The Paige Premium Tristan In Lorna Is Back In Stock!

Do you remember when I first announced on my blog the Tristan? It was the first jean in the collaboration I have been doing with Paige Premium and it was an exclusive for Selfridges which sold out quite fast. I didn’t think the Tristan was going to go back on sale in the Lorna wash but here it is! A lot of you were asking for it so I am excited to say that it’s back on sale at PaigeUSA as it’s a popular one! Size 24 and 25 have already gone but the other sizes are available. Thank you so much to everyone who has bought the jeans and who loves the collaboration. It means so much to me and I really appreciate it! You can see the original post here and you can see modelled photos here and click here to see where you can buy all of the collaboration jeans.

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My Paige Premium Lou Lou Jeans In Lorna

Here are the photos of my Paige Premium collaboration Lou Lou jeans in the Lorna wash. These are the same as you have seen the others (here) but in the Lou Lou cut which I love! I decided to go girly and was inspired by California when I styled these. I hope you love them as much as the others! I know they have sold out quite quickly. You can buy my collaboration jeans by clicking here.

I’m wearing my Paige Lou Lou Lorna jeans, an Urban Outfitters Lace Tee and pink flower in a bottle necklace, an ASOS buried treasure cuff and a Topshop hat and Sugar mary jane heels.

I haven’t had chance to really speak about Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 since I said I was going to watch it. I am guessing a lot of you have seen it by now, did you love it? I did! I thought it was fantastic and unlike the other movies, since they split the last book into 2 movies, they didn’t lose as much detail as they usually do! My Azendi contest is ending in a couple of days as well so there is still time to enter by clicking here. As always, click this blog post to view more photos.

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My Paige Premium Skyline Lorna Collaboration Jeans

I’m so excited to finally share with you my Paige Premium collaboration jeans! These are the Skyline in Lorna wash which I announced was available to buy now. I know you will think I am biased but I love how comfortable, soft and stretchy they are. The wash is a bit darker than the sample pair and the Tristan but I think that does make them more versatile. I have also included the special collaboration tag photos and lining photos in this post.

I’m wearing my Paige Skyline in Lorna jeans, a Topshop tank top and floral snood, my Christian Louboutin Fuxia square suede Declic heels and my Adele Marie swarovski bangle.

I was really happy to see that the size 32 has already sold out on Shopbop and they have limited amounts left in some of the sizes. Thank you to everyone for loving them and to those of you who have bought them so far. I know you will love them! You can buy them here at Shopbop and here at PaigeUSA.

Also, on a different note, you may have noticed that my blog layout has completely changed. I’ve been working on it lots today as I wanted something new, fresh, bright and fun and I am really happy with the results. I hope you like how it looks too!

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My Paige Premium & Lorna Collaboration Jeans Are Now Available To Buy!

I’m going to be posting modeled photos of myself in my Paige collaboration jeans soon, I will also show the special tags and the details on them as well, maybe at the end of this week or the beginning of next week. I just wanted to make this post to say that my jeans are now available! They have just started popping up online and Shopbop was the first to get the Skyline in Lorna and now the Lou Lou and Skyline in Lorna are available on the Paige website.

These are slightly darker with less distressing than the Tristans were but I still think they look great! I was excited that the Tristan exclusive jeans for Selfridges that we designed previously actually sold out really quickly! Let me know if you buy these ones, I know some of you already have so thank you for that! They should be popping up on other sites at any point so I am keeping my eyes open for them. I think they will be arriving here in the UK in a few weeks, the US have them first at the moment. Buy the Skyline in Lorna at Shopbop here and buy the Skyline and Lou Lou in Lorna at PaigeUSA here.

They have also just popped up on Revolve Clothing so you can buy the Skyline in Lorna on Revolve here and buy the Lou Lou in Lorna on Revolve here and buy the Laurel Canyon in Lorna here.

PaigeUSA recently just got more styles in as well! Buy the Tristan in Lorna here and buy the Lou Lou in Lorna here and buy the Laurel Canyon in Lorna here.

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