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      Currently Craving Wish List: December 2021

    Grey Days

    Grey is definitely a colour that I like to wear in jeans and cardigans, I like how it keeps an outfit neutral but it also matches pretty much every colour. You can really make it pop! When I took the photos the sky was pretty grey to begin with so it fits with the outfit, haha! I’m wearing my new gifted SOLD Design Lab pull on leggings with my All Saints Cropped College Cardigan, a white H&M t-shirt, my Oasis fuchsia heels and a pretty beaded necklace. SOLD Design Lab are a new brand and I already really like their jeans! They are so comfy! They don’t have a zipper either, just a button and you pull them right on. Again, I can’t get enough of All Saints cardigans! I just bought 2 new shorts from their online store as well which I will be posting soon! I forgot to mention in my previous posts, I was a bit disappointed with Sex and the City 2. I wont go into detail for those of you who haven’t watched the movie yet but it felt like it was just advertising everything all the time, I have no problem seeing all of the clothes, shoes and designers names because I adore fashion but it was a bit too much. Plus I didn’t think there was much of a story line like the previous movie, it didn’t have much depth to it but I do still like it because it’s Sex and the City, haha. What did you think? Did you like the movie? Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter for exclusive…


    Looks I Love: Lauren Moshi Summer 2010

    I have recently fallen in love with a lot of clothes from Lauren Moshi. I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite pieces from the Summer 2010 Look Book. I can’t stop staring at the white loose tank top with LOVE written across it, I think it’s beautiful and I really want one! Actually, I love it in that pink colour and black too. I also think the canvas paintings with the Lauren Moshi print on are so cool! I would love those in my room! They are so creative and I am a huge fan of painting myself. I think the tank tops with the anchors on are really pretty as well, they are different and unique. I lover her tops, I want so many! What are your favourite looks?


    Diesel Matic 8B3 & Pretty Coral

    I broke out my Diesel Matic 8B3 jeans from my closet yesterday and I had forgotten just how beautiful the wash is! It’s so stunning in real life, you just have to see it to understand how blue and how much depth it has to it. It’s definitely one of my favourite jeans! I’m so glad I got them when they were just released back in January. I wore them with my Christian Louboutin Coral Pigalles, my All Saints Coral cardigan, a simple white H&M t-shirt and a River Island beaded golden heart pendant 🙂 I am so in love with this pendant! I’ve been wearing it lots already, it’s so sparkly and pretty! I also really love coral so I am always stocking up on more clothes in the beautiful shade of pinky orange. The cardigan has gotten lots of use actually, I have had it for about a year or just over. I wore it for the ASOS photo shoot I ended up doing in London around July last year, it was so much fun! Who else loves Cougar Town? I am only on Season 1 over here and I can’t get enough of it! I have been spotting so many designer jeans and in tonight’s episode I spotted the J Brand Houlihan cargo pants that I am obsessed with! I think I am on episode 20 so I only have 4 left before the season ends. I’m so sad about that. I am eagerly awaiting Season 2! 😀 Anyway, this post is pretty much all about the jeans and their beautiful wash combined with the stunning array…


    Black & White

    This weekend has been a busy one! I spent most of my time tidying up and going through a lot of the clothes and things I had in my room. It’s interesting what you find when you do some spring cleaning! I also went out for Sunday dinner and I had the most amazing tasting chocolate brownie that I have ever had! It was delicious! 🙂 Today I wore some of my new purchases which I bought last week; A New Look white button front Victorian style shirt with a black tie at the waist, a Miss Selfridge stretchy black pencil skirt, a H&M cropped black blazer, black Topshop cage and mesh platforms with zippers at the front and my Adele Marie Fuchsia Swarovski crystal bangle. I have always liked how outfits look in the old black & white movies so I was inspired to make some of my photos black & white and stick to a black & white tone outfit. I’m normally all for colour but I think this colourless outfit works pretty well! How is everyone spending their day off? Are you enjoying it? 🙂


    Sequins, Spikes, Beads & 18 Year AG Jeans

    I have always had a little soft spot for AG Jeans, I think it’s because of how authentic their washes are and each pair is numbered so they are all unique, I love that about them. I recently got these AG The Stilt jeans in 18 Years Damaged from AG Jeans, they were really kind in gifting them to me. Thank you! I’m so impressed with them and in love with them! I wore them with my new All Saints monster t-shirt which I had on my wish list for ages before I could afford it. It’s covered in beads and sequins which are all hand sewn on, it was pretty expensive if I do say so! But I love it and I love All Saints. My new Rock & Republic Fuchsia heels which have studs and spikes all over the heel, they are so hot! My Rayban aviators which I can’t get enough of and a rainbow Topshop bangle I have had for a year 🙂 I recently went on another shopping spree this week, yes I really am obsessed with shopping, haha! I bought lots of new clothes although some I may return actually. They will be showcased on the blog soon, maybe next week! I got stuff from Topshop, River Island, H&M, All Saints and more! That’s my savings gone, oops! I’m so excited! Only one more day to go until Sex and the City 2 is shown! I’m really looking forward to seeing it! Who else is going to watch it? I’m sure there are so many other Sex and the City fans 😀 To read…


    Sex And The City 2 Premiere Looks

    As you know I absolutely adore Sex and the City! I own all the seasons on DVD and I own the 1st movie and I can’t wait to see the 2nd one tomorrow! I loved the looks the ladies wore on the red carpet of the premiere here in the UK and the US premiere. I thought I would share with you their beautiful dresses and shoes 🙂 I think Sarah Jessica Parker’s neon yellow dress is absolutely amazing! I want one! It’s so pretty and she looks fantastic in it. The colour really makes her radiant and glowing! Kristin Davis also looked so beautiful in her neon pink slim fitting dress, I love it! I want it as well. I always love pink dresses. I wasn’t a huge fan of Kim Cattrall’s dress for the US premiere though, I don’t like the beading on the pale gold but she makes it work as she is a gorgeous woman. Cynthia Nixon looked beautiful though in her fitted black dress, I love it! It’s definitely a look she should wear more often, it’s perfect for her. The UK Premiere looks are below. Here are the photos of the UK premiere that happened today. I think the ladies looked stunning but I am not as fond of the dresses they chose as I am of the neon dresses above, those are so cute! Sarah Jessica Parker’s black puffball dress is so pretty though, I love how it’s open at the front to show her legs. The head decoration I would have personally not worn but she still looks great! I love it!…


    Summer Lovin

    I don’t think I know of anyone who really doesn’t like the Summer. The sun is shining, it stays light for ages, all the flowers and trees are in full bloom, everything just looks so beautiful when it’s Summer time. I really love being in the country and looking upon fields after fields, it’s nice to be able to wake up each morning and see that, I’m really thankful. The only thing I do dislike about country life is the smell of manure when they spread it haha 😀 Since it’s been so hot, jeans are not really an option at the moment unless I want to cook myself, so I have been wearing shorts and tank tops. I got these cotton cargo style shorts from Miss Selfridge a couple of months back and I am really glad I did, I have worn them so many times already! I paired them with my loose white tank top from Warehouse, which I am also addicted to right now, my Topshop T-Bar wedges, same goes for those as you can tell, my Rayban aviators, my Miss Selfridge necklaces and my ASOS silver ethnic style cuff. I want to get more shorts now! I have some denim Paige shorts in the mail which I can’t wait to get and I want to buy some more cargo style ones. Rich & Skinny have some very cute pairs in their Fall 2010 Look Book which I have my eye on! I hope they become available soon 🙂 I am also trying to find a nice floral playsuit, that will be perfect for the hot weather.…


    CLOSED! WIN $300 worth of LnA Tees from Singer22

    This contest is now closed and the winner is @KitKat234! Do you want some new t-shirts for Summer to go with your denim shorts? Singer22 is giving one lucky Twitter follower a $300 goody bag full of LnA tees from their store! LnA is worn by lots of celebrities like Nicole Richie, Ashley Tisdale, Kim Kardashian, Kristin Cavallari, Megan Fox, Kate Moss, Isla Fisher and so many more! It’s definitely one of the most popular brands for t-shirts in the fashion industry! They have some very cute designs; oversized tops, slim vests, cape style t-shirts and lots of other styles to choose from! This contest is a Twitter contest so what you need to do to enter is follow Raindrops of Sapphire and Singer22 on Twitter (click the names to follow) and tweet the following on your Twitter: CONTEST – Follow @LornaRaindrops and @Singer22 and WIN a $300 gift bag full of LnA Tees! http://bit.ly/c8gT8Q The contest will close when I reach 750 followers on Twitter and the winner will be selected at random by Singer22. You can re-tweet as much as you like to increase your chances of winning. The winner will be contacted for their size and address and then sent a goody bag with LnA tees in it up to the value of $300. A huge thank you to Singer22 for holding this giveaway with Raindrops of Sapphire and good luck to everyone who enters the contest! I love LnA tees!


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