LOOKBOOK.nu Inspirations II

I did a post on LOOKBOOK.nu Inspirations before and this is the second post to follow. I love looking at the website because you get to see so many different styles from people all around the world and you really do get inspiration for your clothes. I often take most of my inspiration from people I see in the streets, celebs or other fashion blogs.

I like to mix things up. If I see a scarf on a fellow fashion blogger, a pair of boots on a person in the street and some jeans on a celebrity, I will match them together and find things that will work with it or just go from my own mind. One thing I do love the most though, is looking at other peoples outfits. Some people really know how to dress! These are all of my favourite outfits I have found over the past few weeks, they are amazing! Click this blog post to view lots more images from LOOKBOOK.nu.

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