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    80’s Inspired Puffy Sleeve Dress Outfit

    The 80’s Puffy Sleeve Floral Dress Hey everyone! This will be my last blog post that I write from the United States as I’m leaving in a few days to return to the UK. I’ve had such an amazing time here and have really enjoyed the sunshine, the heat, the things to do… I have so much to share with you all in upcoming blog posts! I even visited the prison that was in The Shawshank Redemption, and it was incredible! I’ve been to Cleveland Zoo, and tomorrow I’m going to Cleveland Aquarium… So much to fit in before I leave! For this outfit, I was wearing my Abercrombie & Fitch 80’s Puff Sleeve Dress in Blue Floral, which I paired with their Brown Sandals, my Mulberry Mini Darley in Oak, my Ray-Ban Sunglasses, and my beloved Daisy Jewellery. I got this dress quite a few months ago in February when I was out here in the USA, so it’s unfortunately sold out online and I can’t share a link to it, but it’s one of my favourites! It’s such a statement piece, with fun puffy sleeves, and every time I have worn it, I get a compliment. If you remember my previous blog post where I shared the pink maxi skirt and the bardot top, the photos were taken at Kingwood Nature Center, and so were these. These were actually shot inside the grounds and it’s gorgeous in there! Water fountains, flowers, trees, gazebos… It’s a stunning place. Much like a Botanical Gardens in the UK actually, so I thought it was the perfect backdrop for the outfit. Anyway,…


    A Pink Maxi Skirt With A White Bardot Top

    A Pink Maxi Skirt With A White Bardot Top How pretty is this location? I’m still in Ohio in the United States and this was the area surrounding Kingwood Center Gardens, which is basically like a large Botanical Gardens that we would find in the UK. It was such a sunny and hot day that I wanted to try and capture the magic of an Ohio summer, and I think I did that with these photos! I love how they turned out, using the sunlight as background enhancement. I was wearing a gorgeous Pink Maxi Skirt that I bought from Shein (size UK 8) before I came here, with a White Bardot Top (size UK 10), also from the company. I love the combination of these two pieces together as it gives off more of a boho chic vibe. It’s so effortless, casual, but put together and perfect for the heat. I finished this look off with my Abercrombie & Fitch Sandals, my Mulberry Small Darley in Oak, my Ray-Ban Aviators, and lots of gorgeous Gold Jewellery pieces from Daisy London, which you know is my favourite by now! I’m so glad I brought my Mulberry Small Darley with me too! It’s been the most perfect little bag to suit all of my needs here! I love it! Being out here in the USA with limited clothing options though, I am so glad that I brought these brown sandals with me as well, and brown bags to match. As long as your bag and your shoes are matching, it’s really easy to look put together and finished in an outfit,…


    How To Save Money While Looking Stylish – Sustainable Fashion

    How you dress has a more significant impact than you might think. Not only does it communicate what colours and fabrics you like, but it can also affect your mental well-being. This is true, I know when I am wearing an outfit that I love, I have a lot more confidence for the day. With this in mind, and the way the world is going, you might want to consider adjusting your wardrobe if you plan to lead a more sustainable lifestyle. Doing so will help you live your life to the fullest, knowing that you do something for the benefit of our planet. Still, making this kind of change can be challenging. After all, following the most popular beauty trends is a straightforward way to stay fashionable, but it is not always good for the environment. Beauty is an area that can be extremely wasteful and bad for the environment, possibly the same amount as fashion, but looking at more natural products can definitely help with that. None of this means that you cannot dress well if you want to live by the ideas of upcycling, recycling, renting clothes, and sustainability though. Apart from looking for clothes in second-hand stores, you could upcycle your existing garments or purchase high-quality pieces that will serve you well into the future. Here is a list of valuable tips to save money on clothing and create a more sustainable fashion style: Avoid Following Trends The first step to take is to forget about blindly following trends. Instead of mindlessly buying whatever is popular at the moment, consider what you actually need and what…


    6 Must Have Valentino Garavani Tote Bags

    Those of you who know me here already know that I adore designer bags. I usually save up each month and purchase a new luxury purse once or twice a year, but I’m still deciding just what designer bag 2022 is going to bring me! I’m usually a girl that opts for cross-body bags or smaller shoulder bags, however, since I am doing more and more travelling these days, tote bags are looking extremely inviting! I’ve always loved the look of a tote bag design, and now they’re coming in smaller sizes as well, so that’s perfect for my smaller frame. Some that I have been looking at are the new in Valentino Garavani womens tote bags that have caught my eye, as well as a few of the brand’s classic tote bags. I’ve regularly opted for classic colours like brown and black, as you can tell from my last two designer bag purchases (Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Backpack and the Saint Laurent 5 A 7 bag), but I’ve been gravitating towards bright colours lately as it’s summer and they really make an outfit pop. With this in mind, I’ve rounded up 6 Valentino Garavani designer tote bags that I have fallen in love with, which you can check out below! This is the Valentino Garavani VLTN Print Canvas Tote bag that I adore! It’s a classic white and black, perfect for my international travels, and would make a great carry-on bag for the airplane. I love this one! It’s so muted and easy to wear. Next up is this super cute Valentino Garavani VLogo Signature Wicker Bucket bag and it’s the most adorable designer tote bag that I’ve…


    Allsaints Vegan PU Leather Jacket – NEW

    The Brand New Allsaints PU Leather Dalby Jacket Good news for all my vegan and vegetarian readers! Allsaints have literally just released a brand new leather jacket, in PU! It’s made from 100% water based polyurethane and 100% recycled polyester. It doesn’t state on the website specifically that it’s vegan, I’m not sure why? But whenever we see a polyurethane jacket, it’s a non animal product, and usually described that way, but my assumption is that it’s animal free because of the material list. This is super exciting as Allsaints make some of the best leather jackets around, but for those of you that are animal friendly, you can now wear their classic Dalby leather jacket! If you’re not familiar with the Dalby, it’s a long sleeve, sleek, classic leather jacket with minimal detailing. It has zipper pullers, two pockets, concealed zip cuffs, press stud lapels and epaulettes, a recycled lining, and it’s made from the water based PU. I own the Dalby in a few colours and it’s such a nice jacket – probably their most versatile, which is why they’ve started the PU launch with this particular style. “No fuss styling. The Dalby Biker Jacket is minimalist. Crafted from water based PU, it’s a great leather alternative. Completed with our signature metal trims, it’s a classic AllSaints biker you can come back to again and again.” As you all know, I am a huge Allsaints leather jacket fan, so you can read my review of the Allsaints Dalby leather jacket here, but also check out my what to know before you buy an Allsaints leather jacket guide, it…


    A Cute Dona Jo Tennis Outfit

    A Cute Dona Jo Tennis Outfit This is a different kind of post for me, as it’s about sport, but also fashion! This was a set of photos that I did for a collaboration with Dona Jo on Instagram (I also made a reel), but I ended up loving how it turned out, and I have fond memories of the shoot too, that I wanted to share it here with you! Christen and I headed to the local tennis courts here in Ohio to shoot the photos, and then I ended up teaching him how to play tennis afterwards, as a spur of the moment thing, and we are playing it all the time now! He even bought his own racquet, ha ha. It was super sunny when we were taking the pictures, but the sun had gone down when we started to play, thank goodness. I used to take tennis lessons for a very short time when I was a kid, and I’d always play with friends, so I have fond memories of the game, so this collaboration is one that I’m very excited about! Not to mention the outfit is super cute too! I absolutely love that the shorts have a phone pocket in them! How amazing is that? It’s the most useful thing I have ever experienced! I was wearing the Dona Jo Shakira 13.5″ Skirt in Wildblue (size 1 S) with an Adjustable Sports Bra (size Medium), and a couple of their hair ties. For reference, I am a size 27 in jeans or a 4 US/8 UK, and I wear a 34D bra, in case…


    4th of July & The USA So Far

    4th of July & The USA So Far Hello from the United States of America! I know it’s been a little while since I updated you all with a blog post, but I’ve been having so much fun and crossing things off of my list that I didn’t find the time to write one up until now! I have been keeping you all updated on Instagram though with my stories and reels, so if you’re not yet following me there, please do! There’s so much exclusive content! (Click here to follow me, or search LornaRaindrops on your app.) Now I will say, despite having an amazing time here, the journey getting here wasn’t so great. The delay at Heathrow was over an hour, they didn’t have the plane at the gate and we had to take a bus to the farthest terminal away, which delayed us so much. We arrived into JFK pretty late, and I was waiting over an hour in the immigration border control line. I was nervous my luggage wouldn’t make it safely as Heathrow was having so much trouble with luggage going missing, but it did, thankfully! Then at JFK all the food places were shut, my plane was delayed for over an hour as there was no gate and plane available, and by this point I had been up for almost 24 hours, running on 3 hours sleep, and I felt sick. I finally got on the last plane, and 40 minutes in, I felt so sick that I actually ended up vomiting on the plane into a bag. It was really bad. I just…


    Leopard Simplicity

    The Subtle Leopard Top With Black Jeans Happy Monday everyone! How have you been doing? I’ve been getting things ready and planned for my trip to the USA very soon! I literally cannot wait! This is the last outfit post I’m sharing here in the UK though, so the next one you see will be from Sunny America! I know it’s going to be around 30 degrees Celsius the entire time, so that’s going to be an experience for me, ha ha. At least there’s air con though! For this look, I was wearing an Abercrombie & Fitch Leopard Shirt that I actually purchased in the sale last time I was out there in Ohio. It’s really flattering and pretty! I paired it with my American Eagle Black Jeggings, which I put a Pretty Little Thing Belt around, to tie it together. For the rest of the outfit, I went with my Stuart Weitzman Brown Sandals, my Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Mini Backpack, and some Daisy Jewellery (which I always wear). I do always love a tan, brown, taupe, black combination! When it comes down to animal print, I would say that leopard is my favourite to wear! I’m not overly fond of the really loud, bold leopard print anymore, but more subtle, mature designs are wonderful. It really livens up a simple outfit. I also have to give a mention to these shoes because they’re wonderful! I got them on sale at The Outnet and I really like them! I’m taking them on holiday with me! Anyway, please do let me know what you think of this outfit as…


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