Instagram Photos 3 – @LornaRaindrops

instagram37 Instagram Photos 3   @LornaRaindrops

Home made apple crumble that I made with my mum!

As tradition now, here are some of my Instagram photos that I have posted over the past couple of weeks. I would love for you to follow me on Instagram, my username is @LornaRaindrops and I always post photos, between 4-6 photos every day and most of them are images that I don’t have on my blog. So, you can always keep up to date with what I am doing, what I’m wearing etc on that day. As always, I have put the captions underneath each photo. Which photo do you like the most?

instagram17 Instagram Photos 3   @LornaRaindrops

Wearing my Hudson Horrigan Boots!

instagram80 Instagram Photos 3   @LornaRaindrops

My fluffy baby having mummy cuddles!

instagram33 Instagram Photos 3   @LornaRaindrops

A collection photo of my Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone and MacBook cases.

instagram Instagram Photos 3   @LornaRaindrops

Bobby Bunny that I got for Easter from my boyfriend!

instagram35 Instagram Photos 3   @LornaRaindrops

Asking for help on which Sam Edelman boots to wear, studded or plain.

instagram2 Instagram Photos 3   @LornaRaindrops

Just a self shot in the mirror in my neon jumper!

instagram3 Instagram Photos 3   @LornaRaindrops

My baby sat like a human! She loves sitting like this!

instagram4 Instagram Photos 3   @LornaRaindrops

A re-post of someone’s Celine bag as I have always loved this one! The colour combination is insane!

instagram5 Instagram Photos 3   @LornaRaindrops

Mirror shot of one of my outfits!

instagram6 Instagram Photos 3   @LornaRaindrops

My other little one stealing my hot water bottle as it’s so freezing ha ha.

instagram7 Instagram Photos 3   @LornaRaindrops

This is one of my favourite Instagram accounts! She has amazing photos!

instagram8 Instagram Photos 3   @LornaRaindrops

Another re-post as I want spring/summer to arrive so badly!

instagram10 Instagram Photos 3   @LornaRaindrops

Some new pastel and neon bracelets I bought for spring!

instagram11 Instagram Photos 3   @LornaRaindrops

An adorable pink owl necklace I got in the sale at New Look!

instagram12 Instagram Photos 3   @LornaRaindrops

My Hipanema bracelet that I featured on Instagram before my outfit post yesterday!

instagram14 Instagram Photos 3   @LornaRaindrops

Another re-post – How adorable is this little pup napping with his monkey?!

instagram16 Instagram Photos 3   @LornaRaindrops

Self shot of my make up and hair while at Bristol Fashion Week.

instagram22 Instagram Photos 3   @LornaRaindrops

Another re-post – I love the cat on the top of this drink!

instagram25 Instagram Photos 3   @LornaRaindrops

A cool light decoration at Gourmet Burger Kitchen!

instagram29 Instagram Photos 3   @LornaRaindrops

Shot of my Wildfox jumper that I love so much!

instagram30 Instagram Photos 3   @LornaRaindrops

I love this so much! It’s another re-post but it really describes love so well!

instagram39 Instagram Photos 3   @LornaRaindrops

Close up of my purple eyeshadow and eye make up!

instagram42 Instagram Photos 3   @LornaRaindrops

This guy is amazing! He sits on nothing in the middle of town, although I know how he does it, but I wont say as it will ruin the illusion! Do any of you know?


  1. says

    *love* getting glimpses into your day to day life! Great photos! your cats are a-dorable! And so is that pink owl!

    Looking forward to hearing about your holiday plans :)


    • Lorna says

      He has a metal rod in his trouser leg, which keeps him stable. It takes a lot of core strength still though!

  2. kristine paro says

    hi lorna! :) i love animals. mine’s a dog and her name is name Chowder and i love seeing youre adorable cat most especially in her sitting cute!..and i love those spring theme bracelets you have :)take care!

  3. ali says

    The are lovely Lorna, the cats are just adorable, I love cats, I love apple crumble and I love your blog xxx

  4. Adam says

    Some cool photos there! Especially like the ones of your cats, your self one at Bristol Fashion Week and your cooking ones!! :)

  5. says

    So jealous of your beige Horrigans!! I ordered them in black because I thought my boot collection was getting too brown, BIG MISTAKE! Since they arrived, they have sat unworn. :-/

    • Lorna says

      How come you haven’t worn them? Do they hurt your feet? Mine do a bit at the heel, but they seem to be easing up!

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