Vintage Levi’s Denim Shorts With A White Studded Shirt


(Shorts – Exact, Shirt – Similar, Sandals – Exact, Bag – Exact, Watch – Exact, Bracelets – Exact)

I wore this outfit a couple of weeks ago, on the day before my birthday when Adam and I went out to eat lunch. It was still warm and sunny back then, unlike now where we have constant rain and cold. If only the weather would make its mind up! It was nice while it lasted though!

For this look, I was wearing my beloved vintage Levi’s denim shorts (I seem to live in these during the Summertime, as do most fashion bloggers) which I paired with my Miss Selfridge studded shoulder shirt. I’ve had both of these pieces for a couple of years now, I just love re-wearing them every now and then. For my bag, I opted for something I have had a long while as well, my Mulberry Lily in Oak. I think this is such a classic and it just goes with everything! I then chose my new brown sandals which I got from ASOS for only £12, such an amazing deal! Finally, I layered on my Olivia Burton butterfly watch and some various different bracelets that I usually tend to gravitate towards.

When it’s hot out, I do often find myself reaching for light and easy pieces, just to keep me cool and not have clothing clinging to my body. I am excited for Autumn to finally hit though, when it does. The crisp, cool air and the orange hue of the leaves is something that always makes me happy. It’s definitely my favourite season! Anyway, please do let me know what you think of this outfit in the comments below! I love reading them!


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Keeping It Casual In Skinny Jeans & Trainers


(Jeans – Similar, Top – Similar, Shoes – Exact, Earrings – Exact, Necklace – Similar, Bag – Similar, Watch – Similar)

When the sneakers/trainers trend became fashionable again earlier this year, I wasn’t really feeling it and I didn’t want to jump on board. While I think they look cool in neon colours when worn with cuffed skinny jeans or pants, I don’t like them worn with dresses, skirts or more dressier pieces. Even though I am attracted to the bright shades, my feet are pretty big in proportion to my legs, which often means that I can only pick flat shoes that are slim, or I risk looking like the next Crusty the clown! One pair of trainers that came out a little while ago though was these ASH Dino Trainers in Beige from Daniel Footwear. The thing that attracted me to them and made me fall in love with them was the fact that they do have a concealed wedge inside which you can’t really see, yet they still remain sporty.

It’s somewhat of a refreshing change actually walking around in trainers at the moment! I’m so used to heels or espadrilles, I had forgotten the hidden comforts of sports shoes and considering I used to live in them when I was younger, that’s saying something! I genuinely adore these though due to them being a versatile colour, I’ve worn them plenty of times for shopping and my day trip to Wales last week, however I decided to wear them then with neon orange socks to be different! You can see an Instagram photo of that by clicking here.

Now moving onto the outfit, I wanted to keep things casual so I decided upon my older 7 For All Mankind Gwenevere skinny jeans in Zuma Sunset and my Sparkle & Fade beige top. I then chose my Mulberry Alexa Clutch in Sparkle Tweed Powder Beige and my Olivia Burton Butterfly Watch. I then layered on my Topshop Cross Necklace and wore my Azendi Pearl Earrings (you can see these up close if you scroll down and read more about them). Overall it’s an incredibly comfortable outfit and definitely one that I would wear again! As a general unspoken rule among fashion bloggers, you shouldn’t repeat outfits, but I wore something very similar to this a couple of years ago, minus the shoes, and I still love it. I don’t think you can beat something classic and easy going! What do you think of the outfit? I would love to know your thoughts!


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The Camo Print Jacket With Skinny Jeans


(Jeans – Exact & Similar, Jacket – Exact & Similar, Shoes – Similar, Bag – Similar, Watch – Similar)

It’s been pretty chilly and wet this weekend, so I opted for something a little more casual and comfortable for my usual Saturday out with my boyfriend routine. I went with my new favourite Rag & Bone Skinny Jeans in Sonoma and paired them with a simple white Zara Tee and a Topshop Camo Jacket layered over the top. I was addicted to this jacket last year, but I haven’t really worn it much this year so far, that’s why I thought it was about time I wore it again! It runs huge and if you are interested in buying it on eBay, I’m usually a UK 6-8 in Topshop, however this one ended up being a UK 4 due to it running big. For those interested in my jeans too, I took a size 27 and they run quite tight, but that’s how I like them to fit. For my shoes, I went with my Topshop Hidden Heel Trainers in Tan and then wore my Olivia Burton Butterfly Watch on my wrist and carried my Mulberry Mini Taylor in Deer Brown.

PLEASE VOTE FOR ME! I put that in bold so I hope you will read it! I have been shortlisted by Company magazine for ‘Best Designed Blog’ and that means so much to me! I work so hard on making sure my layout is pretty, neat and interactive, so to be shortlisted for an award is wonderful! I’m on page 3 with 9 other shortlisted bloggers, so if you could vote for me, that would be amazing. Click here to vote. If you could let me know when you vote, that would be wonderful! You only have to click a few buttons, it’s super easy! Thank you to Company magazine for shortlisting me too, it’s a major publication! Going back to my outfit though, what do you think?


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My Favourite Bags


I thought it would be nice to share with you some of my favourite bags that I own. I usually always get asked what my favourite jeans are, so I thought it might be a good idea to also share my favourite bags with you too! You will have noticed already that I have a lot of smaller bags, often the mini versions or small cross-body bags as I don’t like bigger ones. Sometimes if I am travelling quite far, I will need a bigger tote to carry all of my things in, but for day to day things, I always have really small bags. I have delicate shoulders that tend to pop out of their sockets so I can’t carry anything heavy without causing myself pain. Plus, since I’m quite small, bigger bags tend to overwhelm me and make me look even smaller, which is often another reason for choosing smaller bags too. So, onto my 8 favourite bags from my collection!

Above is my Balenciaga Mini City Baby Diam Bag in Black Suede. You all know already that I sold about 20 pairs of jeans to get this bag! There was no way that I could ever afford a Balenciaga or even save for it at a fast pace, so the only solution was selling a lot of my own things. It was definitely worth it though! I don’t really own black bags and this one has had so much use already! It’s made with such attention to detail, it’s soft, it’s not too heavy and it looks beautiful too! It couldn’t be more perfect if it tried and I am really glad that I bought it! Buy it online here.


Next up is my Mulberry Mini Taylor in Deer Brown. If you have been a long time reader of my blog then you will know that this bag was on my want list for over a year! I couldn’t afford it when it first came out as it cost too much, but then it sold out really quickly and was impossible to find! I would check eBay multiple times a day as well as finding out what stock the Mulberry outlets had in on a weekly basis! I almost gave up hope, which is when I bought the Mini Taylor in Sycamore as it was a very close colour, but then a few months later (about a year and a half from the start) one popped up on eBay from a TPF member who had purchased it from Selfridges! I didn’t mind that it had been used a couple of times, I was over the moon that I finally had it and it’s even more perfect in person! It’s the most beautiful shape and size and the colour is incredible! Again, this is a bag that I have worn so many times!

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