Metallic Flowers At My Tea Party

The Metallic Shola Dress from Coast with RAYE Grey Heels I hope you are all doing really well and have some fun plans ready for the weekend that’s approaching! I’m not going to be up to much, other than just going out for lunch and then trying to take it easy for the rest of the weekend while mixing in a photo shoot here and there. I’m definitely in need of some downtime lately as even doing too much blogging and work from home can put a mental strain on me. I’m keeping really positive though and I’m definitely still happy! I have some amazing things to share with you over the next few weeks though too, I’m excited to be working on the up and coming blog posts! Getting to my outfit here, I thought it was about time I tapped into my elegant and feminine side. When I saw this gorgeous Coast Metallic Shola Dress on ASOS a few weeks ago, I completely fell in love with it. It’s so different to anything that I have ever worn before and that’s what drew me in. The craftsmanship behind it too is gorgeous, it features a lace top and skirt over the actual dress and that has the metallic flowers embroidered onto it. The back is also cut open and it’s just so unique. I easily fell in love with it! In terms of sizing, I got my usual size small or UK 8 and for me, I can’t wear it with a bra because that makes my already larger chest protrude more and it wouldn’t zip up, so…


Sunsets On The Beach

A flowing black dress on the beach Here’s one of the first sets of photos that we shot on the beach in St. Ives a couple of weeks ago. I’m sure you already know by now after seeing my St. Ives photos, just how gorgeous of a location it was, so shooting a look on the beach was an honour! I’ve never really done beach locations before due to where I live and not being anywhere near, so doing something different like this was fantastic. We made sure we were approaching the golden hour in the evening too, just as the sun was setting so that the lighting was perfect, with that gorgeous glow. I think I can safely say that these are some of my favourite photos we have ever shot! In terms of my outfit, I can’t say that I was wearing many pieces as I only had on my RARE Hi Lo dress which is one of my favourites, my Olivia Burton butterfly watch and my Ray-Ban mirror pink aviator sunglasses. I didn’t have any shoes on as I wanted to really embrace the beach living, including having air dried hair all day to really get that beach waves look. Unfortunately the sea was freezing at that time in the evening though so I didn’t take many photos in it, but we did get a couple! After this set, I still have two more looks that we shot on holiday, so I can’t wait to share those with you this week! I truly can’t wait to go back to St. Ives and I really hope you like…


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