I Have Been Fashion Illustrated Again!


I was lucky enough to be illustrated again, this time by the incredibly talented Ming Choon from Fonsey and Me. She did a water colour illustration of one of my Winter outfits that I wore a few months ago. It was actually one of my favourite looks for Winter as I love mixing the burgundy, mustard and black together. You can see the original photo below and the painting above. Isn’t it really cool? A huge thank you to Ming for asking to paint me and reading my blog! You should definitely check out her work as she’s so talented. You can also see my other drawings and paintings from readers in my readers art section by clicking here.


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My Blogs 4th Birthday!

So today is my blogs 4th birthday and I honestly can’t believe just how fast it’s gone! It still only feels like last year I was on my bed thinking up the name Raindrops of Sapphire at about 3am in the morning when I couldn’t sleep! These 4 years have just flown by and I’m really thankful for how much my blog has grown in this time, even though it’s been incredibly hard work, I’m very happy that all of you follow my posts and enjoy reading it! So, in honour of my 4th birthday, I thought I would do a video Q&A for you so you can get to know me a little bit better, in a more personal format. You can watch it above. I hope you like it and as always, let me know what you think in the comments below or if you have more questions!

Instagram Photos 11 – @LornaRaindrops

fb pic

This is a photo my boyfriend snapped of me, which turned out quite good, so it’s now my Facebook profile picture!

Here are some photos from my Instagram account (@LornaRaindrops) from the past couple of months. I think Instagram is my favourite app ever to be created, I absolutely love it and am always sharing photos and looking at other peoples pictures every day. I find it so inspiring and fun, I can spend ages on there! I like being able to share my Instagram photos with you here on my blog as well though, for those of you who don’t have the Instagram app. I don’t want you to miss out. I often post photos of new purchases, my kitties, scenery, food, what I’m up to, outfit previews etc, so if you want to follow me, you can get a great behind the scenes look at my life and blog.

On a different note, I wanted to let you know that lately I have been working really hard on my other blog, The Fashion Supernova. I announced it to you a long time ago and it’s a place for me to write about everything fashion related, which isn’t personal. I set it up purely because I wanted to keep Raindrops of Sapphire about my personal life and style, so it wasn’t really a great fit for me to write about look books, campaigns, fashion week etc here on this blog. The Fashion Supernova lets me write about whatever I want to in the fashion world, covering both women’s and men’s fashion. I’ve been working super hard at the moment covering fashion week shows, so please do check those out! It’s also become a blog that’s very much about fashion inspiration, so you will find other bloggers, street style and LOOKBOOK.nu outfits on there to be inspired by! I hope you like it! Don’t forget to also check out my YouTube channel though as I have uploaded lots of new videos from fashion week.


I’ve been really into beauty stuff lately and a friend introduced me to the charcoal mask from Origins. I picked up a sample last week and loved it, so I bought one, a long with a hand cream! I love their stuff now <3

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Rebecca Minkoff Mini Bags In Lilac & Mint


(Mini Mac in LilacMini 5 Zip in Mint)

Those of you who are a fan of my FaceBook page will already know about this as I post to my social media accounts before I do my blog, but I thought it was about time I posted here too! It’s mine and my boyfriends 5 year anniversary coming up in a couple of weeks and he wanted to get me something special, I originally said no to a Rebecca Minkoff bag as it’s expensive, but he twisted my arm, so I had the choice between the Lilac and Mint, both of which I love.

I did order the Lilac shade and it arrived a few days ago, it’s actually a lot heavier than I was expecting due to the chain and although it’s pretty, it just doesn’t wow me like I thought it would, but then I haven’t tried wearing it with an outfit. My question is though, which would you have picked? The Lilac Mini Mac or the Mint Mini 5 Zip?

I am obsessed with Mint at the moment and I do think it’s gorgeous, but I’m unsure. After spending time looking at and admiring the Lilac one, I do like it, just not as much as I thought, but then I’m not sure if I would feel exactly the same way about the Mint one if I ordered it. The unfortunate thing is that I have to order it from the US, so after customs/taxes/shipping etc it’s not easy to just return it. What would you have picked? Or do any of you own these bags?