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instagram5 Instagram Photos   @LornaRaindrops

In the car on route to shoot some photos for the blog!

I haven’t posted any of my Instagram photos in a while, so I thought it was about time that I shared some with you as I know not all of you follow my Instagram account. I would love for you to follow me on the same username as my Twitter, @LornaRaindrops, as you can find a lot of photos that I never post on my blog, like things I have bought, food, behind the scenes on outfit photo shoots and locations etc, so come follow my account! I post numerous times throughout the day. Hope you enjoy the photos!

instagram25 Instagram Photos   @LornaRaindrops

A photo I took on a grey day of my mums elephant chimes in the window.

instagram24 Instagram Photos   @LornaRaindrops

Blackcurrant sorbet that I love so much!

instagram22 Instagram Photos   @LornaRaindrops

Some bracelets and my Daniel Wellington watch.

instagram21 Instagram Photos   @LornaRaindrops

Some of my necklaces hanging up.

instagram19 Instagram Photos   @LornaRaindrops

A chocolate brownie I had as dessert for my brothers birthday meal.

instagram18 Instagram Photos   @LornaRaindrops

Some cookies I baked.

instagram16 Instagram Photos   @LornaRaindrops

Mango sorbet! I’m sure you can tell I love sorbet, ha ha.

instagram15 Instagram Photos   @LornaRaindrops

A gorgeous view from town. I thought the tree looked so pretty.

instagram14 Instagram Photos   @LornaRaindrops

Some free pretty tattoos I got in the Donna Ida look book.

instagram13 Instagram Photos   @LornaRaindrops

A new faux leather peplum top that I got from Zara.

instagram12 Instagram Photos   @LornaRaindrops

A red plaid/check shirt I got from Zara, which will be making an appearance very soon in an outfit post!

instagram11 Instagram Photos   @LornaRaindrops

Pancakes I made on pancake day!

instagram10 Instagram Photos   @LornaRaindrops

Getting crafty with a tape measure, I turned it into a bow.

instagram9 Instagram Photos   @LornaRaindrops

Using my clothing rail as inspiration.

instagram8 Instagram Photos   @LornaRaindrops

Sat on the bench at the park with my boyfriend.

instagram7 Instagram Photos   @LornaRaindrops

A cool statue I had to take a photo of.

instagram6 Instagram Photos   @LornaRaindrops

Birds in flight at the park.

instagram3 Instagram Photos   @LornaRaindrops

One of the first signs of Spring! Blossom on the trees!

instagram2 Instagram Photos   @LornaRaindrops

I hadn’t seen a sunset in a while due to the cold rainy weather, so this was a nice suprise!

instagram Instagram Photos   @LornaRaindrops

And, a thank you note I posted on Instagram to my followers. The same message applies to everyone who follows my blog on social media and just in general. Thank you!


  1. Adam says

    Some cool pictures, I especially like the one of you in the car. Some nice tasty food ones too. The cookies look tasty! :)
    And the bow is good too :)

  2. says

    Hi! Thank you for your kind words in my blog. I came straight here and totally well in love with your blog! Long time ago (well 10 years ago actually) I lived in England and all these lovely photos made me miss back to my other home (I’ve been born and living Finland most of my life). I also like your style and will definetly come check this blog again. I also started follow your blog :)



    • Lorna says

      Thanks Dahlia! I’m really glad you like it :) I can always spot an English blog as well from the scenery and backgrounds, it’s really quite distinctive isn’t it!

  3. says

    Hi dear, really enjoyed this lovely round up of pictures, it was a great and sweet snippet into your world! Thanks for your kind visit today :)

  4. says

    I just discovered your blog and I will be your newest follower! I like your insta inspiration pics! i am addicted to instagram too!

    Maybe you would like to check out my blog too? If you like it maybe we can follow each other?

    ♥ Sunny ♥ von STYLESPHERE

  5. says

    Thank you for the nice comment! :) I really like your necklaces ;)
    oh and I’ve a question: I sometimes write my posts in english, sometimes german and at other times in both languages… did you read the english ones or did you translated the german ones too?

    • Lorna says

      It didn’t matter to me, I studied German for 5 years at school. Although I’m not completely fluent I understand enough to get me by! :) Danke :)

  6. says


    I actually have a question on your Zara top. I’m thinking about purchasing online, but I’m not sure what size I should order. What size do you usually wear on Zara and what size did you purchase for the peplum top? I’m usually a M (34″/36″ bust, 27/28″ waist), but since this is the TRF, I wasn’t sure if I should go up a size. Thank you!

    • Lorna says

      Hi Jean, I’m usually a size small in their clothes, but I took a medium in this one, it runs really tight and doesn’t stretch much. My measurements are 38-39″ bust and 26-27″ waist, so you might be ok with the medium maybe?

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