The Tithe Barns

I took a trip a little while ago to a place called The Tithe Barns. It’s like a really cute, old fashioned village with little barns everywhere with gifts in and a restaurant where you can eat on a boat. Unfortunately it was much too hot to eat inside the boat so we picked a bench next to the river. I do like being next to water though (not in it), it’s just so calming and so relaxing listening to…

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Platform City Central

Platform shoes are one of my favourite type of heels. They give you that extra height but with the comfort of being able to walk in them due to the platform. I can never really do any heels over 4 inches in steepness so having the extra height at the front really helps! Not to mention they look incredibly sexy! I piled together a few of the ones I am in love with at the moment. The Christian Louboutin RolandZip…

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Fashion Inspirations

I honestly adore Look Book! It’s full of such amazing fashion sense and everyone’s style is so unique, I love looking through all of the pictures. A lot of them give me inspiration for my own outfits just like seeing people in the street does. I like seeing something pretty on someone and then imagining what I could pair it with. I think I am literally obsessed with clothes! I piled together some of my favourite fashion blogger looks from…

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Look Books

Looks I Love: Botkier Shoes Fall 2010

I only found out about Botkier shoes last week actually, it’s kind of embarrassing to admit but I thought they were just a bag only brand. I was really suprised when I saw how gorgeous some of their shoes are! They have some amazing styles available! This is their Fall 2010 Look Book with the shoes and boots they have available right now. The Demi and Leah boots with the metallic shiny strips on the front are stunning! I love…

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Looks I Love: Botkier Bags Fall 2010

I love the style of a lot of Botkier bags and I love the brand in general. They have such a unique taste when it comes to designing. I really love the Ava bag with the chain strap the most, it’s so cute! Here is their latest Fall 2010 Look Book full of all of their purses and bags for this season. Which ones are your favourites? Botkier is actually sponsoring Bloglovin and a few well known fashion bloggers. I…

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