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  • A Camel Blazer With Black Jeans And Boots Happy Sunday everyone! I can’t believe …
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  • Hey everyone! I said I would update you with a Croatian travel diary and let …
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    My Cavtat Croatia Travel Diary

    Hey everyone! I said I would update you with a Croatian travel diary and let you know where I stayed etc., and here it is! I am no longer in Croatia, I took a flight out of Dubrovnik on Tuesday, into Newark in New Jersey, USA! Then took a connecting flight to Ohio, to finally stay with Christen! Remember I was telling you guys on 4th of July that I wanted to finally get to the United States and spend my time with Christen? Well, I’m FINALLY HERE! It was almost a full 24 hour day of travelling. The flight from Croatia to Newark was almost 10 hours, and then I had a 4 hour layover, then an hour and a half flight into Columbus, Ohio, where Christen met me. After knowing each other online for an extremely long time, to finally be in person is amazing! So I will be updating you all with a post on how things are here, and a USA travel diary too, but for now, check out my photos below and what happened in Croatia! I absolutely love these photos here at sunset! As you know I travelled to Croatia alone for 16 days, but I did end up making friends. There were a couple of girls in the same apartment building as me, and they were alone too, and we hit it off! You can see some pics of them below, but I’ve definitely made friends for life and it was so much fun going out to dinner sometimes and sightseeing! The sunsets were beyond stunning though, so you can’t really go wrong…


    Currently Craving Wish List: August 2021

    Happy Sunday! For those of you that read my last blog post and know that I am currently in Croatia, I am having the time of my life here and I’m leaving very soon! I just have one day left! It’s crazy how these two weeks have just flown by, and I will be in the USA! Just like how the months go by so quickly, it’s time for another Currently Craving Wish List, this time for August, and I’ve selected 20 different items that I want to purchase! So, take a look at the look book below!     First up is a gorgeous gold Vita necklace from my newest brand obsession, Daisy London. Isn’t this gorgeous? It would look so good as a layering piece! I’ve also chosen some of their silver hoop earrings in this look book too, as I own the gold ones exactly the same, but would love silver too! Next is a pair of Golden Goose sneakers. I already own a few pairs as you might remember from my Golden Goose sneakers review, but this pair has a cartoon element to them that I think is extremely cool! They are 100% on my wish list! Then there’s a pair of DL1961 washed black skinny jeans that I really want to own, as they look so comfortable, as well as the same pair in white! There’s a pair of Abercrombie & Fitch blue jeans, with a more on trend cut, and then something I adore… The ACNE Studios Mock Leather Biker Jacket. Isn’t it incredible? It comes with a hefty price tag though, so it’s…


    Surprise! I Flew To Croatia!

    Hello From Dubrovnik, Croatia! I told you guys the next blog post would be a big surprise! Those of you who follow me on Instagram, already know this, but to those of you who are just readers of my blog, did you expect that? Ha ha! You all know that I have had a fear of flying, ever since I was little, so I had never got on a plane at all, until Sunday, when I took my very first flight, alone. I’m in Dubrovnik, Croatia, and it’s absolutely incredible here! The temperatures are extremely hot though, so I’ve been wearing my SPF 50, which is helping me not burn, but I absolutely love it! I’m going to break this up into sections so that I can share my first flight experience with you too, so carry on reading to find out more and check out my photo diary! Like I said up there, I had always been afraid of flying, my entire life. I was scared of my ears really hurting, the travel sickness, potentially getting a bleeding nose from pressure etc., but as it turned out, I didn’t have to worry about any of that! I prepared well and bought some EarPlanes ear plugs, to eliminate the pressure, and my gosh do they work! I never felt an ounce of any pressure in my ears once! I also took travel sickness medication, so I never got motion sickness either! Now you know me, I don’t really do anything alone, but there I was, heading to Bristol airport and taking my very first flight by myself. I went with…


    A Balfern Leather Jacket With A Leopard Dress

    Allsaints Tiana Slip Dress With A Balfern Leather Jacket Hey everyone! How are you all? I hope you’re well! I haven’t made this announcement yet on my blog as I’ve been waiting for the right time to do it, and that will be next week! There’s something seriously exciting going on right now and I cannot wait to share it with you! It’s definitely a new chapter in my life, but in the meantime, I wanted to share this outfit with you that my mum and I shot recently. I love how it turned out as I put it together on a whim to be honest, a definite spur of the moment look, but as it turns out, I absolutely love it and couldn’t wait to show you all. I was wearing a new Allsaints Tiana Halftone Slip Dress, which I layered my Allsaints Balfern Leather Biker Jacket over, and finished it off with my Sam Edelman Yaro Heels, and a Brixton Black Hat. I took this leopard print dress in size medium as I think the silky slips look a lot nicer with a looser fit, as they hang well. I absolutely love the long length slip dresses like this that Allsaints release, and this season they have so many gorgeous ones! There’s even a new pink one I like. But this particular one is called Khaki Green, and it’s a mix of brown, dark green, and blue within the leopard print, and it’s so cool! I did a post a while ago called ‘what to know before you buy an Allsaints leather jacket‘ and I spoke about sizing…


    Styling A Black Summer Dress

    An All Black Summer Dress Outfit Happy weekend everyone! I hope you’re all having a nice time. What have you been up to lately? I have some important news coming up that I will be sharing with you soon. It’s also my birthday on Tuesday, so that’s something I always look forward to. Anyway, I’m keeping this blog post short, so lets get to the outfit below! Since I do love wearing black, who says it’s not a Summer colour too? I think you can wear black all year round and it can look really chic and stylish as a day time dress too! This particular dress is by Abercrombie & Fitch, and I think it’s incredibly flattering. I love how it’s slim at the bust, and then floaty from the waist out, but it really enhances your body shape. I paired it with my Sam Edelman Black Sandals, and my Gucci GG Black Velvet Bag. For my jewellery, I went with my Olivia Burton watch, and I think this entire look requires some delicate and dainty rings! I have two new rings from Daisy London, as you can see below, and I am obsessed with them! Like I mentioned in my previous post, I’m really feeling gold jewellery lately! And aren’t these two rings just so pretty? The chain one is my favourite! What do you think of this outfit? Lorna xx. *Daisy London rings were gifted.


    Currently Craving Wish List: July 2021

    It’s that time again! It’s time for my currently craving wish list for July! I honestly do not believe how fast the time goes every month. There’s quite a few cool pieces I have included here in the look book below, but first up I wanted to share these pretty stackable rings from AU Rate with you as I am literally obsessed with them! I’ve recently developed a huge crush on gold (I just got some cool new gold earrings too) and I’ve been endlessly looking at so many different thin, cool gold rings, for multiple fingers, as I love the stacked look. Chain rings seem to be a huge trend at the moment, and I think they’re really unique and fun, so you’re going to be seeing quite a few stackable rings on my hands next month, I’m sure, ha ha! The rainbow stone one though, how amazing is that? The term ‘in love’ doesn’t fully express how much I love it!     Now moving onto the look book above, I’ve included lots of fashion items for you, mostly from my favourite retailers! There’s two different cropped t-shirts from Abercrombie & Fitch here, one in a dark dusty pink, the other in an oatmeal shade, and I’ve ordered both of them! There’s also two pairs of the brand’s Curve Love jeans. One is distressed in a mid to light blue, and the other is a solid light blue. Both are skinny of course, but I cannot wait for these to arrive! I’ve also added in a brown waist dress, and an orange bardot style top, both from Abercrombie…


    Styling 2 Glamify Fashion Dresses

    Styling 2 Dresses From Glamify Fashion Hey everyone! I hope you’re well! I’m really excited to share these two different dresses with you here as I’m collaborating with Glamify Fashion. For those of you who haven’t heard of them, think on trend UK fashion for affordable prices, perfect for that influencer look that you love on Instagram. One thing I love about working with brands that have such trendy pieces is the way that I get to style them myself. We each have our own individual fashion sense and look, so how things look on some people isn’t neccasarily how they look on you, and I love that. I always like to bring an element of designer and classiness to my outfits, and I adore how both of these ensembles turned out! You can read about each dress below, and I hope you like it! Sandie Cream Button Up Denim Dress The first look that I’ve styled is very casual, but edgy, using the Glamify Fashion Sandie Cream Button Up Denim Dress which I styled with my Louis Vuitton Belt and Bag, and finished off with some snake print boots. This dress is really thick and durable, much like a thicker cotton/canvas. It comes in a couple of colours, but I thought the cream was the most versatile. I have size medium, but it has more of an oversized fit so I could have easily gone down to a small. I love wearing oversized shirts like this with belts around the middle though, I think it really accentuates the waist and showcases a stylish outfit. I will definitely be wearing…


    My Invisalign Journey – Half Way Update

    I thought I would give you a halfway update on my Invisalign journey! I’m on aligner number 19 now, and I know that’s a little over halfway as I have 33 aligners in total, but it’s taken me a little while to put this blog post together for you all. For those of you who don’t already know, I started my Invisalign journey for straight teeth back in March of this year, and it’s now July. I am seeing Dr. Rachael Hampton at Aquae Sulis Dental Practice, here in Bath, and I couldn’t be more happy with everything so far! I’ve already been for a check up back in May, and everything with my teeth is perfectly on track and going well! Considering that I used to have a bad fear of the dentist, I no longer have one at all now and don’t mind heading there to get my teeth checked, and that really is thanks to the wonderful staff and experience. I cannot recommend Aquae Sulis and Rachael enough, to any of you. I’m so glad that I did my research and chose them for my Invisalign process! So here are some pictures of my teeth now! The top photos are before, and the bottom photos are their current positioning. You can really see just how much they have moved and how much straighter they are already! It’s amazing! I’m even getting compliments from people who know me now too, saying my teeth are so much straighter and they can really tell the difference, which of course makes me a lot more confident to smile now too. Regarding…


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