• Brown Satin Flared Trousers With A Cropped Top Happy Monday everyone! I spent the weekend …
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  • A Pink Maxi Skirt With A White Bardot Top How pretty is this location? I’…
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  • 4th of July & The USA So Far Hello from the United States of America! …
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  • Hey everyone! For my followers that love the snow, here’s some more photos for …
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  • A Snowy Day In A Leather Jacket Do you remember how I was hoping for …
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  • A Camel Blazer With Black Jeans And Boots Happy Sunday everyone! I can’t believe …
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      A Pink Maxi Skirt With A White Bardot Top
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    How Can I Enhance My Eyes

    When you want to make sure your outfit is really well put together, you might want to consider some of the accessories or design choices outside of your standard pieces of clothing that you love. This can help to really round out your look, or even offer a practical solution to some issues you might face. There are ways that you can enhance your eyes, while potentially serving a purpose or making you feel more confident in your appearance. Your eyes aren’t just important for you to be able to see what is going on, obviously. They can also help you to express yourself that much easier to those around you. We often forget about them when it comes to putting outfits together. Those who have eyesight needs may be concerned about whether their usual frames will look right in combination with some of the classier outfit choices a person might choose to make. It can also be disheartening to have dressed up in luxury clothing and shoes, but have to wear the same old pair of glasses on top. However, at the same time, you may require glasses for reading, or even to correct blurred vision. One thing you might want to consider is to purchase a pair of stylish glasses that include your prescription, that you might save for special occasions to allow you to keep that illusion of glamour. You might even want to see if you can source a pair made by one of your favorite designers. I know I personally notice some of the coolest glasses on people who love to make a statement with…


    I Was On An American TV Talk Show

    On Sittin’ Down With Kelby King I have something super exciting to share with you guys! You all know that I was in the United States, and I actually spent 3 months there this time around, and not only did I co-host a radio show, I actually was invited to be a guest on a TV Talk Show! I was the guest, twice, on Sittin’ Down With Kelby King, which is a local talk show in Ohio that airs on the TV on Wednesday’s at 9pm. I can say that it was a really surreal experience, seeing myself on TV, and actually being on set. It’s not something I have done before, but it has always been a dream of mine! I’m really excited that I’m ticking things off of my goals list, like attending a red carpet premiere, designing jeans, winning awards etc., now I get to tick TV talk show off of that list too! I’m still aiming high though as I would love to be a guest on others! I plan on sharing more about my trip to the USA this time around soon, but for now, I wanted to make a dedicated blog post with episode 1 and episode 2 of Sittin’ Down With Kelby King! You can watch them below and let me know what you think! We spoke about me and my career, as well as fashion, in the first episode, and then we chatted about the difference in UK and US culture, and she even made me try a Twinkie in the second episode! So don’t miss my reaction to that, ha ha!…


    The GIVENCHY Chelsea Boots Trend

    The Givenchy Chelsea Boots Trend The chunky Chelsea boots trend has been popular for the last couple of seasons, but it’s still not one that I have jumped on board with. The more I see them, the more I like them, and the sleek boots I have been looking at recently are by Givenchy. I know that Bottega Veneta brought this trend to us, but their boots were really quite heavy and almost clumsy looking, and given the fact that I’m shorter, I prefer more sleek looking footwear, to elongate my legs. Choosing the right colour boots from the Givenchy selection is near impossible though! I see so many models and bloggers wearing boots like these, and I think they look incredible. Styling a white pair with some light blue skinny jeans, a chunky taupe knit, and a cream coat layered over the top is a gorgeous outfit, especially if you finish it off with a Chanel flap bag in similar neutral tones, but on the other hand, there’s the black ones and they go with black skinny jeans, oversized hoodies, or a black leather jacket and some statement sunglasses. I don’t know what to do! It’s making me think that I need both the white and black pairs as I have two different styles that I like. I love a more feminine, soft, girly approach, but I’m also partial to a rock chick, darker, tougher vibe! The more I see these types of Chelsea boots though, the more I become obsessed with them! Remember when I first got my Chloe Susanna Boots in that gorgeous Velvet Burgundy? I had…


    A Dusky Pink Puffer Coat In The Snow

    Hey everyone! For my followers that love the snow, here’s some more photos for you! That winter storm that I mentioned in my previous post dumped around a foot and a half of snow on us! The cars were covered and frozen solid, hardly anyone could go out… It was nuts! I’m actually beginning to forget what grass looks like! I’ve seen constant snow on the ground for over 4 weeks now and I’ve never seen that much snow in my entire life! You know what we’re used to in the UK, and it’s not this! I’m going to try and get some more snow photos for you all, but it’s super cold, so we will see! For my outfit, I was wearing my new Hollister Dusky Pink Puffer Coat that I bought before I came here, and I layered it over my American Eagle Cream Knit. I finished it off with my L’AGENCE Margot Skinny Jeans in Graphite, and my Urban Outfitters Mittens that I have been living in while I’m here, and of course my Doc Martens with the faux fur lining – these have been a life saver here! Anyway, I just wanted to check in with you all and see how you are! I will be back home in the UK at the end of this month, coming home to much warmer temperatures. I have some fun things to do while I’m here though first, and one of them I cannot wait to share with you! It’s going to be amazing and I am super excited about it! It’s another dream come true of mine! Let…


    A Leather Balfern Jacket Over Knitwear

    A Snowy Day In A Leather Jacket Do you remember how I was hoping for a lot of snow and I couldn’t wait for it? Well, it happened, and it hasn’t gone away! Two weeks ago, it snowed really hard for a couple of days and it’s been here ever since, with more snow on and off. Now we have a brand new winter storm warning going to hit us tonight, with up to 14 inches of more snow and ice. My goodness. As a British person (it’s 12C back home) I am not used to this kind of weather, at all! Ha ha. I shot these photos a couple of weeks ago when the first heavy snowfall hit us, and I was super excited. But after being in it for a little while, my hands were burning, snow got in my boots and froze my feet, it wasn’t very pleasant, and now two weeks on, I don’t like snow anymore! I now understand why everyone here complains about it and wants nothing more to do with it! I fully sympathize lol. That being said, it does make a beautiful backdrop for some amazing snowy photos! I was wearing my larger size Allsaints Balfern Leather Jacket in Black (this one is a UK 10) and I layered it over my new American Eagle Cable Knit Sweater in Off White. I also chose my American Eagle Low Rise Skinny Grey Jeans, and finished it off with my Saint Laurent Nano Sac de Jour in Grey. This sweater is absolutely amazing! I also have it in a dark brown, and it’s so…


    A Dusky Rose Puffer Vest Outfit

    A Dusky Pink Puffer Vest Outfit Happy Saturday everyone! I have one week left here in the United States and then I’m heading back home to England! The time has flown by, even though it feels like I have been here forever, the two months went by pretty fast at the same time. I’m not sure how that works, but it has. Has that ever happened to any of you? Fast, but also slow? Here are some more photos that I shot in the first snow! Since then, it has snowed a huge amount more! It’s been extremely cold and we’ve had deep snow for days, so I used that opportunity to shoot more pictures in the snow, and those will be shared here soon! In the meantime though, for this outfit, I was wearing my 525 Roll Neck Knit, my American Eagle High Rise Jeggings (I’m obsessed with these!) and my Aeropostale Pink Puffer Vest, which I absolutely love! I finished it off with my Topshop Blush Pink Bobble Hat. I was looking for a puffer vest for months, one that was slim fitting, one that was in a dusky shade of pink that I absolutely love, and I found it on Aeropostale! It was super cheap too! Can you believe it was only $11? It’s great as well! I definitely recommend it for the cheap price! I hadn’t heard of the brand before, until I came here to Ohio, but it’s pretty cool! I’ve definitely realised that pink, cream, brown, light warm shades really suit my skin complexion the best, so I tend to gravitate towards them. What…


    Winter Fairisle Knit In The Snow

    Winter Fairisle Knit In The Snow It snowed! Albeit quite lightly, but nonetheless, it snowed! And that’s a win to me! I’ve been in Ohio since December 5th and I’m being stiffed when it comes to snow, ha ha. Usually they have Winter storms here and lots of deep snow, but I am yet to experience any of that and it’s almost time for me to go home at the end of this month! I have had to make do with this snowfall so far, but I am hoping for a lot more in the coming weeks! Although knowing my luck, it wont happen until I leave, ha ha. This outfit that I’m wearing here is one that I mostly bought while here. The Fairisle Knit and the High Rise Jeggings are by American Eagle, and I adore them! The jeans might be my new favourite! I literally cannot get enough of their jegging jeans! They couldn’t fit more perfectly! The Boot Socks that I’m wearing are also by American Eagle, and I tucked them into my Furry Lined Dr. Marten Boots! I then finished it all off with my Hollister Brown Parka Coat that I picked up just before leaving England, as I knew I needed some really warm clothing for Ohio in the Winter, and it hasn’t let me down. Speaking of the temperatures, it was unusually warm for Winter here for a while, and then a few days ago it started shifting to freezing! We’re talking -12 and -15 on the weather app, but feeling like -18 or lower. This is a kind of cold I have…


    All Black At An American Mall

    How To Wear All Black Properly Hey everyone! I took a little 10 day break so that I could rest after the holiday, but I’m back now! These photos were shot here in Ohio over the Christmas period, hence the Christmas tree and decorations in the background, and I thought they made a great contrast to my all black outfit. There was also a gorgeous brick wall in the mall, and that was just as pleasing to the eye, if not better! It’s crazy just how fast everything has gone though, it’s the 10th already and it feels like Christmas was just last week! Anyway, getting to my outfit, I was wearing my Allsaints Balfern Leather Jacket, which I layered over an Allsaints Star Sheer Blouse. I also wore my L’AGENCE Margot Skinny Jeans in Graphite, and threw on my Saint Laurent West Harness Boots in Black. I then finished it all off with my Saint Laurent 5 a 7 Bag, to complete everything, and I really adore how it looks! I loved it so much that I wore this exact outfit again to the New Years Eve celebrations downtown! The key to getting an entire black ensemble right is by mixing the different mediums/textures. I’ve got denim, leather, metal, and sheer fabric here, and they all work harmoniously together because they bring so much depth to the all black. The same thing with proportions of the pieces, creating different lines, curvatures, and elements. This is definitely how you go about wearing head to toe black and making it look chic, rather than really drab and boring. It’s all in…


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