• Brown Satin Flared Trousers With A Cropped Top Happy Monday everyone! I spent the weekend …
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  • 4th of July & The USA So Far Hello from the United States of America! …
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  • Hey everyone! For my followers that love the snow, here’s some more photos for …
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    A Few New Items That I Got

    It’s been a little while since I shared some new purchases and items with you, so I thought I would put this together, as I have some gorgeous new pieces! I will jump straight into the items though so we don’t take up too much time with an intro, so lets get to it! First up is this brand new Casely Purple Marble iPhone Case with a matching Marble Ring. I collaborated with the brand at the most perfect time! My original case that I was using from another brand had smashed, so choosing this gorgeous one couldn’t have come at a better time. I have an iPhone 11, but they do cases for all phones. Casely is a Brooklyn-based premium phone case and accessory brand. It’s American-owned, has a generous charity program, and is committed to helping ensure a more sustainable future for the planet. So not only do they have some amazing designs out there, they are 100% carbon neutral and the cases are also made with 50% recycled materials! I always need a phone ring too as it’s so useful for filming videos! This case is really sturdy and secure, and I absolutely adore the purple marble design. Isn’t it gorgeous? It feels so good in your hand too, which is a must for me! Next up is this new and very cute Jacquemus Chiquito Mini Suede Bag that I purchased from Matches a couple of weeks ago. I had always loved how adorable the mini bags were, and even though it’s super tiny, not even fitting my phone, I love it! It’s more like a belt…


    How To Shop Online Without Breaking The Bank

    How to Shop Online Without Breaking the Bank Shopping online is easy and convenient. With a click of a button, you can get everything you need without having to get dressed, let alone leave your home. While online shopping might make life easier for many busy, lazy, and anxious people, it does have some drawbacks. Since you don’t need to travel to a store and walk around to find the things you’re looking for, and you’re not handing over physical cards or cash to pay for the items you order, limiting yourself can be more challenging. Many people go overboard and wind up in debt from shopping online. If you’re prone to impulse shopping and spending big money online, it’s important to break the habit before you break the bank, especially during these current times. From researching products to finding good deals and limiting your spending, this guide will provide the best tips and tricks for shopping online while sticking to a budget. Research the Items You Need Many people choose to shop online over visiting physical stores because they can save a lot of money. If you learn how to shop smartly, you can too. One of the best things about shopping online is that there’s no pressure to buy the first product you find. There’s plenty of time and information at your fingertips to research the products you’re looking for, which guarantees that you’re getting what you need and ensures that you’re getting it at the best price. When shopping for something online, ask yourself – and the internet – whether there are better deals for similar items…


    How To Style Mom Jeans For Short Women

    How To Style Mom Jeans For Short Women When it comes to denim, I’m regularly asked a lot of questions, as you know I’ve been working with the fabric for over a decade, and I have a separate website dedicated to denim – The Jeans Blog. One question that I have been asked a lot recently is how to style mom jeans for short women. My Instagram inbox is home to fashion advice, so I thought I would actually put together a blog post with my tips on how to wear mom jeans if you’re on the shorter side, and actually make them look flattering. We can of course pick up any mom jeans and wear them, but the key is getting the silhouette and styling right, so that it flatters your petite frame instead of overwhelming it. For reference, I am just touching 5ft 4, and I have a longer torso and shorter legs, wearing a 26″ inseam in a full length skinny jean. I have included two different shoes here on the same outfit, so you can see how to wear mom jeans with different footwear, and I’m going to talk you through each look below each set of photos. But I’m including some tips just below for you on how to wear mom jeans for short women. I hope you enjoy the blog post and please let me know if you have any questions! Key tips to remember for styling mom jeans if you’re short: Always go for a more cropped and tapered hem. Pick a slimmer leg silhouette. Try to wear them with leg lengthening heels.…


    My Last Summer Denim Shorts Outfit

    Denim Shorts With A Floral Tie Front Top It’s soon to be October, and with that, summertime is officially over. I’ve always been an autumn girl, as it’s usually my favourite season, but I have to say, the hot weather is definitely growing on me and I have had so much fun this past summer, I didn’t want it to end. I’ve worn so many cute outfits and it’s probably been my favourite season so far! With this in mind, I wore one last warm weather appropriate outfit a couple of weeks ago on a warmer day, and I’m sharing it with you now. I was wearing my American Eagle Denim Short Shorts that I picked up in the United States, when I was there. I wasn’t sure on these at first as they’re pretty low rise, but I fell in love with them over time! I originally tried them on in the changing room, but I didn’t buy them, I ordered them online to really try them properly. I paired these denim shorts with my Shein Tie Front Floral Top in a gorgeous orange shade with puffy sleeves, as I’m all about these kind of tops now! For the rest of my outfit, I went with my Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneakers, to dress it down and just add a really casual vibe to the entire look, but then I added an element of classiness with my Mulberry Small Darley in Blush Pink. I think it’s the perfect bag to balance the shoes and shorts, as it’s feminine and petite. I then finished it off with my Daisy London Gold…


    How To Dress Up Cargo Pants

    How To Dress Up Cargo Pants The cargo pants trend is increasing in popularity as the weeks go by! It’s very reminiscent of the late 90’s and early 00’s, as I remember wearing them when I was a lot younger. Now we are seeing girls everywhere in cargo pants, whether that’s more of a wide leg or a tapered leg, they’re trending – there’s no escaping them. As I do with all fashion trends, I like to incorporate them in my own way with my own personal style, and that’s what I have done here – I’ve dressed cargo pants up! So, if you want to know how to style cargo pants this season, check out my photos! For my outfit, I chose a pair of Stradivarius Brown Cargo Pants and I took them in a size UK 12. I’m usually a 10, and although the 10 did fit, they were pretty snug and not as comfortable as I wanted. Brown was a more unique choice for me to go with as the army green shade can feel too common. I also wanted a straight leg, so I could dress them up with boots, so these turned out to be the perfect option! I picked them up on ASOS for around £30. As I’m dressing these up, I chose a gorgeous knit from Bershka. I took a size medium as I needed it to have room at the chest, and not pull, as it only has a one button fasten. It wouldn’t be the kind of top I would usually think to pair with cargo trousers, but it was perfect!…


    The Brown Satin Flared Trousers Outfit

    Brown Satin Flared Trousers With A Cropped Top Happy Monday everyone! I spent the weekend shooting new content for you all and this is one of the looks that I came up with recently. The trends are fading away from skinny jeans and really tight clothing, and instead everyone is favouring looser fits and wide leg silhouettes. One trend that I have noticed increasing in popularity is wide leg satin trousers. I wasn’t sure on this at first, but the more that I see it, the more I fell in love. It’s classy, it’s elegant, and it’s statement making. I’ve been seeing wide leg satin trousers around on fashion bloggers, celebrities and in editorials – they are taking over the fashion world by storm at the moment. They’re being worn with satin shirts, jackets, cropped tops, and more. Street style trends even incorporate them with sneakers/trainers and that’s a great way to tone them down and wear them as a daytime piece! For my version of the wide leg satin trousers trend, I opted for these gorgeous Pretty Lavish Satin Trousers in a Cocoa Brown that’s really rich and luxurious. These trousers do run a little big, so I took a size small in them and they’re perfect! They have an elasticated waist and are so comfortable. They also come in other colours like olive green, which is so gorgeous! I wanted the satin trousers to be the focal point of the outfit here, so I kept everything else pretty simple, opting for this ASOS Brown Hourglass Top, which balances out the wide legs. I chose my Topshop Snake Print…


    My 15 Favourite Outfits I’ve Worn

    My 15 Favourite Outfits I’ve Worn I thought I would put together a blog post showcasing 15 of my favourite outfits! I’ve chosen 15 from 2018 until now, as I’ve published so many outfits since founding my blog in 2010 that it’s impossible to go all the way back and narrow that down. I’ve worn some outfits that I loved prior to these dates, but I think the recent ones are more valid when it comes to this blog post. What I’ve come to realise with my personal style is that it does tend to change a lot when I incorporate trends, but one thing I do always stick to is denim, leather jackets, and boots. Those three items are a staple in my outfits and I don’t think that will ever change as it’s a core part of who I am as a person. Personal style is very reflective of your personality and your mood, and as I’ve grown up over the years, I’ve been leaning towards a more refined, neutral colour palette than the bold and bright pieces I would regularly wear in my early twenties. I used to adore so many different styles of jeans! At one point I was obsessed with low rise (we’re talking 6 inches rise) and printed or coloured denim, so my outfits were super bright, but now I tend to only wear light blue or black jeans, only opting for skinny or a classic mom fit. When it comes to my handbags, gone are the days when I would gravitate towards bright pinks and reds, and I favour neutral shades like brown,…


    6 Styling Tips For Your Embroidered Jackets

    Jackets are must-have clothing items in anyone’s wardrobe. What’s not to love about them? They’re easy to style, comfortable to wear, and can instantly elevate any plain and boring outfit. And if you want to stand out from the crowd, going for embroidered jackets can spruce up your look. After all, these garments are at the forefront of fashion trends this year. The sky is the limit when it comes to embroidery designs and patterns now. Whether you want to incorporate a logo, name, text, quote, picture, flowers, or other graphics on your jacket, it can be made possible through the latest cutting-edge embroidery methods, which is sure to add some cool character to your usual outfits when you wear embroidered jackets. I’ve put together some inspirational outfit ideas for your embroidered jackets, including some of my own styling, so check these tips out: Pair Embroidered Denim Jackets With Leather Pants Nothing makes a perfect combination more than wearing an outstanding embroidered denim jacket with striking leather pants. If you’re going for that dark, chic, and cool look, slip on those flattering leather pants to accentuate your legs. Although, there is more to leather pants than just making a statement. Genuine leather is moisture-wicking, so you can feel comfortable wearing it for a long time. You can opt to wear black or dark brown leather pants as they complement your dark blue denim embroidered jacket. This can be an outfit to wear on a cool night out or if you want to look fabulous for a party without making a lot of effort. Don’t forget to throw on a cute…


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