1. Mary Jeffrey
    February 22, 2016 / 10:34 am

    Hi Lorna,

    I’ve just read your review on the All Saints black leather Papin biker jacket as I’m considering buying one online (I live in Jersey and we don’t have a branch of All Saints there, hence I have to order online without being able to try it on first).

    Firstly, may I say that you look great in it! It seems to fit you perfectly, and what I was wondering is how tall you are as I’m quite short (5’4″), a size 10/12 with quite broad shoulders and back but a fairly slim waist (for my age – I am 53 after all! Maybe I shouldn’t even be wearing a leather biker jacket at my age?!). I’m worried that the waistline of the jacket might be too low on me, especially at the back where the jacket is quite fitted. I’ve tried on so many leather jackets now and the waist always seems to sit too low, i.e. just below the top of my hips rather than on my waist or just below, and they look awful on me especially when I try to zip them up (although as you said in your review, I probably wouldn’t have it done up most of the time to be fair). The bottom of the jacket always ends up looking strained and too tight – not a good look!

    Also, would you say that the jacket is true to size? I’d probably order the 12 as I think the 10 would be too narrow for my shoulders, but if the jacket runs small then I might even have to go up to a 14, although I’d be concerned then that it would be too bulky around the middle.

    I’d be really grateful if you could find the time to reply to me with any advice you can offer as it’s a lot of money for me to spend on an item that I’m buying without even having tried it on!

    Yours in grateful anticipation,


Thanks for your comments =) I read & reply every one =)

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