My DIY Denim Shorts

One of my favourite things to do on my clothes is DIY. I’m often adjusting clothes to make them more suited to me, be it swapping buttons on a cardigan, adding crystals to things, cutting things up or making my own jewellery etc. I love customizing and making. The thing I love to do most though is make denim shorts. I thought I would put a post together on a pair I made most recently from an old pair of Rock & Republic jeans. I’ve included lots of photos and information on the steps in this post. (Follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin and Facebook)  


Satchel Season

Proenza Schouler Purple Medium Satchel. Satchels are one of my favourite types of bags at the moment. As usual, the fashion trends from years ago always come back around in a new and different style and satchels have made their come back. They always remind me of a preppy yet classic style and I adore the bright colours that they are now available to buy in! Purples, pinks, yellows, greens etc make them really fun and just add a pop to any outfit! I have put together 12 different satchels that I love in this post and where to buy them. Some are super expensive but others are really cheap. Which ones are you loving at the moment? Coloured or the normal browns? (Follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin and Facebook)


Fall Finds: Dresses & Jumpsuits

Topshop Beaded Waistband Dress. Ok, so I know it’s not really Fall/Autumn anymore and it’s pretty much Winter already, but this is the last post in my Fall Finds series and it features dresses and jumpsuits which I love. Both are still perfect for the Winter months, paired with tights and warm layers. I’ve put together a mixture of day dresses, evening dresses, day time playsuits and jumpsuits and more classic ones. I love buying clothes online and checking out the latest fashion trends from the clothing websites. It’s nice being able to feature them on my fashion blog and then see what the other style bloggers are wearing from the new trends. Which are your favourites? I love the leopard print playsuit, the chain mail dress, the sequin playsuit and the long legged brown jumpsuit. I don’t get to wear dresses as much as I would like to in the Winter purely because of how cold it gets here but I have seen Topshop do some 120 denier tights which I think I will need to buy! That will keep me warm! If you click this blog post, like all of my posts, you will see the rest of the images inside. (Follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin and Facebook)


Items On My Christmas ‘Wish’ List

Christmas is just four and a bit weeks away now and I’m starting to get really excited. More and more lights and decorations are popping up and I can’t wait to start decorating the house! We normally have a huge Christmas tree that goes to the ceiling which I spend all day decorating but this year I think we are going to have a smaller one. The kittens will most likely climb the big tree and destroy it! Haha. It’s their first Christmas so it’s exciting for them. Another thing I absolutely love about this season is shopping around for gifts! My boyfriend is incredibly hard to buy for though and he says the same about me. I put together a little Christmas wish list, wish being the operative word as a lot of these are only dream presents, of things I would normally lust over online but I wanted to share with you. What are some of the things on your wish lists? I would love to know! (Follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin and Facebook)

Share: Inspirations V

Here is the fifth installment of my inspiration posts. There are definitely a lot more Autumn tones in these photos, so many reds, browns and warm colours. I love seeing the leaves in the photos as well, Autumn leaves are truly beautiful. I’m always inspired by the fashion bloggers posts on so I love to share my favourite outfits with you. (Follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin and Facebook)


Sophisticated Sparkles

Alexander McQueen Purple Crystal Skull Clutch. The one thing I love about the Christmas/Holiday season is the amount of sparkles that are present everywhere you go. The shops are full of glitter balls and decorations and I am always drawn to how much everything glistens. Just going in department stores to see the decorations is one of my favourite things to do. I have piled together a few accessories, shoes and clothes which are perfect for the sparkly time of year, yet still very sophisticated and wearable. (Follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin and Facebook)


Christian Louboutin Spring/Summer 2011 Second Look

Christian Louboutin’s Spring 2011 collection is amazing! Here are some more of his latest shoes that he is currently bringing out. Some are available to pre-order while others are not available just yet. I’m excited to see he is still using strass and glitter in his designs and one of his classic shoes, the Bianca, is still present in many colours and fabrics. I gave you a first look at his Spring 2011 collection last month which you can see by clicking here. As you know, I am a huge fan of his shoes and him as a designer so I am excited to see all of the new shoes and share them with you! I’ve piled together lots of the heels, flats and bags into this post. Which ones are your favourite? (Follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin and Facebook)

Share: Inspirations IV

Here is the fourth installment of my inspiration posts. There seem to be so many new and amazing outfits every time I browse the site! It’s amazing how times change and now there doesn’t seem to be a specific trend everyone follows, everyone has their own unique style now and it’s fantastic some of the outfits that get created! I put together lots of my favourite fashion bloggers looks from the site in this post. Which do you like the most? (Follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin and Facebook)


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