Longing For A Hot Country

I know I mentioned here that I am ready for Fall/Autumn, which I am, but now and again I just get a longing to be in a hot country. Living in England means that I rarely get to have a proper Summer, there are only occasions when I can wear shorts and dresses and not feel cold. I think this year we had a week or two of hot weather in April and just a few days scattered in August. I was hoping this year might be different, hoping we might actually have a boiling hot summer because of the freezing cold winter we had, but again, my hopes failed me! I’m sure you fellow English readers know exactly what I mean.

I’ve never actually left the United Kingdom because I have a huge fear of planes and obviously holidays abroad are pretty expensive, so I have never experienced a foreign holiday where it’s warm and a completely different culture. I love the thought of the bright blue sky and sea during the day and then the amazing red and orange tones of the sunset in the evening. Not wearing jeans and only wearing summer clothes would definitely be an experience too! My boyfriend and I thought of somewhere which is close and known to be quite hot, the South of France. I think that might be a great place to start for a first holiday out of England. That way we can catch the boat and train instead of fly! Hopefully we might be able to next year! Where are some of your favourite hot countries to visit?

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  1. ALI
    August 31, 2011 / 8:33 pm

    I love the sea Lorna, I get terrible excited when I see the sea where it is LOL… Sunsets are beautiful, we do have some nice ones in England, but tropical ones are far more deeper in colour.. Good luck on your first vacation out of the country

    • August 31, 2011 / 8:54 pm

      That’s how I feel although I don’t get excited when I see the sea lol 🙂

    • September 1, 2011 / 11:56 am

      The gloom is just too much sometimes isn’t it? You wake up and think ugh!!

      Yeah, I think sharing it with your partner is going to be better too, it’s more personal 🙂

  2. September 1, 2011 / 11:33 am

    I think you should do it! And taking holidays with your SO makes it so much sweeter when you get to experience things together.

  3. September 1, 2011 / 12:34 pm

    I live in Autralia, you’ll definitely find blue skys, great beaches and fabuous sunsets here! Just ignore the 20 hour flight to get here!


    • September 1, 2011 / 3:44 pm

      Oh Australia is beautiful! It’s a dream to visit some day but I just don’t think I can do the flight 🙁

  4. Annette
    September 1, 2011 / 5:57 pm

    That’s a good idea!
    I’ve been in the South of France several times at different places and can really recommend it. Not only wearing shorts and watching the sunset is different and special but all colours are different. The houses there are almost all very brightly. The plants look different and so on. This is very inspiring when you spend time at foreign countries at places that are so dissimilar from home.
    I am a huge fan of real summer holidays once every year because there I think it is possible to catch rays and fuel up sun and light. This is a special wellness that you will feel at a hot summer holiday 🙂
    Just keep in mind a lot of french people do not speak English or just to shy to do it (I know that – I tried to … haha). Therefore it is better to stay or visit places where they say “bienvenu” to tourists. But maybe you or your boyfriend talk french?

    • September 1, 2011 / 7:03 pm

      That sounds lovely! My French is limited but I know some, I know some basic phrases but not much. The only other language I know is German, I can speak that but not fluently lol. I will try to look up some place where they welcome English tourists! 🙂

  5. September 3, 2011 / 3:50 am

    Ahhh, great pictures! I could be happy on a nice beach right now as well….

    • September 3, 2011 / 1:33 pm

      Tell me about it lol 🙂

  6. Adam
    September 3, 2011 / 1:29 pm

    It would be lovely going to a nice beach in another Country, I too dislike the idea of flying though. Only really thing stopping me, some of those pictures you posted are attractive though.

    • September 3, 2011 / 5:19 pm

      Thank you 🙂

  7. September 7, 2011 / 2:38 am

    hi,Lorna!if you go to hot countries,in Europe you have some,maybe Tenerife(Spain)Ibiza,Gran Canaria(Spain),Malta,Italy(Sicily)if you find a cheap ticket Ryanair,Easyjet .
    I was in Tenerife two years ago,i stay at hotel near beach and i paid 175 euro/6 nights for two people,if you rent a car to see the island it 200,the gas is cheap.Maybe to visit the island,to see some agua parks,Tiede mountain maybe one week it is not enough but it is ok.
    Last year i travel in Argentina,i find a cheap ticket from Barcelona-Doha-Buenos Aires,i travel many hours but the price to paid for ticket is is very good,i paid only 400 euro.
    If you wish to visit hot countries,it is not impossible maybe you find the good price for airlines tickets and for hotels.
    sorry my english not good.

    • September 7, 2011 / 12:06 pm

      Thanks Adina 🙂 There are many places I want to visit but I don’t want to fly, I want to go by boat or train 🙂 I think it should be possible. Well I can get on the train to go to France, that doesn’t take long!

  8. September 24, 2011 / 12:14 am

    I understand now,you don’t want to fly and yes it is good to travel by boat or train,if you start with France it is good option,i think you buy a raileurope pass is a good choice.

    • September 24, 2011 / 1:08 am

      I think I will!

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