Lulu Guinness Autumn/Winter 2011 Press Day

As you know, yesterday I went to London for some press days and here are the photos from the Lulu Guinness Autumn/Winter 2011 collection. Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet Lulu herself as she went home but seeing her amazing bags definitely made up for it! The Lips clutches are still my favourites, they are even more beautiful in person! I adore the crystal ones, the fuchsia crystal especially. I saw her new collection of fan bags which were embellished with crystals and absolutely amazing! The leather Studded Bow Wanda bag is Lulu’s favourite bag from the collection. It’s the perfect sized tote and the studs really add an edge to the dainty bow detail, I think it would suit anyone! I love it. The postcard clutches were also really cute and a lot of her patent and nappa handbags have the lips print inside the quilted stitching which I find to be really sweet! I also loved the floral print, the shop front window bags, the leopard print and the studs. Even the face bags have the eyes closed on the back. There is so much detail for this coming season! Please click this blog post to see all of the bags and to see the room decor and a very pretty gift bag I got given! (Follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin and Facebook)


In London For Press Days!

Yesterday I went to London for the day to attend some press days to see the new collections from the brands. I actually traveled first class since it worked out cheaper due to booking in advance. I definitely preferred the leg room ha ha! I got to see Lulu Guinness, Paige Denim, Wrangler, Wrangler Bluebell, Aldo, United Nation, MiH Jeans and more! I also went into Selfridges to see the Tristan Lorna jeans! They only have a few left! Outside the Christian Louboutin boutique in the Shoe Galleries was a huge shoe! It was my favourite thing in there, ha ha! I also saw the most beautiful Vivienne Westwood wedding dress in the window! It was raining all day though so that’s why you can see my umbrella in the window reflection. I’m going to be posting about the press days individually, starting with Lulu Guinness later today! It was really nice to meet everyone I’ve been emailing with all this time! (Follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin and Facebook)

Share: Inspirations X

Here is the tenth installment of my inspiration posts. There are a lot of posts from Flavia as she is my favourite style blogger out of everyone on there. Her looks are so versatile and she really knows how to put an outfit together. I take my fashion inspiration from most places but I think has the most eclectic collection 🙂 (Follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin and Facebook)


My Blog Is 1 Years Old Today!

My blog is officially 1 years old today! I can’t believe it’s been a year already, it seems like it wasn’t that long ago when I first started it. I thought I would make a little video post this time, instead of the usual photos, to say thank you to all of you for being a fan of Raindrops of Sapphire. Without all of you reading my blog it wouldn’t be the same! I have included a few of my favourite shoes in the video too for you to see as well 😉 Thank you all of you! I know I have issues trying to actually pronounce Christian Louboutin, ha ha!


Guest At A Wedding: Dresses, Shoes & Bags

Rare Printed Bandeau Tulip Dress. I’ve been invited to my boyfriends best friends wedding in May and I’m really excited to go. The first thing I always think about is ‘what am I going to wear?’ so I put together a few dresses, clutches and shoes that I think would be wonderful to wear as guest at a wedding. I’m really unsure about what I will actually wear though, I adore the Rare dress above but it just keeps slipping down on me unfortunately. I think I am going to have to opt for something with straps. I do love those Topshop Sally heels though! What sort of dresses would you be wearing to a wedding? (Follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin and Facebook)

Share: Inspirations IX

Here is the ninth installment of my inspiration posts. There are just so many gorgeous looks every day on there! It’s hard to narrow it down and select a few. I’m absolutely in love with those pink wedges above, they are amazing! The purple coloured denim and floaty skirts are also a favourite. I included fashion bloggers Chiara from The Blonde Salad and Marcella from Fashion Distraction too. Both girls are sweeties and they have amazing style! (Follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin and Facebook)


Beyonce Rocks Christian Louboutin Daffodile Strass

Beyonce sat courtside before the NBA basketball All-Star Game with Jay-Z yesterday in Los Angeles, California. I am just besotted with her shoes! She was wearing the brand new Christian Louboutin Daffodile 160 in Strass! They are so stunning!! I could never walk in a shoe that high but Beyonce certainly rocks them! I’m in love! (Follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin and Facebook) She was also seen last week sporting the Turquoise Christian Louboutin Daffodile’s as she was out and about in Los Angeles, California. I’m not as fond of these as I am the strass, above, but I think these are definitely going to be the new ‘it’ shoe for Msr. Louboutin! I think we are all going to have to get used to walking in 160’s! Ouch! It’s going to be painful! [showads728x90]


Much Clutch Love

Judith Leiber Swarovski Panda Clutch. One thing I have started to become obsessed with recently is clutches and very small bags. I love how cute they are and how easy they are to carry. They are also just the right size not to over power your outfit like some bags can. I’ve put together some of my favourite clutches of the moment which I have found online. Some are very expensive and others are very affordable. There is a mix of everything. My favourites definitely have to be the Judith Leiber crystal panda, Mulberry Alexa satchel clutch, Halston Heritage chain mail box, Topshop embellished box and the Jimmy Choo acrylic clutch. There are just so many pretty ones, it does make it really hard to pick just a few favourites! (Follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin and Facebook)


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