• 4th of July & The USA So Far Hello from the United States of America! …
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      4th of July & The USA So Far
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    A Versatile Watch For All Occasions

    The Search For A Versatile Watch For All Occasions I’ve always loved watches, that’s never been a secret, and I own quite a lot of them! My collection consists of two expensive designer watches from BVLGARI and from RADO, and a lot of other brands like Olivia Burton, Daniel Wellington, Nordgreen etc., so I love a lot of variation when it comes to timepieces! It’s extremely helpful when you’ve got an item for every occasion, whether that’s casual day wear or a more elegant timepiece for evening. We always need glitz and glam as much as we need ease of wear, but what if you could combine both in one? That’s one way to end up with a more minimalist approach to your wardrobe, all while keeping versatility. Something that I have had a lot more interest in lately when it comes to my approach to clothing. One brand I haven’t yet tried is Seiko, and they have a Seiko Grand Seiko watch that has always caught my eye! Of course you can get various designs of this model, but it has a classic, very simple, elegant watch face and you can have a leather strap or a stainless steel bracelet. It has a very minimal design, so you can wear it in the daytime really casually, but given its designer name and higher price tag, it works perfectly for evening too and dressing it up. It is considered to be a men’s watch, but so is my RADO and it looks unisex to me, so I’m never against wearing watches for the opposite sex, or any clothing for that…


    Pretty In Pink

    Pretty In Pink – An All Pink Outfit This outfit is a little different for me! I usually like to push my boundaries when it comes to my personal style and I mix a lot of different genres all the time, so I wouldn’t say that I stick to one specific niche, as I’m sure you have noticed. But I will say that leather jackets, boots and jeans are pretty much a go to of mine, so venturing out to trousers, shirts, and heels, is actually quite different! I wanted to put an outfit together that was a little more elegant, dressy, and classic, but give it some element of fun, which is why I went for a pink monochrome vibe here, to stray away from the classic black and white that is usually a trousers and shirt kind of outfit! For this all pink ensemble, I was wearing my Zara Pink Trousers, which I paired with an affordable I Saw It First Pink Satin Shirt, tucked into the waistband. Luckily enough, the two pink hues of these are so close that they look like were made by the same company! Since they’re two different fabrics and textures though, they work perfectly together without looking too much. That’s always the key when it comes to monochrome looks – always choose different fabrics and textures! I finished it off with my Mulberry Small Darley Bag in Blush Pink, my Jimmy Choo Romy Heels in Brown Suede, and my Daisy Jewellery Vita Necklace and Daisy Ring in Gold. It’s a really simple, yet elegant outfit. It’s definitely a fun way to experiment…


    Polka Dot Black & White

    A Polka Dot Black And White Outfit Hey everyone! I’m finally sharing an outfit that I shot recently! I loved how these turned out and it’s always wonderful to shoot at one of the Crescents here in the city of Bath! They make an amazing backdrop for outfits that are simplistic. I have a few more outfits to share with you over the coming weeks too, and I love all of them. How are you all anyway? I just thought I’d ask before I get to the outfit details I’m sharing! I was wearing a Pretty Little Thing Polka Dot Top, which I paired with my American Eagle Skinny Jeans, an ASOS Western Belt, my Missguided White Heels, and I finished it off with my Louis Vuitton Alma BB in Fuchsia. I also added in some of my Daisy London jewellery, to accessorise the look in a simple way. I always love mixing black and white together as I think it’s one of the most classic combinations, but then throwing in a pop of colour in the form of a bag, really brightens the entire look up! This top is super affordable and I love the wrap detail that it has to it, it’s extremely flattering! And these are my new favourite black jeans too! I’m always reaching for them as they’re perfect! I did also share a funny walking fail of this outfit on my Instagram reels (see it here) where I tripped down one of the cracks in the pavement, ha ha. What do you think of this outfit? I always love your opinions! And as a side…


    Leather Jacket Outfits – Dress For Any Occasion

    When it comes to leather jacket styles, it’s one of the most versatile pieces you can wear. Whether events, gatherings, concerts, and many more, there’s always a leather jacket outfit you’ll come to love. It gives you that edgy look with a touch of chic and is flattering on anyone, no matter their body shape. I absolutely live in leather jackets regularly and can never get enough of them, so I thought I would share some of the different outfits you can wear with your leather jacket to put a cool ensemble together. Cropped Leather Jacket With A Printed Dress You want to choose a print according to your body shape when styling your jacket with a printed dress. If you are petite, go for smaller prints like polka dots or small patterns, as this will not overwhelm you. If you are curvy or taller, opt for larger prints like florals and paisley. You should try to avoid dresses that have prints that are too tiny or too large. You don’t want anything drawing attention away from your leather jacket outfit! Your leather jacket outfits can be styled in a variety of ways. For example, if you have a fitted white t-shirt underneath the top layer of the dress (this is layering and pretty on trend right now), then opt for the skirt half of the dress to have a longer length, and slimmer fit, so that it doesn’t look bulky under the jacket. You can play around with the proportions and find something that works for you. Biker Jacket Outfit With Boots A biker jacket is an all-time classic.…


    A New Health Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

    Hey everyone, it’s been a little while since I gave you all an update on everything, and honestly it’s been hard finding the strength to sit down and actually write this blog post. Mostly because I don’t even know where to begin, but also because I’ve been in a state of overwhelm for a while and it’s been difficult processing my own emotions on top of trying to find the words to make them make sense. It’s stuff that goes through my head at night and doesn’t allow me to sleep properly, but I do know that when I share and get things out in the open, it’s a weight lifted and it helps in recovering, so I feel ready now to put my fingers to the keyboard and type what flows out. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS – Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. For those of you that don’t know what it is, it’s a condition that causes cysts on the ovaries and an imbalance of hormones. I produce way too much testosterone, my estrogen is very low, and my prolactin levels in my brain are very high. My TSH levels for my thyroid came back as elevated too, but we are re-checking and dealing with that in a few months time. I’ve had issues with acne since I started puberty, and I’ve had cysts on my ovaries for many years, but within the last 6 months or so, I would say my symptoms have started getting a lot worse. My acne has flared up to be really bad, excess hair growth that comes with too much testosterone has gotten…


    Angel Leather Jacket – Affordable Luxury

    Affordable Luxury In A Leather Jacket It’s no secret to anyone that I absolutely love leather jackets. I have amassed quite the collection over the years, as you know, and they’re definitely a go to of mine when I I’m putting outfits together. Leather jackets can be fairly expensive though, especially when you’re looking at one from a luxury brand, so they’re not always affordable, however, Angel Jackets is here to meet that gap in the market. They pride themselves on creating luxury you can afford, and with their real leather jackets priced at less than $200, that’s an amazing price point for such a staple closet piece! Everyone should be able to afford such an iconic item in my opinion! I’m wearing the Amber Asymmetrical Black Motorcycle Jacket by Angel Jackets and it’s priced at $199. It’s a classic moto style leather jacket with a flap pocket on the front, and zipped pockets with silver hardware. It’s made from real leather and is quite comfortable too! The sizing does run a little bit big as I had to pick size XS in this one, and I can layer knitwear underneath, so if you are between sizes, I recommend going down one size. The XS fits size UK 4-6 I believe, but I’m pretty much a true size UK 8, occasionally a 6, and it’s a little big on me, so do keep that in mind! This leather jacket would be great for someone who is a little taller than I am too. I am not blessed with a tonne of height as I’m only 5ft 4, but given its…


    7 Practical Reasons for Investing in Quality Clothes

    Many people, myself included, enjoy shopping for clothes as it can be a relaxing activity. It’s also a great way for them to get creative with their wardrobe and discover fantastic new pieces for it. If you’re such an individual, you probably know what it’s like to have so many fashion options that it becomes quite difficult to choose what to bring home. That being said, you might feel like it’s relatively easy to decide between cheap and expensive products – after all, doesn’t it make the most sense to always go for the more affordable option? While that may seem logical at first (especially if you’re trying to stay within a certain budget), this thinking couldn’t be further from the truth. Instead of focusing solely on price, you should also take a clothing item’s quality into consideration. But what exactly, are the benefits of investing in well-made clothes? Here are some compelling reasons to consider: They’re More Comfortable to Wear The main reason to prioritize quality when you buy hosiery, tights, blouses, or other clothes is to ensure your utmost comfort. While it’s important to find comfortable clothes in general, it’s even more crucial for intimate items such as underwear, shapewear, and hosiery. When you choose well-made garments, you can be sure they’re made out of fabrics that won’t feel rough, itchy, or uncomfortable when worn, so they wont be digging in. And because these fabrics are usually treated and dyed using non-toxic products, they’re unlikely to cause irritation or allergic reactions even if you have sensitive skin. They Fit Your Body Better Unlike fast fashion, where workers are…


    An Online Shopper’s Guide to Buying Well-fitted Clothes

    The secret to being impeccably dressed is purchasing clothes that fit well and bring out the best in you. After all, ill-fitting garments are not only unflattering, but also uncomfortable. No one wants jeans that pinch in all the wrong places or shirts that feel constrictive – this always puts me off wearing them. Normally, you can find the right fit by trying on clothing pieces in the fitting room. However, the landscape of shopping has changed due to COVID-19. As a safety measure, many stores have moved their activities online. Additionally, you might be more inclined to purchase clothes directly from these online stores as a convenient alternative to planning a trip to the mall. That being said, it can be tricky to figure out if a clothing piece will fit when you’re viewing it through an online catalogue. Thankfully, there are a number of ways to make your digital shopping experience an easier one. To learn more, below is a simple guide to purchasing well-fitting clothes online: Know Your Exact Measurements Getting your exact measurements is an integral step in purchasing the right outfits. Not every store will have the exact same clothing sizes, so you’ll need to check their specifications. For example, one brand’s small size may be equivalent to a medium in another brand. If you’re not familiar with your measurements, then do be sure to take note of them before you buy anything online. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to do, as you only need a flexible measuring tape. You could even ask a family member or friend to help you take measurements. If you’d rather…


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