! The black feathered wings were really inexpensive and they were from the children’s department. All of the accessories were cheap actually, the priciest part was the bodysuit, but even that wasn’t too bad. I bought all of these items separately and put this together myself, so it’s not an actual costume that you can buy as a set – it’s all my own creation. I absolutely love it though! I had so much fun shooting these photos and I even spent a few hours creating a fun video, which you can check out below. What do you think of my costume this year? You can check out my previous costumes here. Lorna xx. Click here to see my Halloween costume video!


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